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Strategies are meant to address all the marketing goals of the company by one fool proof plan. The marketing strategy needs to be decided after doing thorough research of the market for better understanding. The wrong marketing strategy can be a dangerous mistake from the company's end. However, the right marketing strategy will be apt for achieving the best revenue for the company. There can be different types of marketing strategy to satisfy different sorts of needs. Paid advertising is a popular marketing strategy. Marketing is a strategy where products are built to satisfy social cause issues or cause. Relationship marketing focuses on building a relationship with customers. Undercover marketing strategy decides not to share their strategies with the customers. Word of mouth strategy mostly depends on the customers and their impressions for the product. It is the most popular traditional marketing strategy. Internet marketing promotes the company through the internet, which becomes the easiest option at present. Transactional marketing strategies mostly focuses on the sales of the product while diversity marketing strategy is the best one among all as it is effective to satisfy all the customers.

The paper, however, will depict the strategies which will be best to accomplish the missions or business strategies of Buffalo Wild Wings. The strategies are being decided by observing and understanding the missions of Buffalo Wild Wings. They can opt their mission of making the brand domestically and internationally known paid advertising and internet marketing strategy.  Providing unique guest welcome can be fulfilled by a diversity marketing strategy. The relationship marketing strategy will compel them to present signature dishes to satisfy the customers. Word of mouth will be opting for an engaging neighbourhood atmosphere. Other business missions will be satisfied by the transactional marketing strategy. Thereby, to address all the needs of Buffalo Wild Wings for promotion, a mixof the strategy will be discussed in the paper.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a dining restaurant who takes franchisee for a sports bar with multiple outlets in different places like Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Panama, Oman, Mexico, India, Canada, and United States. The restaurant achieves much popularity by its signature dish Buffalo wings with sauce. It was founded in 1982 by Scott Lowery and Jim Disbrow. Buffalo Wild Wings have achieved remarkable growth during the last 30years as it successfully inaugurates multiple outlets in different places covering 51 states. To achieve the rank, the company goes by a simple philosophy by focusing on the best part of their restaurant as they offer wings, sports, and beer at a time to entertain the customers.

The restaurant even has multiple franchisees under the brand to make it even more famous. They serve the same typeof menu in all their outlets with small changes to different geographical location to suit the taste buds of every particular region. They keep these little things clearly in their mind as taste or choices of foods vary due to the region. The step to meet the customers' demand does not share any effect on their signature dishes as they do not try their hands in those dishes.

Furthermore, the stated strategic plan is being obtained to make the vision of Smith successful. Smith is looking forward to inaugurating 1,700 more restaurants in the coming ten years. Thereby, deselecting proper place for those is holding its position in the top at the prior list. The mission somehow looks impossible, apparently, while observation reflects proper marketing strategy can definitely serve the purpose successfully. BWW has already started its dream journey to offer reality to the dream very soon. 

However, the paper will further discuss how BWW will achieve this with a positive and quick response. It will state what type of strategies BWW need to take to finish its target.  The paper will evaluate how the taken strategies will be beneficial in terms of completion with rivals like Hooter's, Carlson Restaurant Inc., etc.  The paper will also project a grand strategy for BWW to meet the needs like quality, growth, and diversification in BWW. Key objectives of the company are noted seriously to offer it an international market by reflecting its positive sides.  In order to grab an international market, the paper offers BWW better understanding of new concepts regarding international marketing strategy and the procedure of applying those strategies effectively.

The Subject of Project

Marketing strategy has been considered as the subject of this project to promote the trading value of Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings is an American restaurant which expanded in various parts of the USA. The marketing strategy is the utmost approach to encourage the business value of Buffalo Wild Wings. Marketing strategy is included as a beneficial part to increase the potentiality of Buffalo Wild Wings. The proper implementation of marketing strategies helps Buffalo Wild Wings to compete against other restaurants(Bragg, 2018). 

The hierarchical department of Buffalo Wild Wings plays a major role to promote marketing strategies. The appropriate implementation of marketing strategies can help to increase the customer value and also will help to enhance the standard of Buffalo Wild Wings. The marketing strategies play a crucial role by developing the marketing value of Buffalo wild wings as it helps to promote the consumer value(Cacciolatti, 2016). The marketing strategies have influenced the effective marketing plan, which helps to seize the old consumers and also helps to focus on the new consumers. The marketing strategies can be developed by planning the target consumer. It helps to determine the proper approach to develop marketing strategies. Buffalo Wild Wings is the restaurant which expanded in various parts of the USA. 

The enhancement of marketing strategies may influence the quality of the food products, which helps to satisfy the customer and helps to increase the value of the consumer.  The marketing strategies also were developed by observing the competitive value of the competitor organization. The enhancement of the sales approach can increase the value of marketing, and thus, it can develop its potentiality and emerge its competitive value(Hanus, 2018). The managerial department is employed to select the smart marketing goals which impact on the economic condition of Buffalo Wild Wings.

 The marketing strategies encourage the business value of Buffalo Wild Wings by including the advertisement process. The consumer’s behavior will also play a vital role in developing the marketing value of Buffalo Wild Wings. The customers get attracted by the advertisement process as it helps to present the productivity of Buffalo Wild Wings. It will also encourage the consumer to develop their loyalty to the brand. 

This impacts the trading value of Buffalo Wild Wings. It can be stated that a well-defined marketing strategy helps to identify the vision of Buffalo Wild Wings and also helps to meet the goals of Buffalo Wild Wings(Morel, 2015). The inclusion of appropriate marketing strategies helps to develop products as well as employee activity skills. The influence of marketing strategies will also develop the innovative qualities of Buffalo Wild Wings. The influence of marketing strategies has lead Buffalo Wild Wings to develop its innovativeness by including a variety of menus, trivia games and video games. 

Goal and Sub-Goals of Project

Buffalo Wild Wings is an American restaurant that consists of a sports bar franchise and casual dining across the United States. Other countries such as India, Canada, Oman, México, Saudi-Arabia, Philippines, Panama, Vietnam, and UAE are considered to have a specialization in Buffalo sauces and wings. The research team aims to get popularity by increasing its marketing strategy. 

It is predicted that 'Buffalo Wild Wings' already crossed level one for developing their marketing strategy. Not only that, but the company is quite hopeful that using their marketing strategy, this restaurant will fulfil their target goals.  To define their mission, goals, and sub-goals will meet its mission, vision, and business goals.

On the contrary, they have outlined the areas that are considered helpful for achieving these goals. As their marketing strategy affects their entire business, therefore, the research team has planned to escalate the marketing strategy of Buffalo Wild Wings. It is worth mentioning the fact that comprehensive strategic planning will define the goals that are as follow:

Achieving specific financial targets.

Continuation for strengthening 'Buffalo Wild Wings' brand internationally and domestically

Generating restaurant 'Traffic.'

Offering the crave-able menu items with wide appealing 

Creating an inviting neighborhood atmosphere 

Extending their business in numerous locations by meeting the cuisines as per their prior expectation

Focusing on operational excellence

Developing the 'R Taco' brand through operational excellence and unit growth 

Increasing the average unit volume, profitability, and same-store sales

The primary goals and sub-goals of Buffalo Wild Wings include a change regarding their employee dress code, updating menu, social media campaign, and no paper boats for 'Chicken Wings.' It can be said that Buffalo Wild Wings was acquired to be an inspired brand within just over a year. Hence, they are quite optimistic about proceeding with their new changes. These changes took place for rebranding as a hangout spot and won over millennial customized new generation's consumers that created maximum issues since the past. 

They are optimistic about being considered as a hangout part that will entice the millennial to attend the party onwards.Targeting the young sports fan as a consumer, the primary purpose of rebranding would be to inspire the new advertisement. It would include the dress code of staffs, updating menus and games on the tables that are attached with the rapid growth following the crowd with the millennial.

In the month of March, as 'March Madness' Buffalo Wild Wings has set up a goal by focusing the swarming millennial at the time of NCAA college basketball tournament. They have pre-planned regarding the enjoyment of watching basketball with a new advertising campaign, updating the new menu items, revamping the staff uniforms, and disappearing the popular paper wing boats.

Buffalo Wild Wings aims to establish a goal of creating a partnership with renowned sports brand 'Draft Kings.' As per their last agenda; they have decided to provide their waiterswith T-shirts to wear.  Not only that, they updated their menu with a branded cocktail such as 'Moscow Mule' and the 'Old-Fashioned.' Their burger recipe gets prepared to modify with the plastic ramekins, fresh beef and paper boats for wings. It is worth mentioning the fact that frozen beef and paper boats produced near about a million plastic and paper annually that would be replaced in favour of metal trays.

This restaurant has planned to decorate their new stores in the forthcoming December. Buffalo Wild Wings inaugurated two redesigned locations by including 'Play-Station consoles' and 'Xbox' along with self-service beer and cocktails.Finally, this restaurant has set up a goal to retrain individual employees which is about a total of 80,000 employees getting trained.  To help in improving the quality of foods the training will consist of re-examining every recipe as well as tweaking the beer offering. Moreover, the Buffalo Wild Wings tend to create the 'Chicken Sandwich' with 'Chick-fill-A' at the top.


 The main approach of the project is to develop the marketing strategies to develop the innovativeness of Buffalo Wild Wings. The plan of marketing strategy has been developed to show the hierarchical department of Buffalo Wild Wings. The project of marketing strategies has been prepared to present the project approach to the employees and the managerial department of the companies. The employees and the managerial department are employed to develop the marketing value of Buffalo Wild Wings. 

The marketing strategies have helped the employees and managerial staffs develop their creativeness, and thus, it helps to bring innovation in Buffalo Wild Wings(Uitermark, 2015). The plan of marketing strategies plays a crucial role in developing the economic condition. The audience, such as the managerial department and employees can be implemented as the foremost factor to develop the marketing strategy of Buffalo Wild Wings.

 The plan of marketing strategy helps to determine the roles and responsibilities of the employed person in Buffalo Wild Wings, and thus they can develop the innovativeness in Buffalo Wild Wings. Moreover, it can also be stated that the marketing plan includes the additional expenditure of Buffalo Wild Wings. It helps the employed individuals to develop the creativeness of Buffalo Wild Wings and helps to achieve the goals of Buffalo Wild Wings.

Presentation of Results

Buffalo Wild Wings maintains its business by McLane Company Inc. – a committed supplier. The supplier tactfully and strategically manages the supply chain for BWW. The supply chain is even effective in deciding the competitive pricing. It finally focuses on the steady pricing of its services or dishes, ignoring the fact of increasing the price of the raw materials. Because of the efficiency of the supply chain, the franchises are able to go with the stated strategy regarding stable pricing. The company uses the strategy of keeping the price and quality the same while decreasing the quantity of it. It can be cited as an example that the chicken pieces remain the same size with the decreasing number of wings from six to five.  The customers definitely did not care for this change much at all.

However, on the other hand, the company successfully retains its profit margins with a not so significant strategy. Along with this, the BWW occasionally offers larger pieces than earlier to maintain its customer baseline, and this helps the information get its relevance. Furthermore, Buffalo Wild Wings business rate of selling excessive numbers of traditional boneless wings shows the fact that BWW is developing.

Management at Buffalo Wild Wings conveyed that the best revenue BWW achieved was done by the process of chicken wings from some shop sale. As per the information, it can be stated that the fourth quarter of a wing price was $1.99 per pound, which is merely 10% higher compared to the last year. The labor number hasincreased through the passing years to 31.8%. The management understands that the changes in the industry will remain, being influenced by the fluctuating customer demandsand an ever-growing competitive market. 

Looking forward to the achievement of Buffalo Wild Wings, 100 restaurants are being launched by third party involvement regarding the delivery during the month of December. With the advancement, 30% hike is being noted in its delivery, noticing the conventional take out. According to Schmidt, sales can be conveyed as incremental as it holds the capability of boosting the entire process towards advancement. In spite of that fact, Buffalo Wild Wings tries hard to improve the profit with a better version by working on the alternatives. The sales' increment impacts the delivery charge and becomes more customized initiating better customer satisfaction followed by a better profit margin.

Overview of the Project

As per the discussion, it is clear that the main motto of Buffalo Wild Wings is to open many outlets internationally, along with the interest in investing largely in other businesses. BWW actually wants to have a ‘WOW' expression from the customers, community, shareholders, and team members. The continuous development offers BWW much relaxation to overcome the initial doubts regarding the future of the company. Continuous advancement and changes with time make them able to achieve this rank depending on the key factor of customer satisfaction. 

The achievement even offers them much confidencein indulging in other sectors for more profit in the part of the company. In order to make this future aim successful, they even seek help from the market share, which eventually will be the most favorable tool for them. However, the tool needs some backup strategies to be successful as it needs to be deployed, marketed, and projected in the right way. The three aspects of BWW with PizzaRev and Rusty Taco with collaboration in some places, offer more profit in the part of the company. It is expected that this collaboration will be beneficial in terms of future settlements. The company instead follows a great business strategy for the development like the starting phases.  BWW used the cash flow for funding the above-stated projects. In spite of all these facts, it is time for the company to plan more funding for satisfying alternative means to initiate better revenue. To make this plan successful proper planning equipped with the right strategies is much needed to make all the goals exist in the practical field. All these things will serve as severe importance in the part of the company; thereby, it is much needed that BWW needs to spare enough room regarding time.

For the last five years, the company has been focusing much concern and budget for advertising for the promotion of the restaurant as it achieves the revenue for the company up to 3.7of total revenue. With the profit margin, the expanse even gets increased for the last few years, which is very common as per the business strategy. The large portion of the budget is being used by the company for promotions and the advertisement for the brand. The company even opts for a strategy as it purchases commercial breaks during the football tournaments to project the break during the overtime. 

The company strategically inputs that the franchisee owner has to pay 3.5% from their sales as a marketing fee. From that 3% some of it goes to the National Advisory Fund and the remainder which is .5% is spent for the co-ops by the franchisee. BWW spent .01% of their revenue to do a survey among the customers for upgrading their services. Customers are free to share their view regarding advertisement, promotion, and service of the company in the survey. The feedback or comments help the company to improve its operations.  B-Dubs Huddle, another initiative by BWW, introduces tablets on restaurant tables with the help of its own TV network and radio. The channels mainly telecast contemporary hits and sports exclusives. 

BWW uses technology in the best possible way of dealing with the customer experience. In order to enhance the customer experience, the restaurants are equipped with HD LCD TV sets with projectors and sound systems to attract a crowd by putting the interest of the sport. Introduction of tablets serve both purpose of entertainment and placing an order. It can be used for playing a video game and placing the order.The concept of ‘stadia' ties to imbibe the interest of stadium in it.

Use of Results

According to the above-presented result, it can be said that, in 2017, the financial performance of Buffalo Wild Wings was estimated with a negative 1.6%-1.7%. Hence, this restaurant is considered as inspiring, by following its approx. $2.3 billion of purchasing Sonic Drive-ins. By being an inspired brand, this restaurant was dealt by $2.9 billion. After analyzing the above data, it is clear that in the future, this restaurant will emerge as a dangerous force in the industry, by shifting BWW consumers towards boneless chicken. The marketing mentioned above strategy is optimistic about starting over and designing small stores. On the contrary, its proper growth will expand the dormant delivery events that are considered as an effort. These efforts for storing filled occasions where the guests are not willing to tend to spend hours (Steffen, Rüthing & Huth, 2018).

As per its growth of 2017, it is seen that the net earnings were estimated at approx. $70-$72 million following the previous years. It is believed that Buffalo Wild Wings has suffered because of its millennia’s growth. At the same time, as previous generations and older dinersbelieved in dining in the millennials tend to lead toward convenience. Hence, the quick service will be considered as less spending during dining environment (Steffen, Rüthing & Huth, 2018).

The above-presented results also show that 'Buffalo Wild Wings' unveiled an exclusive menu for their football campaign. As this value focused on the offering by approx. $5.  Therefore, BWW added to its menu, bratwurst, unique cocktails, fries, cheeseburgersand domestic pitchers of 38 ounces. It can be assured that the pitch would be an immediate lead by uptick sales, especially on the weekends (TAYLOR, 2018).

The addition to exclusive beer and foods which will promote the seasons of Buffalo Wild Wings. According to the project team, this restaurant would include major five 'First-to-Market' regional crafting brews. Not only that, the supply chain will make a partnership with the regional crafting organizations in order to provide unique offers along with offering football themes. Therefore, within a short time, this restaurant would introduce the upcoming installment of its legends of Craft Beer Brew series.

The presentation, as mentioned above of the result, shows that the proposed marketing strategy provides a glimpse towards this restaurant for future proceeding. Therefore, the Buffalo Wild Wings projection to become a tremendous American sports bar as well as to provide guests with an immersive and unique experience (TAYLOR, 2018).

The research team proposed a model that got inaugurated in countries such as Texas, Caney, Kentucky, and Bowling Green. It is optimistic the Buffalo Wild Wings will be inauguratedand will rock across North Carolina, Fort Worth, Texas and Arden very soon. This restaurant has planned to include a prominent bar (both indoor and outdoor). Therefore flexible sea beach areas, free-flowing and spare VIP spaces, A/V technological stadium consists of the LED screen for attracting the consumers (Wohl, 2018).

 Researchers have decided to modify this restaurant with 'MVP' and 'DUGOUT.' They are quite hopeful regarding the waiting areas that are likely to lounge with a sporty feeling. They are confident that all the guests will be grabbing drinks along with watching a game while waiting.  Moreover, under a UFC fight, the bleachers will get transformed into the best seats in the bar as a cool waiting spot (Wohl, 2018).

The use of the results concludes with the MVP room that will only be available for the guests above 21 years of age. This room has plansof which will consist of a 3rd ^80-inch TV, two 80 inch TVs, six self-poured beer taps and gaming consoles. It is worth mentioning the fact that the goal is to capture the consumers into the sports rage by offering the 'Mini Stadium Environment.' Besides, the consumers will serve as three experienced functions such as local activation, private gaming, and private viewing. Moreover, the Buffalo Wild Wings would provide the ideal spot for hosting the great shows (local and remotes).

Method or Procedure Used to Conduct the Project

The qualitative research approach has been undertaken for conducting this project. The qualitative research approach includes the observation, interviews, and survey process. The interview for the person can help to enhance the data collection process. The enhancement of data collection process helps to determine the specific condition of the organizational context. Thus, it develops the marketing approach and helps to expand the organization globally. 

A survey can be considered as one of the significant processes to develop the marketing approach as it helps to identify the current condition of Buffalo Wild Wings. This allows the hierarchical department of Buffalo Wild Wings to evaluate the various marketing approaches and can promote the selling value of Buffalo Wild Wings. The qualitative research approach also includes the interview process, which helps to gather information based on business strategy. The influence of business strategy indicates the appropriate process to influence trading value. It can also impact on the economic condition of Buffalo Wild Wings and develop the potentiality of Buffalo Wild Wings. 

The survey will also play a crucial role in identifying the competitors’ value in the market, and thus, it brings variable changes in the organizational context. Therefore, it may bring changes in pricing strategy, which may satisfy the consumers and will help Buffalo Wild Wings to meet its goal.The survey may also encourage the hierarchical department of BWW to develop the innovativeness by including various technological developments. The technological developments will generate enhanced services to encourage the customer and to develop the potentiality. 

The qualitative research approach also identifies the position of the competitor and analyzes the appropriate marketing strategies to develop the project based on the marketing strategy of Buffalo Wild Wings. The case study also plays a crucial role in developing the project approach as it provides sufficient data based on the marketing approaches of an organization. It can also be stated that case study influences the in numerous sources of data and also provides the clear concept of multiple descriptions of various organizations. This influences the marketing approaches of Buffalo Wild Wings and helps to develop the project. 

The interview is a significant process to influence the qualitative research approach as it helps to collect various data from the experienced person. The data collection process brings various developments in sales and it will also bringvarious innovations in productivity, which impacts on the economic condition of Buffalo Wild Wings. It will help to include various new menus in the restaurant, which satisfies the customers and helps to meet the demands of the consumers. Additionally, it can also be stated that the qualitative research approach also influences the exploration of various purchasing approaches of Buffalo Wild Wings. It will also provide an appropriate concept to develop the business strategy of Buffalo Wild Wings. It is possible that it may also encourage the marketing strategy by including various old strategies in marketing. 

The qualitative research approach can be considered as the clear concept of marketing as it also provides the logical support to influence the marketing strategies of Buffalo Wild Wings. The qualitative research approach develops the project by analyzing the various strategies in business and fulfils the goal of the project. The qualitative research approach may provide numerous data based on competitor and helps to promote various restaurants throughout the world. The data collection process helps to develop the uniqueness in the organizational context and helps to promote Buffalo Wild Wings sustainably. It also promotes the trading value by influencing business strategies and may also impact on the organizational context of Buffalo Wild Wings by enhancing the observation in food prices. It may help to attract customers and increase consumer value. The qualitative research approach plays a crucial role to expand the restaurants in the market and helps to decrease the risk factors of the organizational context and develop the sustainability of Buffalo Wild Wings. Thus, it encourages marketing strategies and fulfils the goal of the project.       

Project Summary

Marketing strategies for the business landscape as this leads to developing promotional strategies identify the most accurate business activities to achieve the goals. This project is conducted to develop the most appropriate marketing strategies for the organization "Buffalo Wild Wings". It is an American dining restaurant and aims to get renowned in the market and achieve their financial targets. The first activity to start the project activities is to develop an effective project management team. The project team has been formed with 15 personnel in different designations having adequate skills, experience, and expertise to proceed with this project. After the selection of the team, the activities are distributed among the team members. The curriculum plan has been developed for the better communication and continuation of work in this project. The prime deliverables of this project are a proper and complete study of the market, analysis report of marketing strategies, documentation of market report and market analysis, marketing campaign through social media, the proposal of smart marketing strategies and the final review of the proposed marketing strategies.

After the completion of this important part, the main project is initiated to be performed. To start with the project, the prime activities of this project are identified and broken down in different phases. The project activities are to be performed into four phases: the initiation phase, phase of planning, execution, and project closure phase. The main activities to be performed for this project are the initiation, collection of information, allocation of resources, project plan, marketing campaigns, and analysis of current strategy, development and implementation of a new strategy, review of the project and finally documentation and approval. A Gantt chart is to be prepared for setting the schedule of the activities. The entire project is going to be started on 20th July 2019 and will be preceded for 200 days. The project may get affected by the factors of low budget, lack of efficiency of data analyzing software, and other external threats.  

Project objectives ? To develop a suitable market strategy for Buffalo Wild Wings to ensure the achievement of financial goals of the organization and make the organization popular in the market 

Project audience ? Buffalo Wild Wings

Project milestones ? To complete the researches and develop the strategies within the estimated end date

? To ensure the completion of the project within the allocated budget

? To develop a superior quality of marketing strategy for the organization 

Project deliverable ? Documentation of marketing study

? Social media campaigns

? Proposal of marketing strategy 

? Internal stakeholder report

? Project closure documents 

Project budget ? Allocated by the organization 

Timeline ? 200 days (7/20/2019 to 10/06/2019)

Project management team ? 15 members 

Project risks ? Low budget, lack of communication, lack of efficiency of data analyzing software, governmental policies


The research approachis as an utmost factor that contains the broad assumption of data collection, interpretation, and analysis.  In this research, the risk of marketing strategy exposed those factors that relate with the ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’’ investment securities. In this paper, the approaches are offset with the liable changes that are inter-linked with equity marketing. 

The 'Qualitative Approach’ is proposed to address the prediction about the probable connection. This connection was between the thingsattached to the variables. In order to find the answers, the 'Inductive Approach' research questions used for collecting the data by various means. The inductive analysis permitted the researchers for discovering the complexity among the casual relationship that determines the extension over variable influences. As per the above result, the Inductive Analysis consisted of the statistical explanation over the findings'. It also helped to implicate significant terms and conditions.

The Qualitative approach helped to collect numerous data which require proceeding with the project by including vital information. This was optimistic that, this restaurant could be started over a quick-service chain in Arby's along with a casual dining concept of Buffalo Wild Wings. However, researchers believed that the intercontinental hotel and extras offered by the former industries. The inductive approach decided to span the spectrum occasion that might get considered as less competitive for the event. As a result, it predicted to operate the teams with the specified brand. However, a hotel brand is not entirely different while running. 

The marketing strategy used here was to use two non-different size brands such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Arby's. It was decided to set up a 'Foundation' that can acquire the other brands optimistically.  In this research, the Inductive approach was all about to set the organization's 'Service Style Agnosticism.' As per this inductive approach, the hierarchical department established the selling price near about $1 billion and 4.5 million. This marketing strategy is all about proceeding with a pure acquisition. Furthermore, the researchers focused on the integration of Buffalo Wild Wings. It was considered that by following this research approach, the marketing strategy of Buffalo Wild Wings would be developed in the right way. The marketing strategy was all about aligning Buffalo Wild Wings while making its brand reputation. By using this inductive method, the predictionof Buffalo Wild Wingswas all about to build the brand's equality to create it's grown in the industry.

Buffalo Wild Wings set out on a mission of focusing on the menu as well as its service experiences. Its marketing strategy and restaurants have the possibility of being pushed off the typical products. It is worth mentioning the fact that the research methodology will put the procedure in place. The exclusive products of Buffalo Wild Wings would be quite different. Moreover, this research approach will lead to these procedures with a similar process along with the different brand.

The goals and the sub-goals of Buffalo Wild Wings are set as per the qualitative research. Consequently, the Inductive proposal would be taken after the factors that can affect the growth of Buffalo Wild Wings. A variety of data sources, investigating the triangulation, multiple perspectives for interpreting the results and numerous methods for analyzing the research issues have been used simultaneously. In this research, an advocacy approach has been applied to respond with the requirements of Buffalo Wild Wings. Analysis indicates an interest to gain complexity and luxurious situations in accordance with obtaining information that can be generalized during comparison with different larger groups.

This Qualitative approach that got adopted by the qualitative researches tended to be inductive for Buffalo Wild Wings.  This restaurant will develop the theory based on the data that has been discussed in the 'Result' section. The approach of data collection and data analysis is considered as methodical that permits high flexibility of Buffalo Wild Wings. The data collection will be carried out in various stages in which the researchers would observe the data collecting methods that proceed with the right analysis and will emerge with a new issue.The findings of this research approach would be reported with more personal terms. The research participants might be criticized for being objective. In some specific situations, the behaviors and the feelings of several participants could not be accessed if not fully understood.

Structure of Project Team

The project mainly focuses on the marketing strategies of Buffalo Wild Wings. The organization in question, being a widespread organization, it follows numerous sectors for its day to day operations(Kwon & Kang, 2019). Sally J. Smith currently serves the company as the chief executive officer.  The hierarchy follows numerous levels of distinct operations and respective officers to the departments.

The project, however, mainly aims at studying and understanding the marketing strategy of Buffalo Wild Wings. The intricate study for the current settings of the organization in consideration would allow understanding the possible needs for the implementable marketing strategy. Thus, to execute a project, it is evident that the need for an expert team is an essential aspect. Similarly, the proposed project for the organization in consideration follows the basic organizational chart of the company. Therefore, keeping the team structure simple and easier to communicate with each other.

The initial proposed team would consist of who would be in charge of carrying out the required study over the current marketing strategy of the organization for devising a new and an efficient marketing strategy which will be comprised of 15 members. All the members are collectively led by a Project Manager, who is responsible for all the actions taken towards any successful executing of the project. Other than that, the project would specifically be sponsored by an individual of the organization who would serve as the project sponsor. The team will also have stakeholders, who are referred to as the individual, at times it may also refer to a group of individuals. It can affect or can be affected by the outcome of a project. Other than the established members, PAS (Project Advisory Supervisor), Social Media Marketing Officer, Graphic and Media designers, who are an essential part of the study. The project also includes a dedicated planner who is in charge of planning the dedicated next steps to the project and a dedicated documenter. This position is significantly important as the documenter carefully foresees all of the events and documents everything into the project.

The project team would also contain specific Public Relation Officers who would be responsible for sustaining the public relations and the different needs of the organization into the market. Apart from these, the team would also contain a manager and a specific team leader who would be leading a team of 3 specific members. The members would also be responsible for the execution of different allocated tasks at numerous intervals of the project, thus ensuring a specific flow of the project. Lastly, the team would also be comprised of representatives who would represent their respective department into the project, thus putting forward their valuable input to the project.

It is essential to establish that the main focus of the project is to specifically build a sustainable and effective strategy for the organization in consideration. However, the main objective is increasing the business and efficiently building a much exceptional customer experience, that is, what marketing and marketing strategy calls for.

Plan Updates

Any project and studies remain to be inefficient unless an efficient plan has been followed for the systematic execution of the entire project. Thus, it is relatively important to understand what exactly a project plan is. It can be said that a project plan is characteristically a detailed document that would depict the preceding steps. It has to be undertaken in order to achieve a unified goal(Harrison, 2017). According to the requirements, it calls for such a plan to be formal or informal.   However, the section mainly focuses on the identification, the analysis, and the several aspects of the process. The methods and the elements are also an important part of sharing information between all for the project execution. Thus, establishing a precise and detailed process of communication between all the members of the team, who would be executing the project, is essential to the plan.  However, simply sticking to a defined plan; rather, a project plan is not all for the efficient execution of the project. Thus, it is important to maintain and follow a specific strategy for sharing the essential plan updates within the team and the organization. This also helps in setting a short term milestone to achieve the long term milestone.

Milestones being an essential aspect to any project, it is mandatory to set and measure the milestone that is included to a specific project. A project when running on a longer time period, the ultimate goal and the milestones associated are comparative more in number. However, when a project is on shorter notice and is contained for a shorter period of time, the number of milestones decreases quite a bit. Thus, in such scenarios, the milestones are set as per the requirements. The milestones to long-running projects are set to be long term goals, which are comprised of numerous short term goals. However, vice-versa is the case for the scenario where a few short term goals are set to achieve the main objective of a project executed in a short period.

It is important to note that each representative or each individual who has been provided with a designated role in the proposed project would have specific deadlines and limitations. Every deadline should preferably be met for keeping the execution within the feasible amount of time proposed for the project. Even day to day executed tasks should be reported to their higher authority or all the team members, required(Sadgrove, 2016). The communication lines may be internal or external depending on the clear spectrum of the information that has to be delivered and the gravity of the designations they carry. The communication matter would contain the details of the daily occurrence of the project by the participants. Therefore, the communicated data would contain the proceeded tasks and the established grounds considering the next tasks are to be proceeded with. Situations may arise where the flow of the execution of the project may be interrupted for any uncalled scenario. Hence, the updates to the project are essential for letting other team members know the possible steps to such a scenario.

Person Role Frequency Audience Mode

James Smith Project manager (PM) Daily All Emails and meeting

Michael Smith Planner Daily All Meetings, Formal documents, and emails

Robert Smith Documenter Daily All Formal documents and emails

Maria Gracia Project advisory supervisor Fortnight PM Meetings, Telephonic, and emails

David Smith Graphics and media concept designer Fortnight PM Emails

Maria Rodreguezz Social media marketing officer Weekly Supervisor Email and telephonic

Mary Smith Public relationship manager Weekly PM Email and telephonic

Maria Hernandez Sponsor Monthly PM and stakeholder Meetings, Email and telephonic

James Mathews Stakeholder Fortnight PM and sponsor Email and telephonic

Logan Jones Manager Weekly PM and TL Meetings, Email, telephonic and documents

Willium Brown Team Leader (TL) Weekly Manager and Team member Meetings, Email and telephonic

James Davis Team member Daily TL and Team member Email, telephonic and verbal

Mason Miller Team member Daily TL and Team member Email, telephonic and verbal

BenzaminWillson Team member Daily TL and Team member Email, telephonic and verbal

Roger Mullar Representative Monthly PM, Manager, Stakeholder, and Sponsor Meetings and Email


(Table: Communication Plan for the Project)

(Source: Author’s Creation)

The communication plan, as established for the proposed project, depicts the several modes of communicating the updates to the destination(Robinson, 2018). Here the destination is the other participants of the team. The frequency suggests the time-frequency within which the communicator would be communicating with the respective participant, at least once. The communication line established, however, does depend on the hierarchical structure that has been followed by the organization. It can be observed that most participants are not directly able to convey their information to the highest authority, the project manager, directly. However, the participants can evidently pass on their individual updates to their peers, thus resulting in generalized information to be passed on to the project manager. The whole project is due to start with an initial official meeting with all the participants, and the closure phase would be put into effect by the same method of communication.

Work breakdown and Task time estimates

The project follows the general phases for its efficient execution. The proposed project mostly consists of four initial phases. The four considered phases of the project being:

Initiation Phase – during the phase project initials are identified and defined; the basic problem statement is defined for the next installments of the project

Planning Phase – during the phase the actual planning for all the following steps are defined with great details

Execution Phase – during the phase the resources are allocated accordingly, and the tasks are executed thus allowing a feasible execution of the entire project

Closure Phase – is the basic monitoring and reviewing of the project


A Gantt chart is basically a form of the bar chart. It mainly demonstrates the project schedule as per the execution order. A project needs to utilize and describe data over Gantt charts for ease of usage and easy understanding for future applications.


The Gantt chart shows the possible tasks that have to be taken into consideration for the execution of the project. The initial project starts with the initiation of the project and which is subsequently followed by the collection of the required information(Kliem, 2019). After the task is completed, the resources are identified and are allocated accordingly. Once the resource has been allocated, the team for the project is being selected accordingly and proceeds forward. Followed by the planning and the work breakdown of the project. The marketing campaigns are immediately followed with, and then the analyses of the current strategies regarding the implementable strategies are to be planned out. The project thus is followed by closure and review. Documentation is completed and is sent for approval.

Tasks Duration (days)

Project Initiation 5

Information Collection 10

Resource Allocation 20

Team Selection 26

Project Planning 15

Work Breakdown 20

Marketing Campaigns 60

Analysis of current strategy 5

New strategy implementation 11

Project closure 9

Project Review 2

Documentation 8

Approval 9

The previous table shows the basic tasks that have to be completed in order to complete the project with ease. The entire project has been shown to be completed in 200 days.

Project Deliverables

The proposed project which is being carried out for the organization in consideration, Buffalo Wild Wings, is bound to have some deliverables. However, it is necessary to perfectly understand the necessity and the possibilities of the deliverables(Harrison, 2017). A project may be numerous kinds and structures and depends on the magnitude of the project or the business related to the project. There always are certain deliverables to the proposed project that signify the key success and the feasibility of the entire project. The deliverables are basically defined as noticeable, can be physical or logical, yields that are the result after the execution of the project and the stages of the project. Thus a project without any tangible deliverables is primarily impossible. The deliverables of a project mainly depend on the type of project and is completely dependent on the milestones set for the project or the steps involved in the project. There might be projects that just produce a single deliverable (for example, a software project with a single deliverable as the developed software). However, in the particular proposed project, the deliverables are set with the phases the project completes, It ultimately constitutes the largescale deliverable as the redefined marketing strategy for the organization in question.  

The proposed project is projected to have the following deliverables:

Market study – is the data and the documents that would be derived while initiating the entire project, thus leading into a detailed study of the current market. This would help in understanding the current share of the market that is influenced by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Marketing strategy analysis report – is the analysis that has been carried out on the data collected over the current market. Thus resulting in a report which would lead to a much clear understanding of the market the organization is a part of and competing towards.

Market report – is the documented report which has been derived from the market study. The report would create a significant milestone for the entire project. The report would also act as historical data that would allow many strategic steps for future installments.

Market analysis – is the data that is derived off the market report. The required analysis would be carried out on the market repost, thus resulting in a market analysis. The deliverable would allow the organization to take precise actions accordingly, keeping the market flow into consideration.

Social media influence – in the 21st century, social media recognition and influence is an integral part of any organization to reach the masses. Thus the social media marketing phase would lead to precise deliverable. The deliverable in question would significantly help to know the benefits of social media’s influence on the organization and what influence it has over the targeted audience. Thus through the several marketing campaigns that would be held for the execution phase of the project, this would be the deliverable which would significantly affect the success of the project. 

Proposed marketing strategy - the new marketing strategy would be devised of the market study and the preceding analysis of the market. The proposed strategy would be the ultimate aim of the entire project. The particular deliverable is mostly set as the long term goal of the project. However the main objective of the project is being able to devise a more diverse and an efficient marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy report – is the generic yet intricate report that has been created, keeping in mind the derived marketing strategy. The new marketing strategy would be implemented. It would keep track of the reports to the strategy that is an essential derivable to the project in consideration.

Internal stakeholder report – is the report that has been created to keep detailed tracking for effect over the internal stakeholders. The proposed project mainly deals with the internal stakeholders; thus, the report would be precisely based on the internal stakeholders. However, if any external stakeholders are associated with it, the report would also be suggested for better communication of the details to the organization.

Proposal – is the document that would be given rise to once all the initial steps are created and a prototype of the project is up for a test run. Once the feasibility prospects and other peripherals have been considered the proposal to the whole project would be created. It would be passed on to the higher authority for further examination and approval for the changes that have to be anchored by the organization.(Kliem, 2019)(Harrison, 2017)(Sadgrove, 2016)(Eskerod, 2016)(Robinson, 2018)

Risk Assessment

Any small or largeorganizations have to face risks during their business. There are several and different types of risks that arise in a business. Mainly, the risks can be classified into two different types. One is internal risks, and the other is External risks(Sadgrove, 2016). The risks in a business or a project depend on the primary subject and objectives of the same. The internal risks come from the internal elements of the project managing organization, which can be controlled by proper risk assessment. The external risks are originated in the external parts of the project, which are not very easy to identify or handle. However, an appropriate and proper risk assessment can reduce the chances of the external risks.

In this study, a team of 12 members have been selected to analyze the current marketing strategy and propose a project plan for the development of the marketing strategy for  Buffalo Wild Wings. This is a company of the US which started its journey 35 years ago and currently established themselves as a renowned name in the food and beverage business segment. The external and internal risks are explained below:


Internal Risk

Internal risks are recognizable and manageable, as discussed earlier. Internal risks come from the internal elements of the organization or the team to be detected. The primary risks that arise from the internal elements are financial problems of the organization, inadequate resources such as business data and analytical software. For this project, there is a budget problem(Kwon & Kang, 2019). The estimated cost is higher than the budget of the project. The proper system software is needed like Tableau Software, which is missing in the project system. This software has to be implemented in the project. There is no proper knowledge that the employees know how this software is used. Lack of training is another internal risk for this project management program. Some personal issues can have an impact on the project. Some of the key members of the project are unable to be with the team at the initial stage. The manager needs to manage the project by sorting out these issues. Risk management can help the project to be completed within time and as per the requirements. The pre-analysis of an internal risk factor is always helpful. The management of the project can identify the problems like these and can make a way out of the problems. 

External Risks

External risks can come from different sources. The external risks are generated from some external sources. Several sources such as governmental policies, political problems, bankruptcy, crime and personal or organizational threats can have a deep impact on the project(Harrison, 2017). In this project management, there are no such external risks factors identified by which the project can be affected. However, the organization, for which the project management is being proposed, is facing some external risks. For this, a proper management strategy has to be implemented by the project management team. There are different types of external risks Buffalo Wild Wings is facing. The primary one is government policy. There are different taxation policies of the government in different states. Some organizational threats also have to faced by the company very often. All these are needed to be controlled and sorted out with proper risk management plan.

Plan to Reduce orEliminate Risks

Risk management is important for any project or organization to achieve the proper goals as per the requirements. All the different risks from internal and external sources can be removed by risk management. All the risks are identified by a proper risk analysis method. The management team processes the project by managing and reducing the chances of the risks for the business. The objective cannot be met without a systematic and structured risk management plan. There are different ways of managing risks. The plan of managing the internal and external risks of this project as well as of Buffalo Wild Wings business is discussed in the following sections of the report.

Some internal risks are identified and discussed in the previous section of this study. The project needs proper internal risk management. First, there is a problem with the financial state of the project. The budget for the project is low. As per the estimation, the cost of the project is exceeding the budget. The management of the issue and cost of the project will be reduced. The cost can be reduced by engaging a lower number of team members. The cost can also be reduced by implementing new software and by managing the whole project more compactly.

There are some internal risks of Buffalo Wild Wings. There are some complaints about the food quality of the organization. The food quality has to be improved to have a better marketing impact. Lack of communication among the employees is a problem. The service can be improved by a proper communication plan among the employees. All the employees of the project management task have to be properly trained. The use of software needs to be known by all the team members of the project. Training of 3 days will be provided to the members. As discussed earlier, some of the key members of the team will not be available to be with the team. Other members as per the requirements have been allotted in place of those members. All the internal risks will be managed by these plans, and further plans will be constructed after the approval of the project

There are no external risks in the project management task. However, some external risks are present in the business of Buffalo Wild Wings. The primary risk, as discussed, is the governmental policy. The different advisory body should be placed for different states of business to control the taxation system and make better revenue for the company. The organization has to appoint law experts to handle the threats of other organizations. In this era of globalization, the negative publicity through social media is an external threat for the organization. A strong social media marketing section will be implemented in the business structure to perform positive social media marketing. This can neutralize the negative publicity from rival groups. The internal and external risk factors will be managed and reduced by the strategies discussed in this section. A proper risk management plan is given in the following part of this report.

Impact of Risks on the Project and Organization

Internal and external risks have an impact on the project. Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular name in the market of food and drinks. They have started the business as a beer café and snacks bar. At the present day, they have chains in different states. However, the company has faced different risk factors throughout all these years. With the change of time, changes in the risks and threats have been noticed. As per the current situation, the internal and external risks have been identified. The internal risks such as food quality problems and employee communication problems have a bad impact on the organization. It can produce a negative perspective for the company to the customers. This impact can shorten the target market. The service to the customers is the key to restaurant organization. There are different types of internal risks for the project, also as discussed in the previous sections. The primary risk is the financial problem. It can have an impact on the time and research quality of the project. As a result, the outcomes will be affected.(Kliem, 2019)

The project members have to perform as per the management plan. The lack of knowledge in using necessary software can hamper the project as well. It has an impact on project time and project quality. There are some issues of employee unavailability in the project team which affects the workflow of the team. There are some external risks of the organization. The primary risk is the governmental policy. There are different taxation policies in different states, as stated earlier. For this, the revenue system and records are very complex.

Another risk is the external threats from rival organizations or political leaders. This has a bad impact on the organizational environment of Buffalo Wild Wings. The negative campaigning is affecting the business badly. Customers are manipulated by these social media campaigns, which are driven by rival organizations.

Overall, the internal and external risks have a bad impact on the organization as well as the project. These risks have to be reduced by the mentioned strategies of risk management. All the risks have been identified in this section of the study, and the impacts are clearly noticeable from this portion. It is helpful for the business and the project to know the impacts of the risk factors on them.

Risk Management Plan

The risk mitigation plan is needed for the project. A proposed risk mitigation plan is provided below. Further changes will be made as per the final requirements after the project approval.

Risks Probability of Occurrence Severity of impact Mitigation

Low Budget 60% Moderate Reduce the number of team members

Implement software for the proper analysis

Structure of the whole work appropriately

 Lack of communication 60% Moderate Provide proper training to the employees of the Restaurant

Implement new work policies

Lack of knowledge of Data analyzing software 90% Moderate Provide training for 3days to the members of the project management team

External threats 10% High Recruit a few numbers of lawyers and crime management experts in BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings)

Government policies 50% Moderate Place different revenue and marketing advisory body for different states of the business chain of BWW


Negative marketing by rival companies 40% High Improve the service and food quality of BWW

Implement positive marketing through social media

Identify the proper target market with the help of marketing experts.







Contingency Plans for Risks Not Accessed

A project must have contingency plans to ensure the accomplishment of the project even after the failure of prime project plans. A sound contingency plan includes the set of activities to deal with the probable project risks and secures the project from disruption of project activities. As this project aims to develop a marketing strategy for the client company, hence this could be affected by:

Risks of fluctuation in market rates, 

Inflation rates, 

Exchange rates, mismanagement, loss of data, issues in research works, timing issues, 

Issues of authenticity of data, 

Performance issues of the team members 

The following is the contingency plan for this undertaken project:


Probable issues Activity 

The fluctuation of the exchange rate, inflation This may lead the research as well as the document of a market report.  Market rates could change at any moment; this is a result of different business activities. For this reason, the data collected for research work must contain the dates, and the changes in market rates are to be noted with a date. This will help to analyze the gradual changing of market rates in accordance with time.

Loss of data Cloud computing is to be used. Data must be copied in different devices for optimum security. The soft copies that contain data will be copied in hard disk drives, flash memories and be recorded in the form of hard copies. Moreover, the most accurate and reliable software like MS Excel, Tableau could be used for better data analysis.

Performance issues or issues due to the absence  of the project team members A backup team is to be created for the support of the main team lacks to perform.

The team members are to be trained regarding the way to conduct survey research, analyses and manage the data and conclude from the researches. 

Issues in research work due to miscommunication and mismanagement: The RACI charts are to be produced to ensure that all the team members are conveyed the messages. The research work is to proceed in accordance with the work break down structure. All the activities are to be marked after completion so that the issue of repetition of activity could be avoided.

Authenticity and accuracy of data The data is to be rechecked after collection. The source of the data is to be reexamined to assess the authenticity of the data.

Issues related to the timeline The activities are to be performed in accordance with the Gantt chart.

Additional project team members are to be kept to support the team to perform and accomplish the activities on scheduled time.  



Team Identification

Designation Name

Project manager (PM) James Smith

Planner Michael Smith

Documenter Robert Smith

Project advisory supervisor Maria Garcia

Graphics and media concept designer David Smith

Social media marketing officer Maria Rodriguez

Public relationship manager Mary Smith

Sponsor Maria Hernandez

Stakeholder James Mathews

Manager Logan Jones

Team Leader (TL) William Brown

Team member James Davis

Team member MasonMiller.

Team member BenjaminWilson


Roger Muller









Team Qualifications

Qualifications of the team members are very important for a project. There are different responsibilities for different types of tasks in a project. Based on the project goals and challenges, a perfect team is selected by the responsible person of the project or the higher authorities(Harrison, 2017). This is a project for managing the strategies of the marketing plan of a popular company in the bar and restaurant market. Based on the project, a team of 15 members have been selected. They are Project manager, Planner, Documenter, Project advisory supervisor, Graphics and media concept designer, Social media marketing officer, Public relations manager, Sponsor, Manager, Team Leader, Representative and three junior team experts or team members. A team for doing this job needs a lot of experience with proper qualifications. The combination of these two will lead the project to the desired point of success. As per this job, the qualities for the discussed designations are recorded in this part of the report.

The required qualifications with certification needed for the position of a project manager is CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) or PMP (Project Management Professional). The desired experience required is 10 years, and the minimum experience required is 6 years.

The required qualifications with certification needed for the position of project planer is APM (Associate Project Management). The desired experience required is 6 years, and the minimum experience required is 4 years. 

The required qualifications with certification needed for the position of Documenter is CPA (Certified Public Accountant). The desired experience required is 5 years, and the minimum experience required is 3 years. 

The required qualifications with certification needed for the position of Project advisory supervisor is APM (Associate Project Management). The desired experience required for this post is 3 years, and the minimum experience required is 2 years.

The required qualifications with certification needed for the position Graphics and media concept designer is HNC (Higher National Certificate) in graphic design. The desired experience required for this post is 3 years, and the minimum experience required is 2 years. 

The required qualifications with certification needed for the position Social media marketing officer is Bachelors in Project Management. The candidates need to have certified degree on social media marketing strategy and a minimum of 3 years of experience in the relevant field.

The required qualifications with certification needed for the position Public relations manager is Bachelors in Management. The desired experience required for this post is 5 years, and the minimum experience required is 2 years.

No academic qualificationsare applicable to Sponsors. The records of the sponsors are only the factors that are analyzed before the agreement.

The same is also applicable to the external stakeholders also. Proper business experience will be helpful for the project and the person also.

The required qualifications with certification needed for the position Manager is APM (Associate Project Management). The desired experience required for this post is two years, and the minimum experience required is 1 year.

The required qualifications with certification needed for the position Team lead is Bachelors in Project Management. The desired experience required for this post is 1 year in the relevant field. 

The required qualifications with certification needed for the position Representative is Project Management Certification. The desired experience required for this post is 4 years, and the minimum experience required is 2 years. 

The team members or junior experts have to hold a bachelor's degree in management and an authorized certification on business analysis. No experience is required for this post. The recruiting company provides training for the new members after the recruitment process. 

As per the policies and norms of the company, the members are selected. The qualification details of the team are provided below. 


Names of the Employees Qualification

James Smith CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) with 12years of experience

Michael Smith APM (Associate Project Management) with 10 years’ experience

Robert Smith CPA (Certified Public Accountant) with 6 years of experience

Maria Garcia APM (Associate Project Management) with 5 years of experience

David Smith HNC (Higher National Certificate) in graphic design with 5 years’ experience

Maria Rodriguez Bachelors in Project Management with 3 years of market experience

Mary Smith Bachelors in Management with 6 years of experience

Logan Jones APM (Associate Project Management) with 1-year experience 

William Brown Bachelors in Project Management with 1 years’ experience

James Davis Bachelor’s degree in management and an authorized certification on business analysis

MasonMiller. Bachelor’s degree in management and an authorized certification on business analysis

BenjaminWilson Bachelor’s degree in management and an authorized certification on business analysis

Roger Muller Project Management Certification with 3 years of experience

Project Budget

The research for the project of identifying the crucial marketing strategies would involve the identification of the resources and its respective costs(Carstens, Richardson, & Smith, 2016). The identification of the strategies would help Buffalo Wild Wings to find the amount of the user costs. It would also enable the company to identify the weaknesses and strengths to develop the quality of the organization in the competitive market. The identified key elements that were used in the company to meet the needs and requirements of the customers would help the company to succeed. The resources that helped the company in the previous years would give a clear conception of evaluating its present condition in the recent market(Kwon & Kang, 2019). Identification of the crucial marketing strategies would help the project to maintain its budget in the broader economic climate.

The resources required for the project include Past Reports of Buffalo Wild Wings, Strategy Documents of Different Companies, Online Sources for current trends, Technology and Tools, and Recruitment Process. These resources have been explained below,

Past Reports of Buffalo Wild Wings: The past reports of Buffalo Wild Wings would help the company to find out the implemented strategies that helped the company in the previous years to succeed(Adafin, Rotimi, & Wilkinson, 2016). The estimated cost that was required to develop the quality of the products of Buffalo Wild Wings would be identified from the past reports. The strategies that were used to recruit the employees would also be identified, and the processes of hiring staff would also be recognized. The past reports would turn the collected data into valuable information that could help in making the right decisions at the right time. It would also evaluate the importance of the different stakeholders that would be able to help Buffalo Wild Wings in the present situation to make an effective project budget.

Strategy Documents of Different Companies:Data about different companies' strategy documents would be collected to understand the impacts of various strategies(Rosu, Tarba, & Tiriplica, 2018). It would help the managing authority of Buffalo Wild Wings to determine the crucial marketing strategies that would be implemented. The collected information about other companies would help Buffalo Wild Wings to differentiate the impacts of different theories. The estimated costs would also be identified that would help Buffalo Wild Wings to have a proper idea about strategy implementation(Kwon & Kang, 2019). The strategies documentation of different companies would also identify the processes of recruitments of efficient employees as the reports contain important information about the respective companies.

Online Sources for current trends:Surfing online sources would be required for the identification of the current trends(Adafin, Rotimi, & Wilkinson, 2016). Identification of the current trends would help Buffalo Wild Wings to develop the quality of its products that would meet the needs and the requirements of the customers. The company would make a huge profit by having effective knowledge about the current trends.

Technology and Tools: Technology and tools would be required for the evaluation of the information and development of the effective work alignment(Rosu, Tarba, & Tiriplica, 2018). The improved technology would help Buffalo Wild Wings to implement updated strategies that would lead the company to the pick point of success. Improved technology would provide the opportunity of developing the business as implemented technology helps the overall performance of an organization.

Recruitment Process: The employees are considered the most responsible persons behind the success and failure of any business(Adafin, Rotimi, & Wilkinson, 2016). It is essential to recruit efficient and eligible employees in the respective job roles so that the duties can be maintained with proficiency. Buffalo Wild Wings would apply effective methods to recruit eligible and experienced employees to evaluate and develop the work alignment.


Particulars Used for Cost (Expected)

Past Reports of Buffalo Wild Wings Past reports would be used for evaluating the outcomes of the strategy used by the company. $750-$1250

Strategy Documents of Different Companies Strategy documents of other companies would be evaluated for understanding the impact of the implementation. $500-$850

Online Sources for current trends The online sources would be required for the identification of the current trends. $150-$250

Technology and Tools Technology and tools would be required for the evaluation of the information and development of effective work alignment. $1000-$1250

Recruitment Process The recruitment process would be required for hiring the right people for the job. $600-$900


Use of Funds

$750-$1250 would be required to recover the important information from the collected past reports. The required internet, electricity and labor costs have to be provided by Buffalo Wild Wings to gather all the authentic and essential information. This would help the company to develop the quality of the business. 

$500-$850 would be required to identify the strategy implementation of other companies. This part of the plan would need responsible persons that would supply and provide information for a cost which means that payment would be necessary for these participants.

$150-$250 would be required to identify the current trends by using the internet. It includes the costs of internet and the responsible person behind it.

Indirect Cost

The costs of Human Labor can be considered as an indirect cost for Buffalo Wild Wings, as the employees of the company should be paid as per their job roles. The company would need to satisfy its staff by providing them with a good salary package. Besides that, Internet handling charges would also be included in the section of indirect cost(Rosu, Tarba, & Tiriplica, 2018). The recovery of the past reports and other companies’ strategies needs a certain cost that should be provided by the company. The charges of the rights to use the other companies’ strategies would also be included in the indirect cost that would be provided from Buffalo Wild Wings. 


It can be concluded that the research for the project of identifying the crucial marketing strategies had involved the identification of the resources and its respective costs. The resources that were identified helped the company to have a clear conception of evaluating its present condition in the recent market. The resources like Past Reports of Buffalo Wild Wings, Strategy Documents of Different Companies, Online Sources for current trends, Technology and Tools, and Recruitment Process were used. The required costs also had been identified for the used resources and indirect costs were also identified.

The paper includes a project summary that gives a quick look at the project objectives, deliverables, project budget, timeline, project management team, and the probable risks of the project. The project document includes the contingency plan for this undertaken project. A contingency plan is the set of activities designed to support the probable negative circumstances that may arrive in the future. The contingency plan for this project is developed through analyzing the risks and determining the impact of the risk on the project deliverables. The study depicts that contingency plans play a vital role in dealing with the disruptions on project operations.

The study can be concluded with the numerous objectives of the marketing strategies to influence the market value of Buffalo Wild Wings. The project mainly aimed to fulfill the marketing goals of Buffalo Wild Wings by influencing the specific marketing strategies. The marketing strategy is the utmost approach to encourage the business value of Buffalo Wild Wings. Marketing strategy is also included as a beneficial part to increase the potentiality of Buffalo Wild Wings. The proper implementation of marketing strategies helps Buffalo Wild Wings to compete against other restaurants. The project also defines the importance of qualitative methodology to enhance the marketing approach and fulfill the marketing goals of Buffalo Wild Wings. The qualitative research approach includes the interview, survey, observational qualities. It would influence the data collection process and develop the organizational innovativeness in Buffalo Wild Wings. The qualitative research approach can be considered as the clear concept of marketing as it also provides the logical support to influence the marketing strategies of Buffalo Wild Wings. It will help to develop the marketing value by including various new menus in the restaurant.

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