Assignment is about the The marketing objective to spread awareness about the Company, its affiliations and different

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Business Goals

? To increase Brand  Awareness

? To increase no. of Student Enrollments

Marketing Goals

The marketing objective is to spread awareness about the Company, its affiliations and different programs in the target market .

SEO Goals

 To increase traffic on those two targets during the months of promotion.

Business growth via Digital marketing is all about converting visitors to profitable customers. In view of increasing the no. of visitors it is essential to find ways:

Convert Visitors            Contacts Customers

? Website 

Increase website traffic

Increase search engine optimization (SEO) or to be ranked in high in Google search is just one of the goals of SEO. A business benefits from SEO only when improved search engine rankings start improving sales/revenues, marketing outcomes or help to achieve any other business goals.

When implementing SEO, following to be considered:

Target audience - students age group 16 yrs. -45 yrs in fact it is vital to identify the target audience because when SEO is performed for a website without knowing about the target audience, it may lead to  unqualified inquiries through SEO promoted website.

SEO key words/ rankings

Prospective students turn to a variety of online and migration agentsand  most of the times they don’t know with which migration agent to proceed when they begin their search. When they turn to online search, students often find many migration agents in Sri Lanka so that it is important to prioritize keywords such as “study in Australia” or “migrate to Australia”  etc.

Further, to improve brand awareness within the student community “Australian ………………..” or “Australian Migration Agents in Colombo” can be included as key words to increase traffic.

Measures to be taken to improve its’ search engine rankings with further individual web pages can be created for each university or course offered while optimizing them for search engines. Content for each of these pages could be improvised to capture the interest of prospective students and make them spend more time on the page.

 Off-Page SEO

Techniques to be employed outside the website to improve search engine rankings as many things that matter to search engines happen away from the website especially when on-page optimizations are not sufficient, a higher percentage of SEO time to off-page techniques to raise site rankings; SEO content and course pages to increase online visibility.


Basicallyshowing ads to the visitors even after they‘ve even left


Some level of research should be carried out  with the target customers without relying on our own opinions in view of  logo options, color palettes, image selections, and other key elements. 

Get visitors to act

Visitors should be encouraged to act or convert which will result inincreasing a conversion rate from 2% to 3% means a 50% increase in sales/revenues.


? Facebook

Facebook is a powerful player in social media which performs as a one of main social media platforms which creates an advertising intelligence space while allowing marketers to create specific customized messages to targeted audiences with special features such as storytelling, B2B bullets and live chatting; enablingto measure each campaign’s effectiveness through powerful analytics and with increased brand visibility,  Facebook alsoallows to present the desired brand image of the Company for prospective students to give them a glimpse of the Company culture.


? LinkedIn (B 2 B)

Rated as one of the majour social networking websites used by over 450 million professionals world-wide.

? Status updates

By status updates enables to post links related to the official websites to keep the community informed on new developments etc

? Company pages

With  a customized company page, enables to reach other foreign education providers towards affiliations or partnerships

? Posts, publications, videos or recommendations

Posts, publications, videos or recommendations can be easily published via Linkedin community


? Email Marketing campaigns 

One of the most powerful components of Digital Marketing strategy which allows the marketers to place their brand’s message right in front of users where they’ll take notice most ; their inbox.

A few things to be considered:

? Know the audience

? A strong subject line

? Make it relevant

? Make it personal


? Twitter (300 million twitters are sent daily)

Twitter is not only  a public relations tool, in present scenario, Twitter is used by many businesses as an online marketing tool in view of expanding their brand awareness in many ways.

? Customer acquisition/ Lead generation

? Free market research

Results of SEO Promotion:

Business Goals

The main two goals to be achieved.

Marketing Goals

The marketing objective of spreading awareness about this Company, its affiliations and programs offerred in the target market to be achieved

SEO Goals

To achieve increased Traffic on  the website or any other platform  during the months of promotion.

?As a result of increased site traffic and more time spent on course pages, search engine rankings of target courses to be  increased along with the Company’s  website ranking .

To monitor performance (no. of visitors to the site)  with Google Analytics

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