The paper is on Impact of workplace diversity on productivity of organization to achieve diversity goals.

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Impact of workplace diversity on productivity of organization


Many organizations work harder to achieve the diversity goals but fail to due to financial and resource constraints. Soon after anti-discrimination law was passed, workplace diversity was treated as its solution. The focus of this paper is to develop diversity practices in order to enhance productivity. 


Gender and race are often regarded as the factors that create discrimination in an organization. With the immigration rate increasing, there are many who are looking for jobs and encourage a multicultural environment (Saxena, 2014). In the recent times, it is observed that a diverse workplace can create an astonishing development in the productivity. 


There are 7 major factors that contribute to the development of diverse workforce and these include language, gender, perception, geographical background, age, caste and professional qualification (Hanel, 2017). The rapid development of globalization has changed the way organizations work. Multicultural organizations are automatically created and it is believed that such organizations contribute adequately to the growth and innovation. 

A diverse workplace attracts clients from different parts of the world and adds ease to the expansion of business. Diverse workforce is open to new solutions which implies that they constantly work towards innovation and extract expanded synonyms and better perspectives (Foma, 2014). When the talents are adequate and diverse, competition increases and the workers show better interest to improve their skills. 

A company like PepsiCo has rapidly expanded and flourished today because of the presence of multicultural environment (Chebolu, 2007). It has given opportunities for people from different cultural backgrounds to participate in every process and this attracted the audience. The constant deployment of creative ideas is because of this multicultural workforce. 

The employees typically share their experiences and work on their unique skills (Prasad, 2007). They improve the organizational culture and enhance job satisfaction of an employee. 


Diverse workplaces influence the future of businesses around the world. It does not only improve the competitiveness but contributes towards the interpersonal relationships and understanding which help them in transforming complex problems simpler. All it needs is a competent training to eliminate the challenges and derive the best. 

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