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Recruitment Strategy

There are numerous criteria one need to select before selecting the best talent for the talent pool of the organization. Though the actual and exact criteria for recruiting do depend on the actual post under consideration as well as on other related environmental factors, more or less are some of the key criteria that make up a vital role in deciding the right person for the job.

?             Qualification and expertise requirements in accordance with the job requirements. If it is a senior position then obviously long years of experience and the successful track record of managing things will be considered for selecting the right candidate for the job. If it is an entry level position the qualification and aptitude are considered for the person to get recruited into the position.

?             Aptitude and attitude makes up important elements of criterion for recruiting. A strategic leader need to have different aptitude and attitude when compared with a person employed for customer service executive position of the job.

?             Further if a position for a job placed in different country, typical requirements include skills of diversity tolerance, aptitude for collaboration with different people, cultural tolerance etc makes up the criteria along with regular job functional capabilities.



Definitely the requirements of a leadership and non-leadership positions are required. It is possible to recruit a person with leadership skills for a non-leadership position, expecting the possible career move up of the person to the leadership position in later times. However a non-leadership person cannot be selected for a leadership position in an organization, as it is quite a big error to do so. A non leadership skilled person cannot lead the team, he cannot manage the organization as well cannot motivate and contribute to the overall organizational objectives of the organization.

Typical skills required for a leadership position recruitee include, proven tactics in managing the organization, motivation, people management, inspiration, role model ship etc. Further decision making skills and capability to drive positive energy, crisis management skills are looked for. An evidential track record works to take consideration of the person for the said position.

A non-leadership person need not have exemplary skills of leading the people and directing the organization, however it is expected for him to remain as a good follower and expected to support the organization leadership appropriately (Bratton&Gold, 2017).



As such there is no simple answer to this question of internal and external recruitment of leaders for the organizations. It all depends on the position being considered for recruitment. If the person is selected for a routine job that requires extensive knowledge of the firm and internal operational details, then obviously internal recruitment is the right strategy. Though it is leadership position, but expecting new skills and new aptitude from the person, for example if looking for a manager and leader for a new technological innovation installed in the organization(like a new block chain technology implemented for HER in the organization), then it is required to take up people from external channels. Hence internal and external recruitment will depend on the positions and the skills availability. There is no simpler solution to conclude the right option for recruitment (Snell et al.,2015).

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