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Maverick Boat Group was started by two brothers in 1984 Scott and Troy Deal who were devoted light tackle fishermen. They decided to turn their fishing passion into a fulltime commitment to build the best shallow water boats on the planet. Not far out of college, the two brothers acquired the more know on how to build boats and launched Maverick Boat Company (MBC) though in 2016 it changed the name to Maverick Boat Group (MBG). In 2005, the Cobia brand name was added to MBC’s growing family of sport fishing boats. The company’s stable financial position, Key personnel that are well qualified, with good managerial skills, manufacturing process, good accessories and the pricing for the pathfinder leaves the boat at the top of all others and has led to the increase in demand for it.

Financial Position

The company started with the commitment of a 39 acre facilitation Marion good enough for establishing of structures. The company earns enough money that is well audited and accounted for which has helped it to grow each year. Radically improving constructions technologies and adding MBC inspired group up. The Cobia brand is on its way to unprecedented growth both domestic and European markets. Maverick Boat’s revenue, profitability and growth rate by year trademarks and applications show Maverick Boat’s marketing strategy. The company makes about $10-$100 million and employs over 1000 employees. This has helped to boost the company since it has enough skilled man power. 

Key Personnel

Maverick Boat Group is headed by Mr. Douglas S. Deal 57 who is also the Co-Founder, CEO and President. It also has the director of Marketing and Promotions who is in charge of finding market for the company Mr. Charlie Johnson. These are the key personnel in the MBG though it has others like the Human Resource, employees among others. The company employs about 100-100 employees and all are qualified and have helped find good market for the Maverick boat group hence leading to its growth. Without this skilled labour it would be as wasting like a blind person winking.

Manufacturing process,

The 30 years the MBG has been in existence, pathfinder is one of the boats manufactured by MBG though there are others like the Flat boats (“VIDEO: Pathfinder 2200 TE- Construction/ Sport Fishing Magazine,”n.d.). Chris Woodward says that after he saw the new Raymarinea9 during a recent media event, he decided to order that unit which would be available in the future. The company’s factory in Fort Pierce, Florida is where the new vessel is molded. A gel coat is sprayed, fiber glass laid and the stringers installed and filled with foam. As the building date approached his second thought about the sea foam green hull color. The second week as the boat is assembled and the Yamaha F150 hung and a final footage is shot of the process. The entire building of the Pathfinder is expected to take fourteen days. 


The Pathfinder is made up of different parts such as the steel Flush Slam Latch, The Arctic Whiter King Starboard plastic sheets costing, the Spoke stainless steel steering wheel, the soft draw latch black and many others. They vary in prices depending on the function and the least priced accessory is the Black T-Shot foam filled bulb seat costing about $0.20(“Pathfinder Boat Parts/ Replacement Parts For Pathfinder Boats Marine Hardware, Boating Accessories, Tackle Centres,” n.d.). The Pathfinder can be easily identified and differentiated from other logs and branding of other competitors. It has a Pathfinder 12 flat Decal, the path finder technical fishing shirt, the pathfinder vintage hat breaker blue, the path finder L/S technical fishing shirt- Red fish among others. All these accessories have the company’s logo clearly stated. 


Pathfinder boats prices vary depending on the type and model of the boat. For example, the Pathfinder 2006 HPS Reedville, Virginia 2013 costs $79,000. The Pathfinder 2600 TRS Selbyville, Delaware 2017 costs $124,990 and the Pathfinder 2200 TRS CAPE HAZE, Florida 2012 costs $45,900. All these prices for the pathfinder depend on the year when they were manufactured and the model as discussed. These prices keep on changing also depending on the demand for the product and the economic situation. They seem to be high but this is one of the best companies in manufacturing of these fishing boats but the prices can go lower when the demand is low and the economy stable. This has helped the company’s growth for over the years and hence its success.


Just like any other business, even The Maverick Boat Group has competitors that are in the same field. For example, Turbocombustor Technology having its headquarters in Florida, PAC seating systems found in Pal city Florida, Steadfast Marine in Port Saint Lucie, In Florida among others. All these companies make big sums of profit but to be on the it will depend on the marketing strategy for the company and the products given out to customers (“2016 Fishing Boat Buyers Guide: Cobia Boats 277 CC / Sport Fishing Magazine,” n.d.). The competitors in the same business somehow produce the same kind of product and sometimes this may confuse the buyers confusing it with the other and this can reduce on the sales of the company. But on a good part of it the Maverick boat group or company has a well designed and clears logo which makes it different from all other competitors.


In Summary, the pathfinder boat is one of the best fishing boat in the world with the best machinery. It is affordable and can be easily got on market and those that have used it say it is the best. The Maverick Boat Group is a well organized company with a good foundation of qualified personnel. Despite some challenges that any other business will face even the Maverick Boat Group has its own but the key personnel is there to help out. The Pathfinder with its remarkable designs has contributed so much to the success of the company since more and more people are yearning for it. The history that shows the company being in the industry for some good time, the accessories used, the pricing among others leaves credit for the company.

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