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Leadership when combined with innovation and creativity gives rise to a newer concept of disciplined freedom or innovative leadership. The basic idea of innovation leadership is providing all the team members a chance to participate to the fullest in their free mind and contribute their own ideas, thoughts, actions, and goals in the achievement of organizational goals. However, along with bringing variation, the team mates are not allowed to exceed or go against any rules or guidelines which have been laid within the organization for that particular objective (Shir-Wise, M. 2018).

Innovation leadership and disciplined freedom revolve around the basic theme of leadership of creative efforts. It is a technique and philosophy of influencing employees in a way which comforts them, makes them feel their belongingness towards the organization, and aid them in producing their ideas, products, and services in an optimum way. Dr. David Gliddon, in the year 2006, used this term primarily in his competency of innovative leadership at Penn State University. When leaders allow team members to have an independent opinion of their own, the members feel more to be a part of the organization they work in. the employees are able to align their individual goals with the goals of the organization, and thus, work more effectively and efficiently. It makes them feel an important part of the organization in which they are working (Special Issue Leadership Journal: Indigenous Leadership. 2014).

A leader has to use his skills of leadership to achieve the organizational goals and objectives and to make it more effective creative and innovative efforts are to be taken by him. Recently, I had my own share of experience in innovation leadership. I was the part of cultural team in my institute. With an event approaching, our cultural head wanted us to pick one area in which we will work. All of us gave our nominations according to our will. Also, he allowed us to choose our individual themes for finalising various events of which we were responsible. Again, with this freedom, we were also supposed to take our nominations to the cultural head, and he chose the best ones and assigned us the same. There was a particular line which we could not cross as it nullified our institute’s and event’s guidelines. Rest assured, it was amazing for us, as our ideas were being used and we were being credited for the same.

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