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M7D1: Dealing with Dilemmas

Nursing Organizations


Nursing Organization is a group of health professionals with a formal structure. The organization provides some specialist nurses and serves accountable result by providing professional development, health care, and research. The nursing organization provides faculties of nursing to the health departments and different hospitals or division.

Sigma Theta Tau

It is one of the reputed international nursing society, the organization is responsible for graduating nursing students. In this current date, Sigma Theta Tau has more than a quarter million nurses and 60% of them hold masters or doctoral degree (Déry, D'Amour, Blais & Clarke, 2015).

Organizational Mission

The goal of the organization is to courage the learning, being the expertise of knowledge, and the professional development of the nurses to make a healthy environment throughout the world.

The scope of the Sigma Theta Tau is to provide a worldwide community of nurses which can assist the health world to improve the health of the people.

American Red Cross

This organization is also known as The American National Red Cross.  It is an organization that provides emergency assistance and the learning of disaster preparedness education in the United States (Dodd, Foster & Stramer, 2015). 

Organizational Mission

The organization is responsible for alleviating people who are suffering during emergencies by enhancing the power of Volunteers and donors. It having a strong network of donors and partners who are always ready during the time of their need.

The organization make no Discrimination in term of nationality, religious, race on any political opinions, its purpose is to protect life and health (Yoon & Lee, 2015).

The organization vision is to be a united in perusing service excellence. 


The Democratic Nursing Organization of South Africa (DENOSA)

It is an organization of South African nurses and health professionals, and its aim is to promote the right, socio-economic and dignity among the people of the nursing organization. The professional impacts the South Africans and the rest of the world by proving the health assistance (Viitala, 2014).  

The Democratic Nursing Organizations of South Africa supports and develops its members as the backbone of the country and also to empowered nursing cadres by serving and advocating the society.






After the brief summary of the three professional nursing organization, it can be concluded that these three organization plays a vital role in developing the health culture throughout the globe. The organizations are responsible for the training of nurses and health professionals throughout the world. All these organizations align with the goal of providing excellent health care system in the society.

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