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Mitigation Policies for Climate Change 
In present days Climate change is one of the burning issues in all over the world. The governments of different countries are using various environmental policies to control the level of pollution. Human activities such as deforestation, destruction of natural resources, excessive burring of fuels generally increases the level of Green House Gases leads to global warming as well as climate change (Altieri& Nicholls,2017).  Only the general publics can mitigate these issues for that reason most of the Non-Government organizations and social activist are conducting awareness programs to reduce the human activity that trigger GHG emission. According to case study it has been identified that UNFCCC that atmospheric temperature has increased by 20 C  and that will impact negatively so that the government needs to reduces the source of Greenhouse Gases by implementing rules and policies otherwise it will destroy the lives from earth (Rojas-Downing et al., 2017).  Different human activities such as agricultural activities, lack of roper waste management, use of excessive fertilizers, industrial emissions, transportation, and use of refrigeration generally increased the level of various greenhouse gases.  
The people need to pay now for the climate change issues otherwise people needs to pay more in future to mitigate the problems. Adaptation is important to control the level of pollution and the general public needs to take the responsibilities to use various ecofriendly technologies such as solar energy, other renewable sources of energy, use of chimney during industrial process, more afforestation etc. Adaptation refers to the process that causes no harm but the compensation mainly involves avoidable harm so that victim compensate for unsuspectingly suffer (Correia et al., 2018). For that reason the government needs to focused on the mitigation strategies and needs to use the mitigation policy tools like GHG emission cap. Implementation of this toll also helps to reduce the anthropogenic contributions of climate change. The government of all the countries needs to control the use of energy and to protect our mother nature from destruction for reducing the unexpected environmental threats. 

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