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Impact of Board Structure on Ipo Underpricing

The paper entitles a summary of underlying article on the impact of board structure on the IPO under pricing. Here, the author has enlightened the board structure in an organization to determine its activities affecting the IPO pricing policies. Purpose of this summary is to mention and explore the key points and link between those factors in brief to ease developing concept regarding the board structure and IPO under pricing. 

IPO refers to the Initial Public Offering where it indicates the organizations that offer its shares in stock market directly, in order to acquire capital. Therefore, IPO generally refer to the small organizations where some of the large organizations also follow the same policy to acquire capital for the company. In that case, Dolvin and Kirby (2016) observed that IPO organisations generally set the price of the stocks comparatively lower than market value. In this context, the issuer plays a safe game whereas the underpricing is beneficial for the stock as it implies demand of the share in the market. Thus, in case of underpriced shares, the price of the stock increases due to demand of the stock. Moreover, in case of the board structure, the article has revealed the benefits of small board structure under doubt in case of IPOs. Moreover, it has been under question whether a larger board would be proactive for an IPO to develop a larger network, in order to underprice a stock. Moreover, presence of a CEO in board is also a benefit in terms of knowledge regarding the firm. In this regards, the final feature, external director would be beneficial in adding value through certification and knowledge regarding return. In this context, Lublin (2014) mentioned that the external directors would likely to be involved in smaller firms to having deeper knowledge or influencing the share trading activities from beginning assuring underpricing of IPO stocks. 

Apart from the board characteristics venture capitalists play also vital role in the trading operations. On the other hand, an effective and active venture capitalist also possesses the certification and knowledge regarding the share market along with the accessibility of both suppliers and customers. In that case, Dolvin (2014) stated that active venture capitalists are associated with the increasing certification impact that in turn leads to the reduced cost of trading the underlying assets publicly. The entire article has focused on the link and derived that board size of a firm possesses a great impact on the performance of the firm. However, a major research work has enlightened separately on the post-performance of IPO offerings and size of the board of company. From a detailed study including a large set of IPO along with the public offerings, the link between bard characteristics and IPO performance has been established. The outcomes of this study has also raveled that the presence and role of CEO in board has a significant impact on underpricing where another result has delivered the significance of external directors to have a increasing certification impact and thus, underpricing of stocks to benefit both issuer and holders. Furthermore, exertion of venture capitalist explored the information of same on underlying firms where the VC backed firms have experienced the underpricing of stocks from the involvement of board structure. According to the results of the study, the inference would be drawn that market assigns value of certification that the venture capitalists issue to the firm and thus proved the relationship between board structure and IPO underpricing. 

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