The purpose of this essay is to apply correctly the key concepts, principles, and suggestions to conflicts in your life.

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Define and explain two key concepts from each chapter that stood out to you; please include page numbers, cite from the textbook, and end the essay with a reference to the textbook (citations/ references should be in APA style)

Functional conflict cycle is defined as the conflict which supports the group’s objective as well as enhances its performance (Cahn& Abigail, 2014, pp. 42). In the past, it is evident that most of the great leaders have reached the top position through functional conflict as their opinion is in line with the goal of the organization. They seldom listen to the opinions and concerns of the other side and stick firmly on their belief. It further helps in increased productivity, improved interaction, and new insights. 

Karl Marx describes social conflict theory conflict as the macro-oriented model which views the entire society as a domain of inequality. The key factors related to social inequality includes class, sex, age, and race. In this context, the conflict generally arises between the dominant group and the minority group (Cahn& Abigail, 2014, pp. 66).

Include suggestions the authors make for each chapter that would help you better manage conflicts (again include page numbers and references to the textbook)

The author described that individuals need to consider certain aspects during communication to avoid conflict. It is important to choose the appropriate and correct mode of communication in different situation. Apart from this, an individual should also consider the occasion of communication, which basically includes the time and location. Considering these key details in communication will reduce conflict to maximum extent. 

According to Cahn et al, conflict within a group or individuals can be managed through four basic ways, viz., i) negotiate, ii) fight, iii) solving problem, and iv) designing creative solution. Among these suggested ways, managing conflict through fighting is a non-beneficial approach. In negotiating a conflict, a third party plays an important role in bringing together the conflicting parties. However, in designing a creative solution, conflict is considered as a situation instead of as a problem (Cahn& Abigail, 2014, chapter 2 &3, pp. 48, 72). 

Then explain how you could use the concepts that you identified to better manage a conflict in the past, present, or future (it may be one conflict for both chapters or a separate conflict for each chapter)

One of my past incident of my school days, where I requested my school authority to provide sufficient computers for all the students in our class. Initially, they were reluctant to provide and asked us to manage with the available computers. Eventually, it created conflict between the school authority and students, but we did not change our opinion. Finally, our functional conflict made the authority to fulfil our demand and helped to benefit the entire class. Similarly, during my college days the senior students used to bully the junior students. This is a clear example of the social conflict theory on the basis of inequality in terms of age (McCorkle, & Reese, (2015). 

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