Assignment is about Critically evaluating the questionnaire being reviewed in and some points are determined

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Critically evaluate her questionnaire 

The questionnaires are being reviewed in and some points are determined. It depicts that customers are satisfied with the services delivered by the travel agency or not. The survey helps in getting a brief knowledge of the satisfaction and the queries of the customers and it is effective in taking decisions for the effectiveness of the services delivered by the organization to its customers (Robinson, et. al., 2016). There are various questions that are asked by the customers in order to review the performance of the organization and the questions involves personal questions, which are not at all required to gain the information what is required. The name gender, marital status ad such type of questions are not at all required and they are not helpful in determine the effectiveness of the delivery of the services of the travel agency. Payment details are also not required to be determined (Abou-Shouk, et. al., 2016). 

Using this questionnaire, will Roxanne gain the information that she needs from this survey?

With the help of the questionnaire, Roxanne gains the data and information little bit but not the entire information what is required (Chen & Petrick, 2013). Roxanne has not asked nay recommendations and changes which they require in the existing services and why the customers need these changes. Roxanne should not ask the information of the competitor which she asked. Roxanne needs the information as how to satisfy more and more customers which results in earning of more profit and growth of the organization. With the help of this survey, Roxanne will not be able to get the information what required s she needs the information bout the organization and asking personal questions will not give her any information n the services delivered by the organization (Dedeke, 2016). Questions related to the income and level of education are included in the personal questions and they r required to be avoided. Present occupation and professional is also not useful for Rosanne. 

Redesign the questionnaire of Roxanne in proper way (using the recommendation from course 10) ?and added all the necessary questions to satisfy Roxanne Freeman’s information needs.

There are some questions that are required to be asked to its customers such as:

The customer support of the organization is good or not?

Is there any problem with the delivery of the services?

Any recommendations would you like to give?

Are the services helpful to you?

Any other specific change you want to describe?

Are the services helpful for your journey?

You are comfortable with the staff and the delivery of the services.

Any challenge faced by you with our organization. 

Any changes are required in the existing services?

Advice Roxanne about the best type of survey and sampling methods in her case. Justify your answer. 

The best type of the survey that is required is primary survey of the data. The questions, which are asked by the organization to its customers, are good but some questions are not worthy. Some more questions are required to be asked in order to gain the understanding of the tastes and the preferences of the customers and what of kind of changes they want in the existing services if thy are not satisfied with the existing services (Demir, et. al., 2016).  The sampling method is in her case is primary data and out the samples such as 100 a sample is chosen which is effective in taking the decisions and also helpful in knowing the output of the customers. 

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