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As per the first amendment of the US constitution the individual is having the freedom to practice and exercise his religion. The organization, individual or any other parties who is restricting the freedom of practicing the religion will be liable or will have to face legal implications. The given case highlights that the organization holds a good organizational culture of respecting and recognizing the religious practices of all its employees. It provides two breaks for the Muslim employees to practice their religion and 30 minute lunch break. The new employee who has been hired requests for a break of 5 times to practice his religion and a place to perform it (Jolicoeur and Grant, 2018).

When considering the given request of the newly hired Muslim employee, the organization could face some difficulties in meeting this request. When a particular Muslim employee is given 5 times break for practicing his religion then other employees can get distracted. The organization is already providing break for the same two times in a day which is the policy and procedure of the organization. Providing specific provision to a particular employee can raise many conflicts within the work place which can hinder the work coordination and productivity. 

Being a responsible manager I can take with the individual highlighting the policies and procedures of the organization, the religious privileges which the organization provide for the Muslims etc in order to convince him. The consequences which can be raised through providing extra 3 breaks for the single person can also be discussed with the individual. Apart from this when an individual joins the organization it is also his responsibility to respect and accept the policies and procedures of the organization. Since the organization is providing the basic provision for practicing his religion and respect to his religion the individual should also consider the policies and procedures (Sullivan, 2018).

Since the organization provides sufficient privileges to the employees to practice their religion and a strong policy and procedure related to it, it won’t have to face legal implications if it negotiates with the employee to accepting the organization’s policies and standards. Effective negotiation skills can be recommended here in order to convince the employee to accept the policies of the organization. Since the employee is talented and experienced the management should not take a sharp strategy like do or die towards him. It remains in the hand of the management to negotiate and to achieve positive result from the employee.

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