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Critically Review the organizational strategic plans

Panda Retail Company is a well-known Saudi Arabian Grocery Retail Store, which provides good quality products, services to the customers and has an impressive impact on its customers. In the current era, this company is operated in different Middle East countries and well known in this region due to its effective customer oriented strategies which attract people to purchase its goods and services. This company has ranked ninth position amongst top 100 companies in the Saudi Arabia market and ranked as second after SABIC in the industrial sector, due to its effective strategic management related policies.

In the current era, this company used the Oracle Retail Merchandising, Oracle Retail Supply Chain, Oracle Retail Planning and Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management in their operating activities to make an efficient diversity and made a planned growth of a company. This Oracle implementation based strategic plan unable this company to make a critical review of its critical performance-based indicators like inventory, margin, supplier, and sales-related activities (Spicer, 2017).

1.1. Critically analyze the position of an organization in its current market

Panda Retail Company is the most significant company in the Middle East. This company is working efficiently and providing customers with the best services as compared to other companies. The efficient mode of activities makes this company different from other companies. Panda Retail Company focuses on better and effective services to the customers. They attract their customers by presenting the best products toward the loved and caring customers. They improve their product range with time. This factor makes them different from other companies and strengthens the position in the customer’s market. Efforts made by the company organizers to make the shopping process easy for their customers which plays a significant role in making the strong position of the Panda Retail Company.

Panda Retail Company provide improved, impressive, and different varieties of healthy food to its customers. Panda Retail Company is looking toward the new source of providing better and unique products to its customers. They are improving their products by focusing on the needs and wants of the customers. The management enhanced the quality of products by making a proper inspection process and observing the behavior of customers. Besides all facilities, panda retail company face failures in terms of low revenue. This fact appears when the Savola Group, which is based in Saudi Arabia, releases the annual report of the panda retail company in 2017. Its revenue goes down to 14.2%, due to its improper operating activities (Savola, 2015).

Panda Retail Company’s management wants to improve its identity and profit margin in a market, so for that purpose, management is trying to enhance the company’s position in the Middle East market. They are looking towards making the quality of the products much better.  The quality of the pallets much standardize, and the company is enhancing its credibility by this, customers are interesting in buying it, and that is impressive (Panda Inspire, 2016). Now they are improving the quality and making the products more attractive to their customers. There is a passion for improving the product’s quality and for making the company’s brand more successful in the Middle East market. 

1.2. Critically analyze the effects of existing plans on organization

There are various positive impacts of their current strategic plans made by the management of Panda Retail Company. This company is mainly focusing on creating a good relationship with the customers by fulfilling their needs. Panda Retail Company has launched many branches in different Middle East states by majorly focus on the customer’s needs and desires. There are five new stores of Panda Retail Company in Saudi Arabia. In the city Jeddah and Riyadh, they launched their store and now implementing Oracle software in the inventory management. They are enhancing their business and giving their business facilities by building their outlet store. There are almost 156 Panda Retail Company outlets in Saudi Arabia, and people are taking benefits from their services (Zawya, 2019). This step improves the position of this retail business in the market of the Middle East.

But on the other side, the strategies of Panda Retail Company are mostly directed towards the customers rather than employees. They are doing well for making their products attractive, innovative and updated for the customers. They are enhancing the quality of their services by implementing the customer-oriented strategies in their marketing campaign. They are creating job opportunities throughout their outlet stores and makes the economy of the country stronger. This Oracle application boost the company’s values in the customer market and help them to gain a competitive advantage.

2. Propose strategic options for an organization

In the current era, the company faced many operational management related problems like there are many employees of this company who are not satisfied with the company’s policies and strategies regarding employees retention. As employees are the real asset of a company and if the company do not focus on the needs and wants, then it will become quite difficult for this company to operate effectively (Ramírez & Selsky, 2016). After considering the current situation of a company, it becomes clear that there is a major need to focus on the employee’s retention related strategies in their operating activity. It is because this is one of the major weakness of this company that may negatively impact the reputation of a company. Like there is a lack of proper communication and authority system where the political environment is created in the workplace. 

There is a need to change the hiring and inspection process in the operational activity of an organization. There is a need to make an efficient corporate level strategy within the operating activities of a company. In the current scenario,most of the employees are not satisfied with the company’s policies which is only focused on the needs and wants of the customer. This factor may impact the future stability position of a company. So, in order to make an efficient growth in the operating activities and create employees loyalty towards the company, there is a need to make some decision regarding the establishment of different employee’s retention related strategies in the workplace. 

2.1. Critically discuss the relationship between corporate, business and operational strategies

There are three major categories of efficient strategic management named as business strategy, the corporate started and operation strategy. For an organization, it is its basic need to overview all of its strategies level performance critically and made some development in their strategic ideas. All these strategies are interlinked with one another because of their similar goal and objectives (Grant, 2016). Like the basic goal of business strategy is to earn profit by creating value and monetizing that value. This strategy is an effective one to employ competitive strengths by producing high-quality products, services or both. 

In case of corporate-level strategy, its goal is also to earn profit by marinating an efficient relationship with the customer, competitors, employers and other stakeholders. These strategies help to make a structural foundation to achieve the organizational goal of earning a profit. While the third one is also based on creating value by majorly focus on the needs and wants of the target customer. This operation strategy is one of the extremely detailed approaches which majorly impact the profit margin of a company. In the current scenario, the management of Panda Retailer Company must focus on the development of corporate-le

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