Assignment analyses the benefit, challenges, methods,allocation, aggregation, associated with resource scheduling.


Analysis of the associated benefits and challenges of resource scheduling:

Resource scheduling is approved as the technique collection that is utilized for calculating the resources that are necessary for delivering the work. This ensures an effective as well as efficient utilization. It consists of three main processes such as allocation, aggregation, and scheduling as well.


As per the given case study, The Retail Store is going to increase its production by 10% and also it wants to open its 2nd location. For that, resource scheduling is vital for the company in order to grasp the objective of the company. The associated benefits of resource scheduling are:

Better organization: Resource scheduling will be helpful for The Retail Store in order to define the project along with its time and budget. Not only will that, but resource scheduling also helps the organization to identify the constraints that can be faced by the company. Therefore, the company can endure effective steps from the commencement of the project (Singh & Chana, 2016).

Smart Distribution of Task: Resource scheduling will assist The Retail Store in order to distribute the specific task to the specific people by allocating the resources, determining the availability of the resources. The company will get an effective outcome to meet its objective as the tasks would be distributed properly and effectively.

Estimating and advance planning: Resource scheduling will help The Retail Store in order to estimate the time and budget that are needed to escalate the production by 10% and to open its second location. Moreover, it can help The Retail Store in advance planning by monitoring the demand, trend and improving the trust of the employees (Singh & Chana, 2016).


On the other hand, The Retail Store also can confront some challenges that are associated with the resource scheduling at the time of increasing the production by 10% as well as opening its 2nd location. As resource scheduling helps in allocating the different tasks to different people, it focuses on individuality (Madni, Latiff & Coulibaly, 2016). Therefore, The Retail Store can be the failure in order to build up an effective team in the organization that can work for the organization cooperatively and collaboratively. Moreover, as this process is a traditional one it can take more time to meet the objective of The Retail Store. In addition, being a conventional way, resource scheduling can provide an improper estimation of time to The Retail Store that can hinder the entire business process.

Methods of scheduling the resources:

The Retail Store has two objectives which are such as to increase the production of the product by 10% and to expand its business. The company has used two methods for scheduling the resources which are such as task list and Gantt chart. These methods are explained below.

It is the simplest methods of scheduling the resources. In this list, all the tasks of every department have been mentioned. In this list, all the task are distributed among the team member of every department (Mathew, Sekaran & Jose, 2014). This method is appropriate for any small project. As all the tasks are clearly mentioned in this list thus the team member can easily understand the tasks and in this way, the efficiency is created in the performances of the team member. This efficiency of the team member helps in scheduling the resources in an effective way (Mathew, Sekaran & Jose, 2014). Task list is easily created and only Microsoft Office is required for making this task list. The Retail Store can allocate the tasks of the team member through this task list. If the individual task is allocated to individual team member then the resources can be easily tracked and the total task will be completed within a very short time.

Timeline scheduling:

In the Gantt chart, the schedule of the project is mentioned which helps in tracking the resources of the project (Bagchi, Sahu & Jena, 2017). It is the bar chart and in this chart, the total task is divided according to the specific timeframe. In every project, there are several subtasks. The Retail Store can mention the minimum required time of the subtasks of the project. As per the mentioned timeframe, the company can track the resources in an easy way. This method is easily adapted by any industrial projects. Only Microsoft Excel is required as a tool for creating a Gantt chart (Bagchi, Sahu & Jena, 2017). This method brings the efficiency in the performances of the team member and this efficient performance of the team member helps in increasing the production of the products. If the production of the products is increased then the company can expand its business in another market. 

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