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Sector Stakeholders: Identifying and Cultivating Alliances

Effectively network within the healthcare sector

Today, the healthcare industry is facing several challenges due to increased globalization, intense competition, and also with recent advancement made in the field of technology. It is thereby the responsibility of the organizations to implement the state-of-the-art services and technologies that will help them deliver desired solutions to the patients.

It will not only exceed the expectations of the patients in a given healthcare environment but will also make them cured from the present condition in the near time. However, today, students of the healthcare industry need to focus more on networking to improve their skills, abilities, working approach, and also seek an experience in the healthcare industry (Safdar et al., 2014). 

For this purpose, they need to work on their networking abilities that will provide them with a learning opportunity in a given working environment. First, they can look out for opportunities to serve as an Intern in any of the healthcare organizations. In this case, they will not receive experience but will also be able to understand the work culture of a given healthcare organization. 

Second, they can join professional organizations in the healthcare industry to explore options around their educational campus. It will provide them with an opportunity to connect with others in the industry and will also help them about the latest information and developments relevant to the field (Zimring et al., 2013). 

Third, they can inquire about informational interviews with the healthcare administrators. They will share their daily work schedules, day-to-day job experience, and also provide hidden insights about this industry. They can further take into consideration the option of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, wherein they will be able to connect with industry organizations, senior level authorities, and other people that are connected with the healthcare organizations. 

In addition, students are also recommended to attend networking events in the given area for face-to-face meetings and interactions. Finally, they can seek out for a mentor that will provide them with details about the industry, the working style and approach across multiple healthcare organizations, and also learn the recent developments in the healthcare industry (Zimring et al., 2013). 

Finally, they can look out for cross-training options that will provide them with better learning opportunities and also provide them with an idea about the different working processes in a given environment. It will be difficult to perform on such modules but they can implement their theoretical principles and adaptive ways of learning to get a hands-on networking experience in a given healthcare environment (Zimring et al., 2013). 

It will thereby provide them with a complete set of learning experiences and will also make them flexible to connect with any individual or authority or organization in a given environment. They can thereby utilize this experience in the future when they will start working as a professional in a given healthcare industry. It will provide them with ample experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry that will later promote them at senior positions in the organization.


Today, with recent advancement in the field of healthcare industry and healthcare technologies, it is found that the students of the healthcare sector are advised to join the professional communities and associations on the social media platforms. It will thereby help them in learning about new experiences, new working structure, work approaches, work concepts, nursing and healthcare principles, and will also provide them with an idea on how to improve the healthcare services and delivery in a given environment (Sunyaev, 2014). 

There are several benefits of joining such an association; however, some of them have membership models in a given working environment. There are also associations that are working on not-for-profit model in a given environment. Hence, it is first important for the student to decide and choose the right association through which he will be able to gain sufficient knowledge in a given environment.

Further, it will also help him understand the working and the different activities performed by that association. It will thereby provide him with a professional experience that will later assist him during his working tenure in the organization (Sunyaev, 2014). 

Healthcare Association

The healthcare associating selected for the purpose of this report is - Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA) from LinkedIn. The vision of the organization is to make Arizona the Healthiest State in the Nation. It was founded in 1939 and since then it is performing different activities across the healthcare sector. 

The purpose of this association is not only to make people aware of the different healthcare issues but also provide them with different remedies on how to cure them. It will thereby spread awareness in a given community so that people will remain more careful on the different risk factors that could directly impact on their health. 

The association also celebrates different health days such as it recently celebrated National Rural Health Day on November 15th, 2018. They thereby plan different healthcare campaigns across the state, provide free medical check-ups in the rural areas, and subsequently provide them with free medical treatments. They are thereby trying to make people free from different healthcare issues in a given operational environment (Kruger & Brennan, 2013).

Membership Details and Structure

The association is a not-for-profit organization and hence there are no specific membership fees required to be paid by those individuals that want to join this organization. People from different communities are allowed to work on voluntarily basis wherein they will be assisting in carrying out different functions and activities of the organization. 

The purpose is to make people aware of the different healthcare issues, provide them with options on emergency services, organize leadership conference wherein notable speakers will be invited and they will be sharing information on major healthcare issues prevailing in a given environment (Kruger & Brennan, 2013). 

They will also recommend solutions on how to overcome these issues and subsequently will suggest steps that can be implemented on a daily basis in a given homely environment. These leaders also share their views and concerns on the recent developments in the healthcare industry and provides detail overview on how the government policies, the new reforms, the recent advancement in the technologies will help people to improve their current healthcare status in a given challenging environment (Horgan, Byrne, & Brand, 2013).

Experiences and Benefits of Membership

After joining such associations, there will be several benefits received beside being part of the working team of the organization. It will first provide me learning on the professional development and how one should act professionally in a given working environment. It will also help me regarding how to deploy theoretical principles and applications in a practical scenario. 

Further, through meetings and conferences with the senior leaders, I shall be able to gain insights in the current healthcare sector; I shall also be able to bridge the gaps between the different work practices and communication in a given environment. I shall learn how to implement healthcare campaigns for different people of a given community. 

By becoming part of the entire planning process, I shall be able to learn the execution mode of implementing these strategies in a given environment. I shall be able to link the practical approaches with the theoretical subjects that I have learned about in my current healthcare course. It will thereby help me in understanding how different concepts are applied for the purpose of improving the health of people in a given community.

Rationale on how Membership to the healthcare association will benefit the employer 

The membership with the healthcare association will first make me aware of the major challenges that are present in a given community. It will later provide information on how these risk factors are impacting on the health of the people through different ways. Further, the different sessions on - victim-centered care services, treating vulnerable patients and populations, community partnership programs, human trafficking response programs and protocols, observations from physicians and response from them on emergency basis, and secondary care services for the trauma patients will provide an altogether different view of taking care of the patients (Horgan, Byrne, & Brand, 2013). 

Today, with the development of healthcare technologies, it is found that even patients have gained understanding and knowledge of their disorders (Horgan, Byrne, & Brand, 2013). Hence, they will be expecting better quality healthcare services in a given environment. 

It is thereby important to learn and deploy quality management initiatives in the organization and subsequently overcome the challenges faced in a given operational environment. It will not only benefit the employer from overcoming these risk factors but will also help me to become a better healthcare practitioner in a given working environment.

Promoting Professional Development

Today, majority of the organizations are looking out for programs that will not only train the employees but will also improve their professional working approach in the organization. Today, employees need to perform multi-tasking and hence they need to learn the skill-set of leadership and management in a given working scenario (Watson, 2013). 

They also need to implement transformational leadership style to make their followers perform as per the expectations of the organization. Second, the top-level management will be required to implement change management initiatives to improve the productivity levels and working efficiency of the employees in a given environment (Watson, 2013). 

It will thereby help both the organization and the employee to achieve their respective professional goals in a given working environment. There are new objectives framed by the association for the future, which will provide more insights and new learning from the healthcare perspective (Watson, 2013). Hence, one needs to upgrade their leering skills and overall professional development to address the needs and requirements of the patients and other concerned stakeholders of the organization in a given environment.

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