Assignment is about Usury is a concept that depicts that the world is secular and also related to contemporary finance.

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Summarizing article:

Usury is a concept that depicts that the world is secular and also related to contemporary finance. Money plays a very important role. It is clearly written in the historical and the holy book of the Islam and the Christian that if we give some money to the poor than in that case we should not charge any money against that as the money is provided to them in against their needs. It works as shelter to a poor person and it is not required to charge some extra amount against that help. There are some other concepts of risk taking that are all related with the history (Pies, et. al., 2016).

There are various concepts which is reflected in the assignment such as the topics involves the ethical principles, social contribution, betterment and he welfare of the society and any others. There are various examples which are related to the finance are also depicted in the assignment and the things which also required to be done and carried on the modern economy is also depicted in the detail in the assignment (Annett, et. al., 2017). There is a comparison of the activities that are carried and which were carried in the past and the knowledge is reflected in detail in the assignment. 

Explain is the goal of the paper?

The goal of this paper is to gain understanding on the topica and also to gain deeper knowledge and the religious and the financial ethics in terms of history. The goal of this paper is to create the awareness of the relationship between the religious and the inance. There is a very deep relation among the two things (Annett, et. al., 2017). 


The goal of this project is to depict the policies and the views of the history and the motive and the principals of the ethics and how the principles are required to be apply and how the modern economy is applying of those principles. The goals are to make people aware about how to use the principle of the ethical for the welfare and he betterment of the society (Annett, et. al., 2017). 

Why the topic is important?

This paper depicts the knowledge on the relationship among the finance and the religions. There are various examples that are stated in the assignment. Religion and the hoy books are very important and they’re various things that are written in the books and also related to the betterment of the economy and the use of finance (Miller & Thate, 2017). There are various contributions of the Muslim finance and one the biggest contribution is the forces the non-Muslims that the principles of the ethics are the rationale of the Islamic probations and the are related to traditional Christian condemnation of the usury (Soppe, 2016). 

The topic is related with the finance and the connectivity with the religion as the things and the practices are required to be carried in accordance with the religious taught.This topic is very important as there is a comparison which is required as the people now a days are aware about the history and the beliefs and is very useful for the welfare of the people of the country and for the religion (Annett, et. al., 2017). 

Explain what did the previous studies suggest?

The previous studies suggest that we should help the poor people when they are in need it acts a providence of the shelter to a poor person and which he desires the most at that period of the time. There is a major requirement of the money with the poor people and on the other hand, the rich people have plenty of the amounts (Melé, 2015). 

If a rich person gives some money to the poor person then he has the right to take it back but only the amount can be demanded but not the interest which is related to the amount as the amount is given by the rich person for the motive of help but not to earn profit or from the purpose of the profit. The previousstudies are that we should not give much importance to the money. Itis important but first things, which matter to the most, are the human beings. We should live in a societyand we should do something for the welfare of the people of the society who don’t have enough money to carry out their activities of the routine. 

Explain the data used (source, how many countries, how many years)

There are few countries whose descriptions have been give in this article and includes Geneva, England, Europe, USA, Pakistan and various religions. The religions basically involve the Christian, Islam and the years are from the 12th century or the 1990. The used is collected from the historical times and also from the activities and the practices that were carried at that time and the activities that are carried in the modern world. The data is carried in relation to the practices, which are carried out in the past by the practitioners for the welfare and the betterment of the society. 

What is the unit of analysis?

The unit of the analysis is the comparison mode which is compared by the use of money as a measured and the trends are compared in order to gain the understanding of the modern and the existing views and the society and the organization in terms of money (Annett, et. al., 2017). The unit of analysis is the present activities which is carried on which are not related to the ethics and the social responsibility (Annett, et. al., 2017). 

The organization and the individuals in the name of CSR an d the principles of ethics are not doing anything for the benefit and the welfare of the poor people but they do to earn name, fame, goodwill and the profit. There is a selfish motive behind the activities rather than the motive of helping others (Annett, et. al., 2017). 

Explain are the main results?

The main results are found and also depicted by the author. There are various comparison which is depicted in the article and the results are gained and depicted from that. It is depicted that whether or whichever community or religion we belongs such as we belongs from a Muslim background, Christian background, secular or from any other background, we all have a common concern towards the foundation of the ethics of any community and the financial relationship. Caste and community don’t mater (Fang & Foucart, 2014). 

Every community has its own rules and the regulations but it is the rime mote to get protection to the community. Islamic community have its own rules but the thing is right as the financial institutions might be get benefitted while giving the loans and finance to its communities when in need and charging of the interest at a fixed percentage but on the other hand we should just only require to consider the cost involved in the providing of the loans (Annett, et. al., 2017). 

Did the author achieve his goal? How?

The author wants to create the awareness and also wants to like the finance with the religions as what things said in the books and what to do (De Bruin, 2015). There are some beliefs that are basically use to be practiced in the older times but at present in the modern world almost it is vanished (Annett, et. al., 2017). There are very few people who believe in all these things and carry n the following and the things told by and also followed in the historical times. 

The goal alsoconcern about the betterment of the society and the individuals who are poor and this goal canonly be achieved by changing the thinking of the individuals. The author has made his effort for the purpose o spreading of the knowledge relatedto the historical practices thatis required to be carried on as they are the part of the principle of ethics (Annett, et. al., 2017). The author still unable to achieve this goal because it is next to impossible to improve the society at a very short span of time as to create the awareness among the people of the country and also to make the people follow the practices and the things written in the religion.

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