The discussion in review below shed light on various issues that bothers adolescents inspired by movie “Joe the King”.

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Adolescence is being considered as one of the most difficult phases of a human life to deal with. This discussion intends to uncover the major adjustment issues that adolescents witness with reference to the movie “Joe the King”. 


As a part of the adolescent phase, it can be said that both the individuals have their own way of dealing with the difficulties of life. It has been identified that even after belonging to the same abusive household, both of them have a different approach towards life while being completely ignorant to each other’s problem. If the multidimensional framework of assessment is to be considered then it can be said that, it is the aspects of ‘fear’ and ‘unwanted’ that creates a significant impact on the lives of the adolescents (Maslach, 2017). These are the same factors that would impact Joe and his brother. As showcased in the movie, fear made Joe gear up to engaging in habits that would go on to have a long lasting impression on his life. The problems incurred in home by a teenager shapes their way for their future. There are possibilities that the teenager might grow up to be one of the humblest man around or might end up being like his father and treat his children like he was being treated. 

From the movie, it is evident that parental guidance is one of the essential aspect to consider the lives of a teenager. If Joe’s mother would have been supportive then he would have not engaged in minimal criminal activities. According to Flamm&Grolnick (2013), the aggressive changes in children mainly result of parent related problems at home. The intervention of a social worker would be considered to help them find a suitable foster home when they can lead a normal life. 


As identified earlier, the primary risks associated with Joe and his elder brother would be fear and the feeling of being unwanted by their own parents or friends. In most of the households, when there is an aggressive situation persistently growing among the children and the parents, these two factors play an integral role in curbing their innocence. As identified by Ortuño-Sierra et al., (2017), the disturbance created in their home life makes them go through various kinds of emotional and behavioural problems. Some of the risk factors that might cause trouble comprise of substance abuse and engaging in violent behaviour. After being treated as a left out and as an unimportant person, majority of the teenagers engage into drug use and pick up fights with others or even become a bully. 

If a social worker were to intervene then it is important that he/she is able to guide the individual properly and make sure that he is able to cope with the trauma that they are going through. The social worker should also take the initiative to provide the kids with foster home or make sure that they are being adopted by a respected and humble family who have the ability to take care of a child. A social worker of any country is accountable for ensuring the healthy and better life of a child. If the example of the movie is to be considered then it can be said that if social worker had intervened in the domestic life of Joe and his brother, then would have been a possibility that they might have ended up having a healthy lifestyle and normal upbringing. 


The discussion provided above shed light on the various issues that bothers the adolescents and makes them prone to various risks that has the possibility to tarnish their life permanently.  

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