What does the below passage from "Brave Face" by Sven Birkerts (TCAE) suggest?

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Question:- What does the below passage from "Brave Face" by Sven Birkerts (TCAE) suggest about how the author feels about Lucy Grealy? 

The Brave Face by Sven Birkerts was a touching story written on the life of Lucy Grealy. The story is based upon the young girl and her illness as she was not normal from childhood and faced several surgeries from a very early age that disfigured her face. Her battle with the deadly disease of cancer affected her a lot. In the story, Grealy's internal efforts and struggle with beauty and self-esteem explain the sociological themes of beauty,body image, and self-identity that were particularly discussed. The story is termed heartbreaking because this girl herself knew that she had an abnormal face and she was ugly and the rejection provided to him from her fellows was truly deserved as she was different from them in terms of appearance and features. She quotes that as she was ugly so making fun of her was common and she further explained that it was better to get used to this condition instead of doing any other thing. This expresses her low self-esteem.Instead of living up with the personality she owes, Grealy believed that she was way too ugly as it is the only thing she had been taught throughout her life as instead of providing him courage she was demotivated all the time and now it became an inferiority complex for her. "Love of self, as presented in the care of oneself as a person and the enhancement of your looks, is an expression of a healthy personality.

Grealy's story can be compared to the story of a woman who is suffering from the disease of breast cancer. Similar to the situation, this woman with cancer is also not accepted as people do not like her as the situation for the girl with the abnormal face.Such a woman had a medical report indicating that her body is like a stranger. As the body is failed so as a result of this their self-esteem is also lowered. They had the feeling that their body is similar to a prison or house where they are living in a deep struggle. Similarly, Grealy had to realize that she had to live with this face as to how women are not considered loveable so nobody would look past her ugly and abnormal body setup.

This story of the Grealy has made me learn a lot of things. On page no 112, there is a quote by Grealy that explains the part of the human's job is to underestimate the effect on other people on consistent basis. This was one of my best-liked lines from the book because judging others is the thing that people are experts in without knowing the proper background story behind the particular scenario. Reading from the book helps to know in a better manner the proper effect of teasing by the victim's eyes.Since no one ever knew what conditions the person is facing or what are the situations faced by the particular person so one should not speak about anyone. Whether the person is facing an illness or has less self-esteem, body image, and small body stigma, one needs to be properly sensitive to all the insecurities because nobody is perfect.

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