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Supernumerary Intelligence—Situation Description


On an everyday basis every human being working in various nations with different people and in very different fields, are concerned about certain qualitative analysis, which has formed a relationship amongst themselves. A quantitative data generally means that the information gathered is represented or reflected by the use of numbers. When one states that, the quantitative data has a relation it means that when a certain value of the acquired data changes, it directly affects another value to change and the change can be predicted with the initial change of value. However, these numbers and values are not only expressed in a quantitative situational analysis but have a qualitative stance as well. They cannot be represented just by one method but has to have a quantitative and a qualitative aspect merged within the outcome. For example, one can consider a quantitative sum, which asks questions like what exacts steps, needs to be taken in order to reduce the effects of air pollution? In order to get the correct answer, one cannot only suggest random steps but also has to analyze if the steps recommended help to mitigate air pollution of a certain location and if it does then to what extent. Therefore, there will be no positive result until one looks at a situation both quantitatively and qualitatively and this tool of intelligence needs both numbers and aspects beyond numbers. This is called the supernumerary value of the intelligence.

Situation description 1

The situation, which is to be considered first, is the case related to the accumulation in the parking lot of a shopping center. As the number of people, buying and using cars is increasing as each day passes, it becomes hard for malls or offices or any other place to provide a spot to park cars for every person. Today cars are available to anyone and the prices have decreased relatively, therefore, the number of cars on the road is gradually increasing (Dickey, Birdsall, Larkin & Kim, 2015). However, when a person is to enter a shopping mall, he has to park his car somewhere, and that is the central aim, which needs to be discussed here. The aim is to find a way, which will mitigate the issue of unavailability of the spots for parking the cars. In order to change the present situational aspect, one has to develop goal variable or definite steps which when implemented in the practical field will help the organization or the mall to develop and increase the areas of parking. One has to search proper theories and has o develop them I order to get closer to the goal at hand. When one considers data connected to an already existing parking spot, the survey can be conducted either by the surveying area of parking or by surveying parking on specific sites. In the first category, the total area of parking is considered in order to share the space between various owners of land (Camerota et al. 2017). One can gather the data related to the demand and supply of the local zones of requirement. The second category o the other hand is almost a similar concept but here only a specific space or area, which is small is considered to understand the local supply and demand for parking. The data is collected based on the specific area on the number of cars accumulating in a parking space in a certain amount of time. That data is considered to be of significant value as that is the information to be considered while changing the prospects of a certain parking space. For instance, all aspects related to the goal variables like parking accumulation, parking turnover, parking load, parking duration average, spill-over of parking, rejection probability and parking volume, are kept in mind in order to conduct the survey by patrolling it (Srinivas, Virk & Haider, 2015). It will provide specific information like the type and specific location of the actual space available to park. It also shows qualitative values like the exact influx of the customers at a given time period. Therefore, the employees and management team at the mall can easily derive the data, which they will need to mitigate the accumulation of vehicles and ultimately find the exact ways, which will serve to their benefits. 

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The next case can be considered relating a man to his workplace and the chance of his growth and effectiveness, which is related to that workplace. One can consider how big or large a budget is required for an employee in order to improve and increase the level of his effectiveness (Abdi, Burdet, Bouri & Bleuler, 2015). The employee has the need for the budget on which he works to be increased which will, in turn, help him be more motivated towards his field of work. To analyze the result we need not alone consider the exact steps, which will lead to the increase of the budget but also the possibility or the probability, which is linked to his budget and his effectiveness. It has to be considered if the increase will make him more effective or not and if it does then to what extent. Theories have to be developed like the effect of benefits on an employee and what kind of benefits to be given, whether health-related help or monetary compensation. The managers and employers of a firm can decide upon it and develop ways to include the employee accordingly, thus being able to identify the end results and mitigate the risks of loss due to an unmotivated employee.

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A broader concept of health-related issues can also be considered here. For example, the calories one needs to reduce in order to lose weight to a certain extent (Parietti & Asada, 2014). Obesity is a serious issue today and people need to lose weight to survive in a healthy way. However, theories have to be applied to understand what kind of foods to avoid and what extent of calorie loss is required for a certain person to achieve a healthy body weight. These developments when done will give the result, which will help one to achieve the aim.

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