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The Boston Consulting Group - BCG Matrix
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) economic expansion matrices is a management technique which employs visual characterizations of a business's goods and service providers to assist the firm in deciding how much to maintain, trade, or spend in more. 
1. Stars: Stars- Stars indicate company units with a huge economic position in a rapidly expanding sector. They might produce income, however due to the ever expanding industry, stars require massive expenditures to retain their dominance. Net income is often minimal. Segments placed in this cell are appealing since 
2. Cash Cows: Cash cows sometimes need commitment and produce money which might indeed be invested in many other company units. These segments represent the company's primary supply of revenue and, more precisely, its principal activity. It seems to be the foundation of any organisation. Such companies typically employ valid information. As cash cows lose its allure and begin to deteriorate, a retraction programme could be implemented.In based on geographic segmentation, the Americas sector is a money maker, accounting for approximately 33percent of total business sales per year.
3. Question Marks: Question Marks- Question marks signify company divisions with a small market shares in a fast-growing sector. Companies need a lot of money to keep or acquire position of the industry. They demand consideration in order to assess whether the enterprise is sustainable. Question marks are typically innovative items and services with a promising business future (Obonyo &Kilika, 2020). There is no precise strategy that can be implemented. If the business believes it has a dominant market share, it can pursue an expansion plan; otherwise, it can pursue a retrenchment approach. Most companies continue as questions as the firm attempts to join an elevated industry where there is existing significant real economy.
4. Dogs: Dogs- Dogs symbolise companies with low economic expansion market in reduced industries (Sohir, 2021). They neither create nor demand large sums of money. These lines of business incur different cost as a result of their limited share of the market. The one which is possess a low growth rate due to excessive expenses, low quality, inadequate advertising, and other factors. Until a dog will have another strategic goal, it must be terminated when it has lesser chances of growing. In an organisation, the number of dogs must be prevented and limited.The 'dogs' are the goods which barely survive to generate the corporation's administrative earnings; usually pay the split out levels. For a firm which makes a lot of money, the operating income is dismal. 

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