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According to the related theories of Hospitality Management, The Green Bean Cafe must include some of the crucial workplace elements to provide the best service. These terms are referred to as a basic requirement of good service.

1.    Unique Selling Products: Uniqueness in the products is adequately essential for Green Bean Cafe to increase customer engagement. A specific product could be more attractive for a particular customer and that is the main reason for visiting the cafe. The company must be aware of such situations and innovating products which are different from other companies (Chung, Song & Lee, 2017).

2.    Media Enhancements: Business Analysts are realized that Social Media plays a huge role in the business development process. Presence on the Social Media Platforms nowadays detects a company business aspect. Showing and detailing of different products and its health-related facts will enhance the service facilities of the company. Using feedback from such platforms will help the company to develop service further in the future.

3.    Workplace Culture and Location: This has also a crucial requirement for the Cafe to increase its service qualities. The term is essential to create a successful precondition environment at the workplace. The location of the company must be in a popular place to increase its business developments. This is helpful for both the employees and customers to be more committed to the workplace (de Vries & van Gelder, 2015).

4.    Green Initiatives: The Cafe must include different natural sources such as small trees in the cafe to make goodwill. This could be a creative idea rather than traditional ones and it is also helpful to develop a positive guest experience. The Green appliances will reduce energy usages in the cafe and customers will prefer it at first (Rosenbaum & Wong, 2015).

5.    Clean and Hygiene Atmosphere: A person always prefers to have coffee in a clean cafe. The company must ensure that the surrounding environment is clean or the customers can get into harmful allergies or diseases. Using different natural fragrance will help to stay the atmosphere clear (Selvaraj & Harnett, 2018).

6.    Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi: Every customer wants to sit back and enjoy a coffee while using their phones. Offering a secure Wi-Fi will be referred to as a positive enhancement to the cafe and it will also increase services.

7.    Comfortable Sitting: Appropriate Sitting arrangements and comfortable seats will also be referred to as a positive enhancement. Customers can relax for some time from daily work and enjoy their coffee properly. A person always prefers a personal space to spend some quality time. Providing such spaces must be the first preference for Green Bean Cafe.

8.    Free/Cheap Parking Lot: Creating or leasing a parking lot is essential for the cafe to increase services. It is one of the basic requirements which are needed to provide a good quality service. Customers can drink coffee without getting tension about their cars. This could be a huge positive enhancement for the cafe.

9.    Quality Customer Service: This is the main aspect of a cafe and denotes its reputation. Providing a reliable customer service could be enthusiastic for the customer. The person could regularly visit the cafe. This method is useful for developing a positive relationship between the company and the customers (Ng et al. 2016).

10.     Effective and Polite Communication System: Clarity and Politeness are necessary for a company to increase its services. The workers of the Cafe must ask customers politely about orders and reply to them properly. This could be helpful to grow a positive attitude for the customers to visit the cafe regularly (Mullen & Wyss, 2016).

Quality management system and applying it to operations of Green Bean Cafe

A quality management system (QMS) is considered as a well-formalized system which documents the processes, maintained procedures and responsibilities for gaining policies and main objectives (Borkovskaya, Degaev & Burkova, 2018).

Quality management systems take care of different purposes, they are as follows.

·     Improving the processes

·     Waste reduction

·     Lowering the costs

·     Training opportunities

·     Engaging the staff for better performance.

·     Managing organization world-wide.

Benefits of the Quality Management System

Proper implementing the QMS can affect most of the aspects of the organization and its performance. The benefits of the Quality Management System are as follows:-

·     The customer's requirements are met which maintains confidence in the organization, which results in more sales, customers, and growth of the business.

·     The organization's requirements are met that ensure compliance with the provision and regulation of the products and the services the company provides to the customers.

Elements of a Quality Management System

Every element of the quality management system (QMS) helps to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. The elements include:-

·     "Quality policy and objectives of the organization"

·     "Procedures, instructions, and records"

·     "Management of data"

·     "Internal processes"

·     "Improvement of opportunities"

·     "Quality analysis"

·     "Customer satisfaction related to the product quality"

Establishing and implementation of the Quality Management System

An organization should identify as well as manage different connected processes to ensure and maintain customer satisfaction in all possible ways. The quality management system must be influenced by the policies and objectives of the organization and also based upon the needs, wants and requirements of the customers. There are some basic steps to implement the system in a proper way which are as follows:-

·     "Design"

·     "Build"

·     "Deploy"

·     "Control"

·     "Measure"

·     "Review"

·     "Improvement"

These are the steps that need to be followed for the proper implementation of QMS in an organization. An organization must build and design the quality management system in several ways to achieve its goals and objectives.


A) Four components of services

The products of the firms differ in the market, which involves the transferring of the ownership of the physical goods. However, some of the components play a vital role in maintaining satisfied customers. To this point, the services of the firms can be pointed out into four major components. The components are explained below:-

·     The physical product

The Physical product is considered as the products which are physically real. These products are tangible and the design of the product is customer-oriented. The design of the product is well- developed to meet the customers' needs and wants.

·     The Service product

The service product is considered as the core product which is bought by customers. It is the experience that the customer gets apart from just the transfer of the physical goods. The customer gets to see the product before buying it.

·     The service Environment

The service environment is one of the major components. This refers to the position of the organization in the market and its targeted customers.

·     The service Delivery

The service delivery is also an important component to focus on. It refers to the experience that the customer faces after buying the service. The service product show how it "works in theory" however Service delivery shows how it "works in practical".

B) Steps in serving the customer relating to Green Bean Cafe

The steps which lead to great customer service or serving the customer in a well-maintained way are the norms that ever industry follows. It is achieved through training and practice.

1.    Welcome with a smile

2.    Be respectful

3.    Treat with Empathy

4.    Making a professional relationship with the customer.

5.    Understand the customer

6.    Response Accurately

7.    Follow up

8.    Be the expert and look for getting "Yes"

The points listed above are the main steps that the industry needs to follow for effortless customer services. These are the points that make the customers believe in the products of the company and build a good relationship (online.csp.edu, 2019).


1.    Customer services strategies for enhancing customer experience at Green Bean cafe

The strategies define the importance of care as well as services that are offered to the customers for meeting the requirement of the standards. Customer care strategies play a vital role in building customer satisfaction, which helps to hold loyal customers and increase business (Rossmann, Wilke & Stei, 2017). The strategies for enhancing the level of customer satisfaction at Green Bean cafe are as follows:-

1.    "Provide the employees with great product knowledge"

2.    "Training the employees to show empathy to the customers"

3.    "Building a strong infrastructure to support customer services"

4.    "Understand the customer's problem"

5.    "Resolve the issues with confidence"

6.    "Keep your promises"

7.    "Build relationships with the customer"

8.    "Make conversation personal"

In today's world, where technology and humans are interrelated, the customer experience depends highly on customer satisfaction. To hold the position in the competitive market it is adequately necessary to connect with the customer with the best customer satisfaction. Green Bean cafe must follow these strategies so that they can build a good business as it is the key to success for any company with the same product they are making business with (Vasant, 2016).

B) Three Performance objectives

The performance objectives can be considered as speed, flexibility, and quality, which together play an important role in building the business. The three objectives are explained below for a better explanation.


Speed is considered as the time between the customer requesting the products and receiving them. The main focus of this objective is to deliver the product to the customer as fast as possible. The fastest is the delivery; the more customers will buy the products which will result in making better business.


The company must be flexible to cope up with the change in the market and even to introduce or modify the product in the market. According to the customers, the company should be flexible so that it can meet the requirements.


Quality plays an important role in the business and its operations. The company and its products are best known for the quality of the products they produce. Quality is something that the customer judges easily. All the operations take quality as the most important objective which relates to the growth and business of the company.


Three motivational techniques for motivating the staff

Motivation is considered as the most essential aspect of Human Resource Management which is related to inducing, organizing, inspiring and stimulating employees of a company to perform better work in an organization.

·     Proper pay for work

Employees must be paid what they deserve which keeps them motivated. Research has shown that most employees consider leaving their jobs just for a 5% increase in salary. To keep the staff motivated it is important to pay them properly and equally.

·     Better workplace environment

Every employee wants a place that is clean and is surrounded by motivated people. A good environment in the workplace provides positive feelings rather than negative. So it is important to create a working environment which is suitable for the employees to work in as it can make changes in individual performance.

·     Provide opportunities for growth and self-development

The employees of the Green Bean Cafe will be honest and loyal to the organization if they have the opportunity to grow within the organization. The employees will be giving a remarkable performance in terms of work if they learn new skills and get proper information. Self-development is the most important point to be focused on. By self-development, the organization will not only motivate the employees to do proper work however also create leaders in the upcoming days.

Motivational techniques are surely important in Green Bean Cafe so that the employees are focused on their work and be loyal and trustworthy to the company. Applying the techniques will make a difference in the performance as a whole and which will result in good customer service and better business.


Customer complaints cannot be avoided in the service industry. Any restaurant does not want an unhappy customer, so they try to fix the solution as soon as possible and try to provide better customer service (research.birmingham.ac.uk, 2017).

The complaint is always treated as the opportunity which allows the providers to find out the problem in the service and also get constructive feedback which allows them the second chance to win back the customer.

The four strategies to deal with customer complaints are given below:-

·     Actively listen to the customer's complaint.

·     A solution must be offered and executed properly

·     Empathize the customer

·     Apologize to the customer for the situation.

These are the four strategies that should be followed to deal with the complaints made by the customers. If the customer's complaints are not solved then it might result in losing the valuable customers which is not good for the company's business. For a company, the customers and their wants and needs should be the priority. The complaints must be solved with proper and well-maintained decisions so that the company can bring back their negative customers.

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