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Dear Sir,

In accordance with the discussions we had in the meeting in the last week, the transition care scenario of Allied health community is evaluated and a new policy and the procedure is proposed related to that issue. Further a justification is provided to support how the proposed policy and procedure can able to resolve the issue specified there in the report. Further reference to the industry standards and procedures that provided basis to the proposal of the new policy and procedure is presented here in the report.

As you are aware very much, that the transitional care works on to provide moderate to long term care facility that will focus on the therapy, wound care and medical management as well of the chronic diseases. The care can be extended to the individuals who need patients support from minor care to the 24 hours nursing assistance. However in the current allied care industry working for the transition care organization, there is much to do with the alignment of the organizational resources in accordance with the strategic direction of the oranizaional objectives. As per the scenario analysis of the organization, where Kalia is absorbed as CEO, there is no proper administrative framework, if there anything existed before, it got decentralized by the previous CEO as well the organization is lacking the necessary management control by the CEO position. Hence the new CEO is finding the problems in the following domains of the operation

?             Information accumulation and dissemination to the decentralized power centers and taking their contribution to the decision making process.


?             There is no proper standards existing in the organization regarding the organizational decision making process. There are no centralized approval and enforcement policies in the organization.


?             There is lack of accountability and responsibility seen in the key positions like CFO.


Hence the new policy proposed need to be in line with the need to rectify these lapses in the systems. The following can be one of the best fit strategic proposal for the organization,

As per the evaluation of the current scenario, there is a clear lapse in the financial information management in the organization. There is need to enforce a well-managed and well compliant system with the prevailing standards. For example IGPHC, Information governance Principles for health care are expected to be followed in the current scenario. If there is such system and policy based governance in place in this domain, there would not have been any problem in enforcing better financial management in the organization. There would have been better organizational information dissemination and this would have helped the organizational managers to take up right decision in right time without any sort of procedural delays. Hence, Kalia need to take care of these policies at present for betterment of information management in the transition health care organization. The following can be a proposed policy in this regard. The key features of the information management policy can be governance, transparency, authenticity, ease in enforcement and training as well.

?             A senior leader or a person with a comparable authority should work for overseeing the information governance program Obviously in this case CEO can be delegated with this responsibility and power to supervise the entire program.

?             Information seeking, retrieval and storing in the central repository should be quite transparent and the entire financial data from different operational divisions need to be updated in the central repository and the access controls of the same will be authenticated by CEO controls and related enforcement procedures.

?             All department level manager and the critical personnel working in this domain need to be provided with the necessary training and orientation.

?             Information reliability need to be cross verified before updating in the system and there is also need for the evaluation of the information management systems using the audits and other related chronical policy enforcement systems in the organization(IG,2018).


The key procedures of implementing the above policy can be done after critical evaluation of each of the organizational operational policies and procedures and evaluation of the same.

The employed guiding principles in the current context are in accordance with the information governance principles of health care(IGPHC). The standards of the same for health care are included in it.

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