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As stated by Personnic et al. (2014) EBM is one of the most emerging trends in the business management process that not only assess the profit and loss of the business but also considers the aspects of human interaction with the business. With the challenges of environment that is being faced on a day to day basis the EBM is one of the most essential approach that needs to be taken by the business for the purpose of sustainability in the long run. In this context one of the one of the business in the marine area of Canada known as the Big Fish ltd. Will be analysed. 

About the business

Big Fish Ltd. Is one of the local business in the marine area of Canada that delivers fishes in the hotels in Canada. They are one of the company that operate not only to earn profit but also considers the bio-diversity of the marine zone of Canada. As stated by Domínguez-Tejo et al. (2016) this business entity is a business practice based on the EBM. The business ensures the fact that the restrictive fishing methods are being utilised for the purpose of sustaining the marine life in the area of Canada. The company ensures the fact that the fishing activity that is being conducted by the company doesn’t affect the ecological balance of the company and also ensures the fact that 25 endangered species of marine zone are being protected with the business practice they conduct. As stated by Berg et al. (2015) the practice of EBM for the company helps in the development of the local economy as the fishing activities of the zone is being protected.


EBM is one of the emerging process in the business management that considered the ecological aspect and the environmental aspect along slide considering the factors of profit and loss. Big Fish Ltd. Is a company that considers the marine ecological balance as one of the important factor in the business is an example of business operating in EBM guidelines.

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