Assignment is about business ethics of company Ford that actually targeting to launch a lightweight car with low price


The Ford Pinto met federal safety standards, yet it had a design flaw that resulted in serious injuries and deaths. Is simply meeting safety standards a sufficient product design goal of ethical companies?

According to the current planning and operations of Ford, it has been identified that this company was actually targeting to launch a lightweight car with affordable price. The president of Ford has insisted that the light weight of Pinto is notfurther than 2000 pounds along with advertisement expensesare not more than around $2000. However, it has met with the “federal safety standards”, there is flaw identified on the model car that is “a fuel tank disposed to rupturing with minimum speed rear-end collisions” (Weiss, 2014). In 1978, a dreadful care of accident happened in which around six people died in Pinto fires after the rear influence. According to the Universalism (duty) beliefs system, authority of ethical standard is determine by the amount to which the main concern of an act is to treat people with respect.

From the tests performed for the NHTSA, it has been found out that authority of Ford has been well aware that “Pinto gasoline tanks were prone to catch fi re during rear- end collisions but failed to warn the public or fix the problem out of concern for profits” (Weiss, 2014). Though the allegations later found out to be false, this allegation is pointing to the fact that safety standards as well as ethical practices previously has not been met in this case. 

Gioia uses the notion of script schemas to help explain why he voted to not initiate a recall of the Ford Pinto. In your opinion, is this a justifiable explanation?

Due to creating the main interest to the organization only that is the core reason why Gioia selects to vote not to recall all the previous values he held before. It is because, the action taken by him previously is currently based upon merely plausible features with capability to act virtually, automatic as well as unconsciously causing him to providing not enough attention to significant aspects, which need special treatments (Eury, Kreiner, Trevino &Gioia, 2018). 

How can organizational context influence the decisions made by organizational members?

According to Clegg, Kornberger&Pitsis (2015), organizational context is solely based on the benefit and good to the employees and organization itself. It is because, the context should be referring towards the important mission and vision of a specific company. Ultimately, organizations workers will provide their best as peer the organizational context in which all the members would tend to ensure effective decisions, which will make best interest for  the organization. Precisely, members of an institution or company are most influenced by the organizational context itself. Reason of this type of relationship between organization and its members is that they will intend to have a script schemas, which yield to the communication and togetherness, profits and good that is toward the business. The decisions make thus will not only be based on separate judgements of people but also owing to the corporate context. 

If you had been in Gioia’s position, what would you have done? Why?

If I had been in Gioia’splace, instead of leaving all the ethical values and the Ford company, I would select to stay back and will be accountable for the mistaken actions, which I have been performed in past while involved in the company. 

This is because, the main duty of mine comprisedof the functional harmonisation of all the recent ‘recall programs’, stalking incoming data to recognize increasing difficulties and revising field reports of unprovenmechanism failures, which runinto accidents. On the other hand, only moralaim is not sufficient as people are valued and arbitrated based on the actions taken. What kind of function and action that an individual is willing to take to prevent the injustice to be happened is what creates modification with people who are not involved in moral values. 

Describe the four key decision- making lessons that Gioia identifies for neophyte decision makers. Discuss how you expect or intend to use these four lessons in your own career.

The first lesson, which Gioia recognizes for neophyte decision makers is increase the ethical base value in current time. This is because ethical values are currently given less value that other concerns. The second one is identification is a must regarding individual cognitive structuring as it makes individual including ourselves an unwilling victim of the individual cognitive structuring. Thirdly, one should be aware of how subtly and strongly job roles and organizational culture influence on the ways one interpreted as well as make sense of data (Dane& Sonenshein, 2015). The last one is one should be prepared for facing enough crucial responsibilities regardless of their age. 

Inlater career stages, these four lessons will help in various ways. First of all, the first lesson will help in developing and understanding with the ethical standard of the company that will increase individual fairness about judgements taken for organizations good. The second advice will help in making flexible decisions according to the expectation of the employers. The third one is helpful in developing adaptability power of organizational culture and environment, which in turn will develop the communication power with authority. The last one is effective in tacking and preventing damages as well as accomplishing difficult goals with ease. 

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