Assignment aims of developing the website of electronic commerce systems to introduce online sales.


1. Introduction 

1.1 Business background

Hal’s hardware is a hardware store, which is known for delivering home and hardware products. It is just like any other hardware store. The store also offers classes and workshops to the budding hobbyists and home owners. Currently the business is facing issues because of the growing competition and hence aims to develop its existing website.

1.2 Types of customers and visitors

The visitors and customers of Hal’s hardware are the people who are either professional customers or home owners. Hobbyists also attend classes and other seminars that are provided by the store.

1.3 Aim of developing the website

The main aim of developing the website is to introduce online sales. It also aims to target those customers who do not reside near to the store. All in all it wants to increase its customer base through the means of its website, wherein the customers can look for different products and compare the prices too.

2. Findings and Analysis

2.1 SWOT Analysis for the business


Excellent reputation

The store managers are very active

Offers a comprehensive training program to its employees.

very effective customer service

Provision of handouts and low cost instructional DVDs to customers Weakness

Lack of space within the store

Financial instability

Prices are high in comparison to national chains


Increasing the area in tool demonstration

Online sales Threats

Stagnant growth

Threats from Home Depot and Lowe’s as competitors

2.2 Audience analysis

After the development of the website, it can be said that the major audience will be the old customers, who are professionals or hobbyists. It can also be the customers, who do not reside near to the store. The audience will be able to compare the prices of the various electrical, home and gardening tools with others and will be able to buy or order the products online (West, Ford & Ibrahim, 2015). 

2.3 Risk analysis

As influenced by the idea of Shao & Oinas-Kukkonen (2018), it can be said that it with the increasing usage of online platforms and various other things related to online payments, there is a major security risk involved. Hence, it can be stated that in the case of Hal’s Hardware, it has to implement effective firewalls establishments in order to protect the personal details of its customers. It also has to take major steps in order to protect the card details of its customers, who would be paying for the products online. It also needs to conduction of various other investigations in order to effectively consider the other entities related to its development of the website.

2.4 Objectives of developing the website

2.4.1 Online marketing

In order to effectively develop the website, the organisation can effectively consider the marketing strategy of promoting the website through the means of the social media. as influenced by the idea of Pearson, Pitfield & Ryley (2015), it can be said that social media helps in the process of focusing on a large customer base and at the same time also helps in the process of creating an interactive platform. Hence, in a very similar manner, if Hal’s Hardware utilises the marketing strategy of promotion through social media, it will be able to solve the customer queries and will be able to understand the needs of the customers. 

2.4.2 Online sales and purchase

The development of the website will eventually increase the sales of the entire organisation. The customers will be able to first compare the products and its prices. They will be able to know whether it is there in stock or not. Thirdly, they will be able to pay for the products through the means of online payment options. This would provide strong competitive edge and will increase the overall sales. 

2.4.3 Customer centric design

The targeted customers will be the old as well as the new customers. The customers will be able to effectively utilise the website in a very effective manner, as it will be designed in a very user friendly manner. The organisation will have a chat option designed within their website, which will provide the organisation with an effective interactive platform as well. 

2.4.4 Trust creation and maintenance

With the increasing utilisation of online platforms, customers these days have effective faith over using their card details and pay through online platforms (Scarborough, 2016). In the context of Hal’s Hardware, it can be said that there is a requirement of establishing effective security systems so that it can maintain the confidentiality of the personal details of the customers. 

2.4.5 Other objectives

To effectively introduce the online payment systems and loyalty bonus

To have a proper security system

To establish a secure and safe interactive ecommerce platform

To introduce the career option within the website for recruitment

2.5 Development of other solutions

There is a requirement of effectively abiding by the various policies such as the organisation is required to abide by the Data Privacy act 1988. It should be able to effectively build a catalogue with product details so that the customer can view the products throughout and understand its usage as well. This will eventually develop the overall business of the organisation (Inyang & Egor, 2017). 

3. Conclusion and recommendation

The organisation can conduct a market survey in order to understand the needs of the customers. It has been identified that the weakness of the organisation are less than its strengths and with the usage of its capabilities, the organisation can effectively built its establishment. 

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