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Which platform would you choose and why? Why did you NOT choose other platforms?

Freshsales is considered to be a CRM which helps the reps with the guesswork for the sales. There are different tasks, appointments and the notes that need not have to toggle in between any tables for the following up or any prospects. The deals are based on the pipeline view with the tracking of sales for the performance of a cinch. The API is about working and allowing the performance with the focus on tracking the sales. There are API which are considered handle the airport management. Freshsales works on the customization with the different options to make use of the software from a particular company. There is a use of the Salesmate CRM where there are features from Freshsales to create a Pipeline, deal management and the sales automation. There is a CRM for the google apps with integration and contact management to work with sales and full on mobility-first sales management. There are brands working on the deployment over the different sales agents.

HubSpot is considered to provide the aim for the social media analytics and the management of content with search engine optimization. It provides the social media marketing and content management with web analytics that helps in landing the pages and features for Microsoft Dynamic CRM. The host of the user group conferences and the marketing and certification programs. The inbound marketing concepts are related to the prolific creator of content that is set for the blogs, social media and the webinars. The CRM free product tracks and then managing the interactions which are in between company and customers with prospects (Choudhury et al., 2014).

Zurmo CRM is about the possibility with the providing of more features that require the suitable pricing plans. The closer aspects are for the flexibility, scalability and the pricing options. The open source is worked upon the integration of the sales, and the marketing automation that works with project management software into a particular solution. The support comes from the email archiving, exchanges and the Gmail or the Google Calendar.


How would this loyalty program generate additional business for the airport?

The loyalty programs work on allowing and gathering valuable data with the availability to airport managers. The information works on the later cleaning, with the analysis and the reports that are set to airlines. The goods and services are set for Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport with focusing on accruing points for purchasing the goods. The advantage is based on the special services that is offered by the airport. The points are mainly gathered with individual accounts that could easily be redeemed for the awards. The forms are the unique standards for the airport with popular gifts that are for different discounts. Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport can work on the providing of services that are for faster security line, where there are basis of the detailed analysis of managed traffic (Soltani et al., 2016). The size of the Airport City is considered to be working with business rules and the airport loyalty programs. The target market communication is for handling the optimized communication with the passengers with Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport working on the segmentation with IT systems to be employed. The segmentation of the hub passengers with the carrying out the motivation to the travelling with home address, frequency of the travel and the short or the long-haul flights. The business includes the new opportunity working on facilities dedicating the departure lounges. The forms and the regional information comes with the informative requirements where the students also work on the receiving of messages on changes to schedule the traditional carriers for the hubs. The deriving forms comes with the simplicity and the agility that comes from the fare structure with operations set to every aspect. The sales orientation comes with repeating business with handling customer retention and handling loyalty programs with specific propositions that are for the default retention benefits. The profitable standards are determined the immense loyalty effect with the focus on recognition in a group.

What would you do with geolocation information, sales information, and what real-time analytics could be used to push notifications to airport users to influence their future behavior?

The marketers work on the integration of the push notifications with the direct marketing and CRM strategy (Dini et al., 2017). Here, the focus is on the reports with push notifications that are set for the new channels to handle the alerts with increased traffic and optimize the app use and drive conversions. The apps tend to work on continued growth and pushing notifications. They are not important for the replacement of the emails, SMS but are for the direct use of the messaging. Hence, the benefits are related to the mobile messaging tools that are considered to be complementary as well. The integrated standards are based on measuring the moments to increase satisfaction, where there is a possibility to push the notifications and then handle the up-sell and the cross-sell services with use of target offerings. The companies like the media firms are able to handle product experiences with CRM and direct marketing strategies to match with customer base which is set to handle the demands which are sent to the customer. The integrated strategy is mainly to make sure that the messages are generally sent through the message channel and there are different common goals that are for handling the information and messages as well. The control of the user is to handle the reports where the content is set timely where the personalization of notifications. The users can easily make choice of different points with marketers working on keeping in mind for different purposes. The benefits are related to delivering the higher alerts which are for intimacy and immediacy or the context. The push notifications could be used for the reaching out to the marketing loyalty goals and then demonstrating the app value with pushing out the content that is equally important. There are users who are making use of the push notifications which makes use of OS and the ions users are able to receive the push notifications with Android users opening them (Kumar et al., 2018). The ions could be used for turning the push notifications with opting in and receiving them for a specific application of the airport. The suggestions are defined and based on the analytics which are set to understand about how the customers are able to react the messages. The forms and the complements are determined through CRM tactics that helps in managing the connected devices with planning to launch the push notifications as well.


What other CRM systems would you need to bridge into this system (e.g., other airlines, fast food chains, etc.)?

The initiatives could include the travelling through budgeting airlines that could be mainly for the food courts. The special deals are mainly offered by the people on-board of airplanes. there are informative requirements which are set through new connections with offering the lower costs carriers that is available in the new season. The attraction of the lower yield traffic with the decrease in the yield of the observed airline account and the competition from the paralyzed regulatory environment helps in putting the pressure on the airport. The legacy carriers have the forms where the aircraft movements generally belongs to the no-frills sector and the price tickets have to be managed with handling the operations of the transferrable to the regions. The catalysts is for the acceleration of the airports with the city centers that includes the strategy with deriving from the privatization and commercialization trend. The final shape is for the airport city which depends on positioning of a port and then there is a need to work on lower costs and the charter carriers. The email management and the other management of the documents with the reporting is important for handling to add-on for exporting reports in another format. There are other airlines where the system is able to work on the business for nurturing the relationship with the customers and the other prospects. It helps in driving the sales and then sustain the long-term standards. The software is able to collate the streams of customer data for producing the reports that are important and different form from the other better business decisions. The expansions are defined through the complicated and time-consuming factors to manage the customer relations as well. The potential is to connect the customers and the emotional level through the target marketing and the social media posts that have a major impact on the acquisition of customer and retention. There are CRM platforms that are cloud based and are for growing and scaling up with the business of different sizes. The users are able to make sure of different aspects with retention of customers. CRM provides the accurate and the actionable insights that are able to work on supplying the multiple services for the airport visitors who are of different types. There are passport and security control to handle the offers with wider range of products and services. The customer buying behavior is also shifted with the change in the digital landscape and then this also brings the change in the strategy at the IT level.

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