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Enron smartest guys in room

In my opinion the Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room is one of the finest movies which has been made in the 2005. This is considered as one of the biggest American documentary film that is dependent on the best-selling 2003 book which was even reported through the Fortune reporters such as the Bethany McLean and even includes the Peter Elkind. It tends to also focus on one of the largest business scandals as considered to be the American history. The reporters such as the McLean and Elkind have also labelled as one of the writers of the film and have been directed through the director, Alex Gibney (Alessandro, 2015).

I also observed that it also includes the 2001 collapse with respect to the Enron Corporation that also included multiple trials which were based on the criminal which consisted of the company's top executives while taking steps in the Enron scandal. It also included how the involvement and the related Enron traders with respect to the California electricity crisis were the prime focus. It tends to also feature interviews that were based on the McLean and Elkind, which showed how the former Enron executives and even consisted of the employees, stock analysts or the other types of the reporters and includes the multiple of the former Governor of California Gray Davis.

This film even had won and elaborated how the corrupt executives and even includes the corrupt employees can lead to high corruption. It also won accolades from the various awards which includes the Independent Spirit Award and also Best Documentary Feature that also included the most of the nominated awards such as the Best Documentary Feature which was represented during the 78th Academy Awards in 2006.

This movie was a learning experience, as white-collar corruption and frauds can actually lead to a downfall of the company. not only it resulted int he compromised ethics, but it also resulted in the downfall of the company. Evidently it lead to a closure of the company. It also made the company a learning experience how the scandals and the various corruption can have a vast negative impact on the society in which it exists. It is also one of the strategy which can result in the negative impact and make a significant contribution with respect to the company.

Margin call

In my observation this movie is about the Margin Call is one of the finest movies which also show how the Wall Street investment bank would have to face a falling face. It is one of the movies which has even won the best action of the time in the 2011 American drama film category. This was entirely written and directed through the J. C. Chandor that also included how the feature directorial debut. It centres on the 24-hour period which evolves around the large Wall Street investment bank which also formed during the stages in the crises time of the financial of 2007–08. The prime focus which also represents how the actions would have been taken and also contribute to the group of employees which can show the real consequences in the subsequent financial collapse (Caetano, 2016). It tends to also project how the ensemble cast can also inevitably feature some of the finest actors such as the Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany and even includes the list of the other type of actors such as the Jeremy Irons, Zachary Quinto and various others Penn Badgley, Simon Baker, Demi Moore etc.

In my observation, even though the film was produced and was centre around the production companies but during the survey and from the various picture projected showed how the films can make a significant contribution on the audience. It is considered to be commercial success. This also shows how the Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions have actually evolved the thick plot. It is a dependent movie on the Margin Call that tends to also explore how the capitalism, greed or even considered how the investment fraud, can create a quick fix situation. This is also considered to be one of the wide releases within the cinematographic history of the theatres. I agree that some of the awards garnered were also based on the nominations with respect to the Detroit Film Critics Society. This also represents how the several separate nominations which have been extensively been screen played along with the rightful direction can also represent the nature of the recognized award organization. This also includes the nomination with respect to the Academy Award which have been shown from the Best Original Screenplay. This is also a score that was based on the orchestrated through the musician Nathan Larson.

This film also shows how the investment bank can started with the massive layoff and while people were asked to leave with the un-left projects, it tends to discuss the risk analysis and how the contradictory layoffs and the staffs can result in the downfall for the company. The movie was the highest gross profit earner in an estimated of the $14,150,000 in business along with the international release of the profits $19,504,039 during the gross theatrical revenue (Dennis, 2015).


In my observation, I simply loved the movie plot. It surrounded as one of the 2015 American biographical and the rich comedy-drama film. This was directed from the framework of the Adam McKay along with the concept of the written from the McKay and Charles Randolph, that was dependent on the winning book of the 2010 book which was the Big Shor. This was the movie which showed how the Michael Lewis has also established the financial crisis which showed through the 2007–2008 that was triggered during the United States housing bubble.  This movie includes various stars such as the Christian Bale, Steve Carell along with the various characters of the Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Melissa Leo and even includes the characters such as the Hamish Linklater, John Magaro, etc.

This film is based on the one of the unconventional techniques which also includes the extensive approach of the employs which also includes how it tends to also explain complex financial instruments. This also extensively features a brief role done by the Margot Robbie and even includes the chef Anthony Bourdain. This is also including the fourth wall which also describes the subprime mortgages or even includes the collateralized debt obligations which refers the meta-reference. There was also a brief of the other types of actors which were related to the audience that includes the Gosling, which serves the narrator.

This film is based on the film which also shows how it consisted of the three separate which describes the concurrent stories which also involves the connected which also shows how the actions which describe the years that show the 2007 during the housing market crash. This is considered to be one of the limited releases which surround the United States in the year of the December 11, 2015. This was consequently also released during the December 23 through the Paramount Pictures. It is a movie which also showed how the commercial successwhich have also been growing with a grossing $133 million with respect to the $50 million budget. While the movie has won so many accolades and got a highly praised through the work of the critics (Dorchain, 2017). There has also been a consistent highlight with respect to the cast's performances (which includes the various characters such as the Bale, Carell and Gosling), It was through the McKay's direction or due to the screenplay. This film also won many appreciations such as the awards of the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and is considered to be one of the best movie directions.

The insider

It is one of the finest movies and personally, I like the thick plot. It was seen in the movie which was released in the 1999 that showed how the American drama film can also be directed to the Michael Mann which was adapted by the Eric Roth along with the Mann from Marie Brenner's Vanity Fair that showed how the "The Man Who Knew Too Much". This film also had significant stars such as the Al Pacino and Russell Crowe, along with the supporting actors which includes the other characters such as the Christopher Plummer, Bruce McGill, Diane Venora and Michael Gambon.

This is also one of the finest movies which are based on the fictionalized account that shows how the true story that can also shows the 60 Minutes segment that is related to the Jeffrey Wigand which also shows how the whistle-blower with the respect of the tobacco industry (Piedras, 2015). This shows how there have been a personal struggle that are related to him along with the CBS producer Lowell Bergman which also tends to represent the testimony which can show how the discredit along with the cause of the suppressing of the CBS and Wigand's former employer.

This is not considered to be the successful movie but as an audience it can also show how the movie can have a thick plot (Tonami, 2015). It was based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, along with gaining a particular success through the Crowe's portrayal that showed how the Wigand, or even the Mann's direction. This was nominated and also showed how it counted as one of the seven Academy Awards which also includes the various Best Picture and Best Actor awards in the Leading Role (as played by the Russell Crowe). This is also one of the prologues which shows how the journalistic bona fides. I agree that some of the awards garnered were also based on the nominations with respect to the Detroit Film Critics Society. This also represents how the several separate nominations which have been extensively been screen played along with the rightful direction can also represent the nature of the recognized award organization. This also includes the nomination with respect to the Academy Award which have been shown from the Best Original Screenplay.

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