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There are thousands of skilled nursing facilities in operation in United States at present. At present the discussion is about StMartines in the pine, skilled nursing facility located in the Alabama state of United States of America. It is founded in the year 1955, as a not for profit retirement community. The organization is committed to serve god through ministry that will provide a continuum of care and quality of life to aging individuals and their families as well. The facility is blessed with well quality housing as well is also providing the best in class health care at all levels of health care viz., short term skilled, nursing, long term health care nursing, working for the assistive living, helping for memory care and related services as well. Further it is also working for the betterment of the lives of the peoples who are independent in living and providing them services of companionship and independent living support as well. At present the skilled nursing facility in the current context is accommodating Jehovah witness based spiritualistic world view as its world view of health care services. Being a Christian missionary management, the organization believes that the organization is having commitment towards religious orientation of St Martin’s Episcoplian. The organization believes lies in accordance with the Episcopalian beliefs, they believe in the existence of the God, Son and the Holy Spirit. Further the biblical insights will consider loving neighbours as love ourselves, further giving respect and considering the dignity of every person is the part of the philosophy of the church. Further the guiding religious principles of the skilled nursing care facility contained in amendment of life, forgiveness of sin, life everlasting as well. The organization works on to uphold the bible and will also work to worship the Book of the common prayer. Further there is centralized repository of the resources related with global Jehovah witness health care accommodation in the facility and this will work for providing the knowledge and information resources to the people taking part in the health care service delivery.


In the current context, an appointment is made as administrator for the health care facility, there are numerous patients visiting to the hospital for treatment which requires special health care accommodation. Considering the special health care accommodation, the hospital staff is required to be provided with much specialized training. Hence inorder to strengthen the organizational current philosophy in action plan of nursing as well to accommodate the special health care in the organizational set-up, the following part of the write-up will discusses the characteristics of the training programme and will also discusses the strategic changes that will be enabled in the organization along with the programme brief and the schedules(Lawson, 2015).


Inorder to facilitate the orientation of the hospital staff for special health care accommodation, it is required to provide certain policies in the organization to tune well the organizational spirit towards the accepted philosophy. In this regard, it is required to keep prominently the vision and mission of the organization, which specifically indicates that the organization is committed for Jehovah witness and the health care in this set-up is guided by divine attributes and divine Christian philosophy which includes consideration to the dignity of human beings and respect to all. Also an exclusive policy will be prepared by the organization to indicate that the organization is committed to honour the religious views of the people and this will work for the consideration of the same in special health care accommodation in all its health care features like short term, long term and aged care etc.


In previous cases the facility is committed to Episcopalian believes in principle, however the enforcement of the same is still a factor of choice and the patients do have the option to choose their own belief systems and there is no compulsion at any time while receiving the health care treatment, however in the new adoption scheme, both the patients are inclined to take up the same religious accommodation as well the staff are being trained to render the same as per the patients wish in all aspects of the care facilities. Particularly there is drastic change possible to accommodate in the elderly care provisions in the hospital, veterans are going to get a different set of treatment with spiritualistic embedment in the way of their interactions, treatment procedures etc with the health care service providers(Maioli,2016).


Health care in the organization is totally oriented in philosophy of the Jehovah witness. The elderly care is mounted on the pillars of beliefs of the Jehovah witness and under the new leadership the following set of principles will be enforced as part of the training and daily practices.

All elderly patients will be allowed for biblical readings on daily basis and they will be allowed to practice their opinions.

There is going to have weekly family worship fortnights.

Organization has best practice of free transportation to the assemblies.

Also there are free field services to some of the medical illness conditions.

There is special support to the people suffering with dementia.

Internal resources

To enhance the practice and implementation of the Episcopalian church beliefs in the skilled nursing health care facility, there are numerous internal resources made available to the stakeholders. At the outset, ESV biblical preachings are available in the form of books, videos, audio and other forms in the centralized repository in the organization. There is custom training program being rendered in the premises to orient the staff to execute Jehovah witness principles in their daily routine. Further seminars, orientations, inductions on day to day basis are providing the necessary orientation to the people in the organization at present.

Current organization (St Martin’s in the pine) will assist the people in the Jehovah witness type of religious orientation in skilled health care facility. Further there are several other facilities Galleria woods, Morning side of River chase, River highlands, Rocky Ridge etc in Alabama itself. Still there are many in other parts of the country (West, 2014).

The training proposed, can have the following key features,

Identification of the key stakeholders, identification of the nurses and other related personnel, who can render this type of health care in the organization.

Providing them the philosophy and the basic orientation to the philosophy behind this type of health care (Jehovah Witness).

Orienting them to the belief system of JW.

Helping them with practice and orientation to the past experiences and complications faced in this regard.

Working for establishing the better health practices and working for enforcing the better working environment.

Devising a detailed training and orientation schedule with detailed programme practice process and resource people to practice the same.

Further to assist the training programme, the following resources will be enabled,

Creating resources to disseminate the teaching to the people (bibles, videos, media etc.)

Formulating forums and discussion groups for chronical interactions to clear the possible doubts and other dilemmas that do arrive in the due course of time.

Providing support from the experts at all time for the sake of clarifying the doubts and for providing them advice in the context of any sort of dilemmas if raised during the course of practicing the principles.

Providing nurses, mentors and facilitators of the programme with proper exposure to the trends of both the Jehovah witnesses and other common perceptions in the region and to enable them to practice the right procedures.

Wilson - Response:

Wilson opinions are very transparently indicating the rationalistic views about the epilepsy as a common disease. Further the statements made by him related with the seriousness of the disease if it is delayed are really true. Lee family did not get the right guidance and physician assistance in helping their daughter to come out of the disease. In any case, the opinion expressed by Wilson that the medical care need to be provided by way of considering the individual’s cultures, values, health practices and beliefs are very correct and there is need for the health care treatment to be totally without any prejudice or bias. However still though there is no need to be biased for irrational beliefs, it is always considered appropriate to give weightage to once religious, spiritual and cultural world view of the health care. As long as it is not against the science and as long as it do not cause any undue negative impact over the patient well being, it can be encouraged, infact the sole essence of patient centric health care is the same, the patient will be provided with health care inline with these objectives. Cross cultural misunderstanding are not the direct causes that ruined Lia’s life, rather the consequences in the form of medical set-backs have shortened her life expectancy.

Lee’s Response:

Lees also believed that the cross cultural misunderstandings are not directly responsible for ruining the Lia’s life, rather they complicated her life drastically. It may be not totally true that Lee opinion is applicable in the current case. Lee has not actually benefitted by the cultures she experienced in the due course of her journey. The treatment is not of use unless it is contributed to total well being. There is no bargain in this regard. It may be accepted that healing and protection offered by traditional treatment helped her to some extent. However still there is no substitute to the modern treatment, a modern treatment with rationale and proven evidence based health care treatment is all that is required by Lee at the critical hour of need. If she has received that treatment in the right time she would have better saved. As long as they are proven harmless, cultural perspectives can be encouraged. However still Hmong is not proved that it is right and valid.

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