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Worldview and Nursing - Personal reflection

World view(Mc Millan,2015) cannot be defined just based on one factor of observation or simply by one element of perception, it is a comprehensive collaboration of several view points and collective integration of all these objects will provide a personal worldview for anyone for nursing(McEwen, 2017). Nursing patient care need to be objective oriented and the service orientation is fundamental in delivering an impactive patient care to the needy. Further certain views and aspects like involving in abortion, encouraging sex before marriage are some of the things that need to be avoided as per my spiritual and religious sentiments. Further my religion and preachings I am exposed to as a follower of Christianity(Schaffer, 2017) shaped well my views and perception of the nursing worldview. The following part of the discussion is being presented with a comprehensive overview of my worldview towards Nursing.



I believe that the human beings are images of god and the human body is just temple for the Holy Spirit. Hence serving a patient and healing his bodily illness is the direct service which I can do to the god. Hence I feel that the nursing profession will provide me an opportunity to do my service and is further providing me an access to reach the god.  Being a person who believes in second coming of the god to the earth, the only way to reach him better and to become receptive to his lover and mercy in this sinned world is to oblige his principles of service. More specifically I feel working for the humanity and doing my best to the people in need will enable me to reach the god and access his showers of kindness and love.  From non religious perspective also being a provider of care is some thing quite thrilling and inspires me.  Simply by being a person who brings comfort in whatever form that may take, I believe the one who is in the position of the strength and the capacity to help those who are in the position of weakness is a quite a great gift that one receives by calling(Moorman,2015).


For me the spiritualistic view in general and in the context of nursing has totally emanated from my religious beliefs, reflections, comforts, ethics and awe. Religion gave me a feeling that the god is something omnipotent and the existence of a man in the image of the god is just a feeling and opinion created by him. Further the behaviour of man is totally guided by the spiritualistic guidance offered by the man. For example I believe that the ultimate healing is contained in prayer and the belief in the god’s mercy do offer solace and peace of mind. However I advise patients to take the medication and nursing care and keep themselves positive by praying for God. I believe spiritualistic consoling of patient will indeed provide them better emotional health and will enable them to formulate a positive bondage with the Meta physical forces contained in their surroundings. From my spiritualistic view point of nursing, a belief that all human beings are worthy of respect has been created with. I believe all people do have worth and they need to be respected of.

My perspective of cultural care for nursing consists in providing reasonable respect to all the people based on their cultural values. I believe that it is not reasonable to expect all patients to behave in similar lines for similar circumstances. It is required that their cultural values are required to be honoured of. For example while treating a typical American patient; I respect their common cultural values like not taking in too much direct eye-contact, not allowing one family member to dictate the entire decisions of an aging patient. Further not succumbing to any type of racism, oppression, discrimination, stereotyping etc is part of my cultural outlook towards nursing practice. Also as per my perspective, a nurse is required. Cultural awareness, cultural acceptance makes up my fundamental beliefs of nursing from cultural world view perspective.





My personal philosophy of nursing has culminated by integrating all the practices indicated above; totally I believe nursing is expected to represent an integrated view of religious, spiritual and cultural profiling for human healing requirements. A true worldview of nursing will work for patient centric evidential patient care systems. Nursing care plans need to be prepared holistically based on the cultural and spiritual feelings and sentiments of patients. There is no need to hurt the sentiments and opinions of the patients unless they are irrational and damaging the care being provided. Further a proactive approach is a common recommendation for all sorts of worldviews of nursing practices. Patient centric nursing is more potent enough to provide a good rational and positive change to the patient psychology; they will result in quick recovery. Also as per my personal philosophy of nursing, people will think and perceive illness from diverse opinions and viewpoints. Their cultural bound perceptions will result in such different perceptions and an effective intervention strategy will take into consideration the underlying true cause and intervention strategies need to be implemented more effectively(Mendes,2015).  For example a consideration that Asian Americans will not reveal their mental problems and indicated other physiological illness as their cause of worry will need the nursing professionals to devise a strategy to investigate into their mental wellness based on their physical conditions. Also culturally minority groups in United States keep their mental illness much hidden, than Caucasians of the region; hence cultural awareness should enable the nurses to employ appropriate strategy and intervention to track the root of the cause of the problems and to propose a suitable solution for this problem. 



My personal worldview philosophy of nursing has evolved from just not understanding my own religious, spiritual and cultural perspectives, but it is also contained in understanding others world views as well. Cultural awareness and cultural integration is the key to effective health care provision. Client’s health and their reactions to the treatment and the care are highly dependent on his worldview and sentiments. Hence there is need to consider his beliefs, perspectives, values and practices and they should be integrated into the nursing practice. All aspects of direct, indirect care being provided to the patient is expected to be modified and changed in accordance with the client’s culture and background as well. For me the ultimate the goals of the nursing is to develop an effective relation between the nurse and patient which is based on trust, working for the positive orientation of the patient, also working for the betterment of the patient control, promoting affirmative strength of the patient, also working for the mutual health – directed goals etc. I strongly believe that the caring behaviour plays a key role in promoting the health, growth and acceptance of the individuals and their families. Nursing will follow a systematic process like in a standard research process, assessment, plan, intervention and evaluation. All of them need to be based on holistic consideration of cultural, spiritual and religious sentiments of the patients.

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