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Recommendations on present organizational structures and processes

Recommendations on present organizational structures

Netflix is one of the leading online business organization that is present all over the world. The company maintain active organizational structures, but it does not improve its profitability rate in the business (Woods, 2016). Thus some recommendations are provided by modifying the organizational structures to be effective and efficient in the future. The recommendations will help to improve the use of information and information systems for the decision-making process.

Organize the technological process by maintaining appropriate function

One of the recommendations is that the dream team of Netflix should maintain an appropriate function to organize their technological process effectively. The management team should create an organizational chart based on the business function, which will allow them to enhance their production, sales, finance and marketing approach (Woods, 2016). Proper maintenance of organizational structure will help Netflix not only to improve their organizational structures, but it also helps them to update their information systems and information for decision making.     

Creating a chain of command

In order to modify the organizational structures to be more productive and efficient in future, the firm has to designate each worker's power in the firm (Pei et al., 2017). Thus it is recommended that if the management team specifies the job role of supervisors for each department, then it wil help them to provide correct direction to their co-workers. This recommendation will not only improve the organization’s performance, but it will also influence the supervisors to update and improve their information and information systems effectively.        

Recommendations on alternative approaches to promote and implement better processes

For improving the reputation and productivity of the company, the management needs to improve their organizational processes. Thus few recommendations are provided that can promote and implement better processes to support the business decision-making process efficiently and effectively.

Implementation of media databases by Netflix

In order to promote and incorporate better process, Netflix has to implement media databases in their business operation. After implementing this database system, the desired stability in the business processes can be achieved by the firm (Hallinan & Striphas, 2016). They should make the structure of data with proper planning to receive benefits for the firm. Besides this, the databases will help the manager to foster innovation and creation in different areas of the firm business. It provides authentication of incorporating better processes that can improve the decision-making procedures in the firm.

Integration of media document in the Netflix business system

It is highly recommended that the firm should incorporate the media document facilities in their business system. By incorporating this media document facility, the firm can facilitate an effective asset management system to enhance the work processes. Besides this, with the help of this media document system, the firm will be able to identify the specific challenges of business (Jenner, 2018). Hence this is an effective recommendation that will not only help the firm to improve its decision-making process but will help in to promote and implement better processes in the business operations.              

Recommendations on the company issues

After reviewing the background of Netflix organization, it is seen that the firm currently faces some challenges in its business operation. Therefore to improve the condition of the business, some recommendations are provided below:

Maintenance of user preference

The overview of Netflix organization reveals that the business provides boundless gushing administrations to the people, but this causes a problem in engaging the people with the online media services (Suri & Singh, 2018). Thus in order to manage this problem, it is recommended that the firm should maintain its user preference properly. They should develop the subscription facility based on member’s preference. It will help them to increase the engagement of users with this company and their respective products and services.    

Uses of the management information system by the team members

Currently, it is noticed that the presence of mail-based administrations are not sufficient for the business operations. This administration based process of this firm should be improved so that they can maintain their business processes without facing any type of issues. In order to improve, it is strongly recommended that the firm should incorporate management information system in their business. With the help of this system, they can enhance the reliability of he concerned wo0rk processes and can also introduce push and in-app notification within the concerned operation process (Asher Drory, 2017). By incorporating this application, the firm provides an effective administration for their business processes.             

Implications and importance of the recommendations

The recommendations provided in this context will help Netflix Company to modify their organizational structures effectively, and it will also help them to implement and promote better processes in the business. The suggestion will further assist the management team to improve the use of information systems for enhancing the decision-making process and to reduce their business challenges (Hallinan & Striphas, 2016). Hence it is seen that all these recommendations provides a positive impact on the Netflix’s business procedures.

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