Assignment on HUMAN RIGHTS AND SUSTAINABILITY- Development of new technologies for smooth progression of civilization



Sustainability is no more an isolated conception; sustainability has direct impact over the environmental well being, Human rights traditionally are considered to be rights for well being and right for decent life. Also human rights are concerned with the freedom of thought and expression. However at present sustainability is considered as a global concern and societies are concerned of sustainable interventions with environment. They are no more suggestive and advisable activities; rather they became part of the human rights. Unsafe work practices and unsafe environmental interventions are just violation of the human rights in 21st century (Freeman,2017).


Development of new technologies is inevitable for smooth progression of civilization. The quality of life and comforts in life are directly related with the evolution of the new technologies which will make the life much easier and comfortable. In this connection, development of new technologies at present need to concern about the impact of the same over the environment. Further the implications of the new technology development to the well being of the human kind will be emphasized before making use of them in the real practice. The current development practices will include making particular policies to keep development of new technologies in line with the societal interests and also there is considerable consideration to the impact of the new technologies on the environment, resources etc and only those technologies that will not impair the well being of these essential elements of mankind will be promoted. Anything that disturbs the decency of life of human beings and the environment cannot sustain and the development of the same will not be promoted further.

Traditionally the thermal energy power plants do serve the energy requirements in general on the planet. There are numerous power plants of this type on the planet. However with the increase in attention towards the harm and emissions of fuel combustion from these power plants, there is increased concern of the mankind to stop power generation from these units. New Alternative technologies are investigated in recent times to compliment the traditional thermal energy based power plants. In this connection, there is evolution of solar technologies for power generation as well as for several thermal energy application requirements. They got highly appreciated and adaption of the same has become a common trend throughout the world for these technologies. It is a simple case review and evidential instance, which indicates where the traditional technologies which are not being concerned of environmental well being are getting wiped out and only those that are prepared with environmental conscious are being encouraged. Several policies are inforce in both developed and developing countries encouraging these eco-friendly technologies. This is a simple evidence where sustainability has become a human right and also governance policies are safeguarding these interests of the human beings(Keiner,2006).

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