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Who did you reach out to and what is their relation to you?

During the reaching out of the process, I was only able to reach out to the two former employees. So far the response is still waiting and has equally a no response. it would take some time for the coordination and the conversion of the lead into a perspective. It was also seeing how through the brief recommendation which was channelized through the telephone with the help of the supervisor Ola Ellis. in a brief discussion, it was an eye-opener as it gave a quick perspective and an insight related to the good and the bad attributes with respect to a personal individual character/ personality. He even highlighted the best approaches as a medical professional with respect to the current place of work. It was important at the stage of the Quest Diagnostics; we would be requiring a brief element of the covering supervisor assistant/ site lead phlebotomist (Engbers, 2018). 

This position was important while applying as it had all type of the prospective skills set such as the multitude of task which even includes the taking patient’s vitals or even working as a front desk reception along with the steps such as the drawing blood, in-depth analysis related to the processing blood samples (Long, 2014). It was equally important to show the dynamics related to the training multiple staff and even showing how it would be effective for the overseeing in terms of the laboratory office making which can eventually make an effective contribution to hold as a great patient satisfaction along with detailing the concept of the quality of care, flow and exercising the time management with respect to the productivity.


Who responded and what did they have to say?

Out of the two former employers, none responded. But I was able to also consider the help as I was able to get the recommendation from the previous supervisor which was the Ola. It was only after a brief discussion from the Ola, she briefly disclosed how it was important to balance the work and the  ethics in a true sense which can make an effective contribution with the help of the individual that can help to deliver a willingness to learn new things along with the ideas of the being a personally a great listener or even taking the steps that would make the initiatives in terms of the implementation or considering the recommendation that would be efficiently for the exercising the new ideas and or development. This would help to channelize an effective method to improve anything which is important to know. As any individuals as gaps or lack, it would help to balance it out (Merrill, 2014).



What did this assignment teach you about your professional relationships with current or previous employers or supervisors?

This tends to highlight how the effective approaches, behaviour and the rationality can make an important presence related to the positivity and adhere to the working habits would help to build and maintain healthy collaborative relationships in terms of the health care industry.

The entire assignment was an eye opener as it explained how it is important to maintain a balance with relationships with the current and the former employers. As the previous employers tend to ignore and don't even consider providing a written response, it tends to result in the career obstacles and the challenges. It becomes difficult to explain why the contacts are not able to respond. It can be self-explanatory, that if I was a bad employee they do not wish to respond, keep me at bay from progressing or even too busy to respond. All the perceptions based can even create or destruct a given opportunity. it is important to streamline and maintain healthy contacts so that in the future it would help in maintaining a better relationship, which can allow a quick resolution (Brown, 2018). It even gives insights about the job roles and the attainment of the specific skills set can help in attaining a good job position. Personally, I  agree people exist and grow with the support of the peers, leaders and the good seniors. Leadership, attainment of skills set and a quick working does not work in a vacuum scenario. As we socialize, we tend to socialize. it is important to build concrete relationships.

As the previous employers have chosen to ignore or even not offered to stay connected, it was an insult or a humiliation on one hand while at the same time it was a learning experience, how the organization and leaders can build your career or create obstacles related to the given position. In any job skills it is important to adhere to the ethics; else it would only destroy the reputation.

It is important to adhere to recorded skills set and even attain a proper evaluation of the role, else it only leads to a lack of credibility in the role side. It even results in compromised ethics and deliverables. This tends to even make an issue legally and ethically, as we carry company tags with our own personality.  It needs to balance all the external and the internal factors related to the career we are pursuing or it would lead to a bad reputation and compromised ethical deliverables. All this are crucial in maintaining a harmony.

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