Assignment is about the company is dealing with fabrics operating at a domestic level & planning to expand at globally.

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Resources a concern for Global Strategy

In this given case, it is found that the company is dealing into fabrics and is operating at a domestic level. However, with increased globalization and with recent advancement in the field of technology, it is found that this company is planning to expand their operations on a global basis. However, they are facing issues with using same the fabrics in a given global environment. Also, they need to follow other international laws and regulations so that they can setup trade relations with other nations of the world (Hada, Grewal, &Chandrashekaran, 2013). 

Also, they need to deploy different resources to address the needs of the different stakeholders in a given environment. Before formulating the globalstrategy, they need to determine the needs of the customers, the rules and regulations of the government, the trade norms of the regulatory authorities, and also obtain necessary approvals from the current sourcing nation(Hada, Grewal, &Chandrashekaran, 2013). 

Further, they also need to develop marketing strategies to make customers aware about the products that will be sold to them. Hence, considering each of these aspects, the organization will require sources such as marketing, business set-up, human resources, trade and legal resources, and also other operational resources through which they will be able to overcome the challenges of the external environment and subsequently achieve the sales objectives.

Resources that are of concern in the Selected Country

There are several resources that will be of concern for the organization while starting their trade operations at a new country. To understand the case scenario, this report will be considering to start the trade operations with China. Hence, the major resources that the organization will require include - quality of raw materials, quality of labor, quality of machinery and also other operational resources such as transportation, logistics, and inventory through which they will be able to setup their operations in a given working environment(Hada, Grewal, &Chandrashekaran, 2013). 

The quality of raw materials not only need to adhere to the requirements of the customers but also need to adhere to the quality requirements of the destination location. The government will provide approval to the business entity only when the materials will pass the quality test in a given environment (Maurin&Yeophantong, 2013). 

Further, they need to hire employees from local environment as well to manage different human resources and marketing operations in a given challenging work environment. Hence, it is the responsibility of the top-level management to look after these operations and thereby achieve desired objectives in a given environment.

Decision Impacted

The top-level management before starting their trade operations need to understand the customer trends, determine the market geographic, focus on their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, adhere to the rules and regulations, and thereby take decisions of starting the business at a new location (Maurin&Yeophantong, 2013). 

Second, they will need to take decisions regarding the location site selection, the type of products that they will be selling in the new markets, also take decisions on the 4Ps of the product, overcome the market challenges, and take decisions regarding product expansion in the new market (Feingold, 2013). 

Further, along with the HR department they need to frame strategies for hiring employees for the new location. They will also require existing employees to get promoted to senior positionsand there handle the operations at new locations. Only then it will help them achieve desired objectives in a given environment (Feingold, 2013). The top-level management however needs to monitor each of these strategies and modify them wherever required. 

Competitive Strategies and Recommendations

With increasing challenges in the external environment, the top-level management of the organization is recommended to deploy product analysis and market analysis in a given environment. They need to focus on the aspects of - market orientation, product development, product expansion, political stability of the government, regulations, statutes and laws, different trade policies, trade agreements, economic trends, purchasing power parity of the customers, consumer needs, demographic changes, consumer attitudes toward the product, shopping habits, technological innovation, ways of transacting business, and thereby overcome the challenges in a given operational environment (Pike et al., 2014). 

It will thereby help the top-level management to not only overcome the challenges but also ensure starting of the trade operations in a new market scenario. However, the top-level management of this company needs to deploy performance analysis mechanisms through which they will be inspecting each of these strategies and thereby provide recommendations for future improvement.


This report discusses the challenges faced by the firm when going global in a given working environment. Today, organizations before expanding their operations in a global environment needs to focus on technological advancements, business climate, social requirements of the customers, current competition level, and the trade barriers present in a new environment. The HR department also needs to play a vital role by training the employees on the new working modules and management aspects (Hah& Freeman, 2014). 

It will thereby help these employees to perform better and as per the expectations of the organization. The role of the HR department is to collaborate with the senior management and accordingly formulate the strategies for the future. 

Also, the role of the marketing department will be vital as they not only need to pitch the products but also ensure of spreading the message of quality fabrics of a given company in a given new environment. The top-level management also needs to implement quality management initiatives for the purpose of overcoming the workplace challenges andachieving desired sales in a given environment.

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