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Original development of the theory

The theory is that we need to evaluate the opposite hypothesis by comparing them against the correct probability. Even if these two assumptions cannot be called a framework for unfair use of the problem, any evidence that cannot easily fall into one of these two competition theories may be imposed on a theory or discarded during the assembly process for irrelevant theories data pool. The development process is both inductive and deductive. Deductive reasoning is the basic form of effective reasoning. In the scientific process, deductive argumentation is used to draw logical conclusions. Another type of reasoning, inductive, is also used. Often people confuse deductive reasoning with inductive thinking and vice versa. It is important to learn the importance of each type of reasoning in order to determine the right logic. Deductive justification or deduction begins with a general statement or hypothesis moreover examines the possibility of reaching a certain logical conclusion. Scientific methods use deduction to test hypotheses and theories (Grinchenko, 2015). "In deductive reasoning, we hold the theory, and on this basis we predict its implications, i.e., if theory is correct, we predict what observation should be, from general theory to specific observation." In science, there is a constant interaction between inductive thinking (based on observation) and deductive reasoning (based on theory) until we approach the "truth," but we can only approach it, but not completely. "If I want to check the relationship between two variables, I made an association hypothesis, what is the exact formula for testing hypotheses? It is very important to understand the relationship between variables to get the correct conclusion from statistical analysis. Variable decision how to get the right conclusion if you don't understand this you may fall into many traps that accompany statistical analysis and infer the wrong results from the data.

Operational definition is a definition of the term (or process statement) used to describe the process (and set of the validation tests) needed to determine and verify the nature of an item or phenomenon (variable, term, or object) such as duration, quantity, spatial expansion, chemical composition and other characteristics. Since the degree of operation can be changed by itself, more or less operational definitions can be generated. The program included in the definition should be repeatable by anyone or at least the peer (PFANNENSTILL, 2008).

The theoretical definition defines the terminology in the discipline as a proposal to look at the phenomenon in some way. Theoretical definition is a manner and away of thinking regarding potentially relevant events. Theoretical definitions contain intrinsic theory; they cannot simply be simplified to describe a set of observations.

Talk about the statement, we will start with some examples of statements and non-statements. Therefore, a statement is an assertion that a situation is or is not the case. If this is the case, the statement is true, and if the statement is not the case, the statement is false.

Caring science is a philosophy based on human care. Caring Science also enabled me to demonstrate his commitment to simply being a true individual and family-centred organization that promotes and promotes overall health. This commitment enables caregivers to properly balance the art as well as science of the clinical judgment by considering requirements of the individual, respecting each member or patient's unique perception of health and treatment, and working with them to make decisions that foster their well-being. Taking care of you also needs to pay attention to the inner message and use the spell and the affirmation to appease the busy mind. Slow down at the moment. Human care theory takes super-personal state of consciousness as the basis of self-care. If a person raises his or her consciousness to allow more self-love and self-care, then this person can inspire others' kindness and peace. Caring Science acknowledges the interconnectedness of the universe and teaches nurses not only to align with patients and the surrounding environment, but to assume a single worldview rather than separation. Also known as super personal care, it is believed that nursing nurses provide far more than patients. The initial patient- nurse interaction may ultimately affect those close to the patient, the community, the world, the earth and the universe (Hörberg, 2014). The foundation of caring science is the ethics of “belonging”, not our “existence”; it transcends medical science, recognizes relationships, vitality; philosophy of all mankind, the domain dimension of unity. However, real human care is at the heart of professional theoretical guidance, evidence-based practice, and care-therapeutic relationships that influence patient/system outcomes. However, learning, embodying and living the real Caritas process requires another level of "ontology" of human heart capabilities/education and skills that transcend technical capabilities.

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