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HIM (Health Information Management)

HIM Overview

                It could be said that HIM is the collaboration of science, information technology and business. HIM is the practice of protecting, acquiring as well as analyzing the digital plus traditional medical information as this information is crucial for providing quality patient care. HIM professionals are expert and possess significant skills to manage the various information management applications. They also understand the workflow in any healthcare organization no matter either they are working in a big hospital or in a small private physician clinic. HIM professionals are necessary for the effective management of day-to-day operations and management of EHRs (Electronic Health Records). The management of HIM professionals highly impacts on the quality of care which the patient receives because they touch various points in the healthcare delivery cycle. HIM professionals also need to work on the categorization of diseases as well as treatment for ensuring that they meet the clinical, financial and legal standards of healthcare (ahima.org, 2018).

HIM Career Path Options

                The students who have enrolled in the HIM course there are a variety of career options for them. They can select from them the best which suit their personality. HIM professionals basically act as a bridge because they connect clinical, administrative and operational functions. There are following some of the key careers which the HIM professionals can select to work on:

             History & Physical exam

             Radiology procedures including X-rays

             Management of patient data and clinical information

             Handling the lab results including a urine test, blood test etc.

RHIA National Exam Dates

                All those individuals who have RHIT they are eligible for attempting RHIA exam. The starting date of the exam is July 1, 2017, through December 2021. However, a bachelor’s degree is required without that the candidate is not eligible. This is mainly because the duty of HIM professional is quite sensitive as the quality of care of the patient is highly dependent on his management.

Steps for Application

                There are following some of the key steps which the students need to follow for obtaining a certificate:

             the very first step is to complete an online or on-campus bachelor’s degree in the discipline of HIT and it should be accredited by CAHIIM.

             Once the candidate has passed the exam then the student needs to pass a 180- question exam for obtaining the certificate.

             For RHIA the official website of ahima.org can be visited. The official transcripts of the degrees need to be submitted. Once the candidate possesses all the necessary certificates then application form can be filled. First, the account login is necessary by providing necessary basic information. The form is submitted electronically along with form fee $299. The board review the application and then according to that they suggest that either the person is approved or not for the exam.


                It can be concluded that as the use of technological devices and systems is increasing in the healthcare settings the need and demand of HIM professionals are also increasing. HIM professionals indirectly care for the patients by caring for and managing their data. There are various career options present for them which they can select according to interest. However, they need to get RHIA certificate for practice.

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