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Question: Benefits and issues in implementation of cloud architecture

There are various benefits obtained with the implications of those architectures and they are listed below:

The flexibility and elasticity were achieved and thus can be able to test the latest applications by transferring it from private to the public networks. The large number of users can be served at a time without any complexion in accessing the data.

The virtual resources can be able to increase the capability of requirements of the business objectives. The faster expansion of the speed of bandwidth in accordance with the user requirements is made easier.

Workload management
The synchronization of the IT resources and thus reducing the system redundancy by balancing the load between IT resources and managing of the services. The synchronization of the resources occurs with the resource pooling techniques. The workloads can be managed in effective manner by complete transition to the cloud based architecture.

Exact billing
By means of elastic disk provisioning architecture, the cloud users will be charged for the exact storage space used based on the disk capacity. Thus the overbilling occurs for limited data used can be completely reduced.

The usage of these architecture helps to attain the high availability by proper processing of the data and avoiding the network traffic. The network resources will be utilized in efficient manner to eliminate the critical issues evolve in the cloud computing.

The following are some of the challenges evolve in usage of these architectures and they are:

Due to the multitenant nature of the cloud environment, multiple users involved in accessing of the data and thus improper handling of the data occurs. The breaching of accessing rights takes place and thus it leads to loss of the data.

The pooling arrangements in resource pooling architectures resultant in protecting of inefficient firms. The prices will be fixed at high rate in order to cover the high cost production of the ineffective units. Therefore the firm need not to found out the need to concentrate on the inefficiencies and reduction of the costs.

The quota was allocated for the cloud members that are in relation to the demand. Whenever the demand falls then the quota will be allocated in the lesser manner. The cloud members were forced to minimize the production and it will results in idle capacity, wage cutting and downsizing of the employees.

Compliance issues
The data handling by the employees of the regional gardens obtain circumstances which lead to serious of concerns in the nearby future. The rules must be followed in handling the data to eliminate these kinds of concerns.

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