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Healthy People 2020

Healthy People 2020 deal with an inclusive set of 10-year nationwide objectives and goals aimed at improving the healthiness of the American citizens.

             The high quality of lives free from fatal diseases, disability, injury, premature death.

             Longer life-span.

             Social and cultural environments to promote good health.

             Promotion of healthy behavior.

             Elimination of disparities and promotion of cultural equity.

Healthy People 2020 have 42 topic areas which have to be achieved with 2020. From the foundation, the main objective has been to track the continuous change in public health issues and formulate policies accordingly. It has evolved continuously to upgrade itself to match the current scientific progress. The whole process is data-driven and science-based. The major factors which have been given priority:

             Global Health.


             Health-Related Quality of Life and Well-Being.

             Healthcare-Associated Contagions.

             Older Grownups.

             Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and, Transgender Health.


             Sleep Healthiness.

             Public Determinants of Health.

             Vision and Hearing and Other Sensory or Communication Disorders.

Healthy People 2020 deal with approximately 1200 objectives. It is not under Federal structure and therefore it is not limited to central. It involves all government and non-government agencies who deal with health-care systems. The data are collected from national and state level, both.(cdc.gov).


Initiative: Pregnancy:

Healthy People 2020 have given importance of pregnancy and the problems related to it. Women have been given prime concern in this initiative. Pregnancy is one of the core areas.

             Increase the number of healthy pregnancy.

             Give pregnant woman early and sufficient prenatal care.

             Decrease the usage of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs amongst pregnant women.

             Growth in the number of prepared childbirth cases.

             Increase the child-bearing potential of the women.

             Decrease the number of pregnancy of the women who have low red blood cells. (ncsl.org).



Resolution and Promotion:

Objectives dealing with the health of women and infants are stated in 27 of the 42 topic areas addressed in the Healthy People 2020 plan. Identifying health risks before and after pregnancy and focusing on dealing with health complications will lead to healthier mothers and infants.

The maternal care process has been initiated to maintain the general health of the mothers and the infants. In recent researches, it has been found out that in most cases of critical pregnancies the mother's undisciplined lifestyle is responsible. Use of alcohol and cigarettes are causing premature birth of babies and the death of the women. The alive and addicted women are suffering from various nerve and physical oriented diseases. To control this problem, the policies have been formulated.

The proportion of pregnant women who do not smoke during pregnancy was 79.8 % (2011) and the target is 87.8%. In case of increase abstinence of pregnant women from illicit drugs, the base is 94.8% (2007-2008). The goal is to achieve 100%. The prenatal care proportion in 2007 was 70.8%. The target to be achieved is 77.9%. There is a goal to increase 10% proportion in most of the fields. (healthypeople.gov).

Educational and Community based programs:

Healthy People 2020 are dealing with various organizations and institutes to promote the need for pregnancy and infant care. Many schools and colleges have participated in this agenda to generate mass awareness. Neighborhoods and communities are holding meetings and propaganda to increase the knowledge about risk and potential remedies. The overuse of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohols are being monitored by the local authorities and medical institutes. The addicted women are being treated with therapy and medicines. Pregnant women are being given classes to maintain their health during pregnancy and after pregnancy. They are being taught to handle infants and maintain their health. Stress on family structure and condition is being given and monitored. (cdc.gov).

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