Assignment summaries company’s Supplier Code of Conduct information & how each aspect is committed to ethical business



Coca-Cola company 

There are four primary suppliers of cocacola company; they include,

·         Group Critical Suppliers

·         Country Strategic Suppliers

·         Group critical and strategic suppliers

·         Tactical suppliers

Group critical supplier are supplier who supply the organization with critical components e.g. Aseptic Packaging and sweeteners. County Strategic Suppliers includes the type of suppliers who mostly have their relevance at a local or regional level.Group critical and County strategic suppliers are the type of suppliers who are considered to be most critical in the overall performance of the organization.Tactical suppliers are suppliers who act as a representation of the low spend suppliers.

Aspect of supplier code of conduct

       Group tactical- they supply high quality products to the organization thus they the meet the quality standard of the organization

       Country strategic suppliers- the suppliers maintains the organizations quality standards at both local and regional level

       Group critical and country strategic suppliers- the suppliers are centered in maintain stiff competition for other competitors from the products it offers.

       Tactical suppliers-the organization is divers thus accommodating the low spend suppliers

Influence of the supplier code of conduct to the organization

·         The organization suppliers code of conduct is well organized thus it helps the organization to perform its functions swiftly.

·         The suppliers helps in maintain the organization code of conduct at optimum levels

·         The suppliers ensure that all the products they deliver to the organization pose no harm to the citizens in the state

·         The organization has partnered with a number of suppliers thus this ensures that the organization has enhanced its social communication

Empowering workers

       The organization has given its employees  generous boundaries

       The effort input by employees is highly praised

       The organization believes in their employees

       The organization has provided growth path for all employees

       The organization listens intently to their employees (Gattorna, 2017).

Labor and human rights

       The company pays its workers on time.

       The company ensures that all the workers are subjected to equal treatment

       There is fairness in duty and task allocation

       All workers are assigned duties in accordance to their capabilities

Healthy and safety

       The company provides the appropriate work attires to the employees

       The company has developed a safety plan

       The organization conducts a thorough inspection of the workplaces

       Create public awareness on the importance of working in a safety and health environment or workplace

The environment

       The company aims at maintaining and preserving the environment

       All the waste products from the company are well disposed

       The organization first treats all the waste materials before releasing it.

The company recycles all the glass bottles used in packing the soft drinks


       In relation to accountability, the organization is accountable for  the well being of each and every stakeholder in the organization

       The organization  makes use of emotion intelligence to make modification in regards to the feelings  displayed by the members

       The organization achieves an answerable position for the stake holders.

Change in code of conduct

The organization has made a couple of changes in its way of doing things. This has reflected an improvement in the general performance. The organization has incorporated the use of advanced technology in the production sector. The organization has expanded its market to other known states across the world (Gillespie & Riddle, 2015).


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