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Selecting and Using Data Resources and Systems

The purpose of the memorandum is to find out the impacts of advanced technology on the environment. Based on the findings there are some recommendations for the organization. All the results of the survey pointed that the Indian IT organizations are using on-premise data storage or hardware data storage till date. There are different types of technical and non-technical challenges to imply advanced technology. The recommendations are created based on the issues and finding form the survey with 434 graduate students and some other researches based on the relevant literatures. The communication to the higher authority is needed to approve he recommendations.

The cloud computing is the latest technology IT companies are using to store a huge amount of data. However, from the study, it has been found that the Indian IT organizations are still using on-premise data storage. The recommendation is to implement advanced cloud technology to store data, as it is easy handling and it also has a positive impact on environment. It reduces the amount of emitted CO2. There is another recommendation to implement VPD (Virtual Private Database) like Oracle. It reduces the chances of data theft. The security can be increased by using VPD in the organization. These are the two primary advancement which are needed to be implemented in the organization to make the works easy and less time consuming. The recommended points should be focused by the authority to make the organization successful and reduce the environmental pollution.


The memo suggests the recommendations for implementing the required changes into the organization. The main areas to focus onto for the uncanny growth of the organization, have already been recommended however the changes initiated needs to be well anchored into the organization for an accountable time period thus increasing the feasibility of the whole project, thus maintaining ethics and legal aspects of the organization. It is worth mentioning that the most important aspect of the organization is being the ethical and legal flow of the organization being properly maintained. For the organization to reach the desired height of digitalization over the on premise data system to a cloud based data has proven to be an important factor to address growth, as it has been observed that many competitors have earned feasibility by adapting such technological advancement. To think, such as advancement is not only beneficial for the organization in question, but also the environment we are a part of. Adapting to such a technology eliminated the physical risks to data security however, it adheres the exploitability towards the cloud data by intruders.

It can be safely concluded, that the mentioned changes are to be addressed for the maintenance of technological advancement into the organization. The elements of changes have been recommended and needs to be implemented for eliminating the data risks involved with the digitalization of the data stores for the organization. The changes if implanted properly would account to an optimal performance of the organization thus maintaining integrity and living up to the standards of the fast growing technological world.

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