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Executive summary

The current business environment is introducing various innovative as well as creative techniques so that all employees will work together within that particular company. In addition, to decrease the impact of globalization most of the companies in present-day develop virtual teams by which they can easily use the various technological aspects. Therefore, with the help of the virtual team in spite of present physically they connect with each other and also with their consumer base by means of technological procedure. Due to this reason, the business often uses virtual team members so that they can strategically communicate with their consumer base and wanted to fulfill their demands. 

Hence in relation to this context, the paper will discuss two scenarios of which the first scenario will demonstrate the clustering method and the second scenario will discuss the Leximancer Concept. From the paper, it is clear that clustering method is used by the group of employees attending the meeting whereas the Leximancer concept map is generally used for describing the business procedures and also the manager roles in taking the correct decisions for the business. Therefore, it is clear that both these concepts are related to working procedure, and thereby they provide a significant impact on the decision-making procedures.


The business environment in the present day are continuously changing, and therefore various companies have innovated and created new techniques to build a connection between the employees by which they work together. Therefore to innovate techniques and to diminish the globalization aspect the companies develop many virtual teams that help the firm to easily communicate with other business activities in the global world with the help of technology. In order to determine this, the paper will be divided into two scenarios of which the first one will evaluate the clustering procedure while the second one will determine the use of Leximancer concept map.               

Scenario A

From the scenario A it is seen that a mid-size Australian company of 800 members was selected of which 80 members were involved in the Research, Development and Design work. The main motive of this Australian firm is to determine the innovative and creative abilities of the RD&D members of this corresponding business (Aguwa, Olya & Monplaisir, 2017). Therefore, in order to enhance their competitive advantage, the business mainly use the capabilities of their employees wisely. Hence, it will help them to enhance the creative and innovative abilities of their employees, and therefore a project has been developed by their staff members to determine their abilities in the workplace. For this project, the company collects essential information about their RD&D employees by using the email-based communicative procedure. With the help of this procedure, the organization mapped the direction and rates in accordance with the email connectivity of their staff members. From the various emails of their staff members, the company has introduced a map that demonstrates a node. The node provides detail information of the staff members of RD&D along with the different workstation of these employees (Cao, Duan, & Li, 2015). The lines that join different directions and nodes determine the rates of connectivity whereas the numbers of inward and outward lines demonstrate the traffic intensity. In addition, for the preparation of unstructured information and also to discuss the respective information, a meeting is arranged with the RD&D employees where visual aids, vacillator and a support system is present.

The project will make in such a manner that it will help the staff members to understand the use of communication technology procedure. In other words, the project will also help the members to know about both data explicit and implicit information respectively (Sun, Strang & Firmin, 2017). Therefore to develop this procedure various resources are provided in each meeting that ensures the fact that the employees will cooperate with each other in the meeting room. 

For this analysis, no dangling nodes are used because this type of nodes can delete as well as remove a node from the respective cluster. On the other hand, no clusters are also substituted or eliminated because elimination or substitution can generate difficulty to choose the key members (Cook, Wu & Mengersen, 2015). Therefore, for this analysis, only the unconnected nodes are used for the selection of the key staff members. From the map, it is seen that two unconnected nodes are present and it defines the key staff members that are not chosen for these meetings. Therefore, it is clear that with the help of unconnected nodes the organization can easily choose the members of RD&D department that possess the ability to participate in the corresponding meetings. Hence, the primary motive of selecting the clusters is to select the staff members that possess the ability to enhance the competitive advantage of the business in the market (Bansal, Sharma & Goel, 2017). From this clusters, it is seen that the staff members’ job are quite related to one another and therefore they are selected for the corresponding meetings.                                                      

Scenario B

From this scenario, an idea of a Leximancer concept map is determined that demonstrates the relationship among the various concepts like placement and lines and also the significance of these concepts. Six things are demonstrated in this map, and they are communication, management, customer, focused, open and results and all these themes are presented inside the balloon (Dedic & Stanier, 2016). The balloons are interlinked with each other except the focused type, and the other defines that they are related to each other. After reviewing the map, it is analyzed thetas all these themes are related with one another by means of communication concept. The themes state that to make the business successful proper communicative approach should be present between the field as well as the management staff of an organization (Güçdemir & Selim, 2015). Therefore, communication plays an important role for every company because it helps to execute the corresponding business in an effective manner.

From the particular scenario, it is seen that the Leximancer concept is purely based on the service procedure that constitutes 200 staff that reported to 40 managers in accordance with the ten service centers. The level of service support that provided by the staff members is generally recognized by the firm. Therefore, to implement this procedure, the company has developed project that helps in detecting the vital support of the management and also the responsibilities and roles of their employees or staff members (Hazen, Skipper, Boone & Hill, 2018). Hence, a face-to-face and telephonic interview have arranged for this field staff as well as for the management and the results in accordance with this interview are thereby recorded. After reviewing the map, it has been evaluated that the relationship of the managers and employees must be strong enough so that they can deliver sufficient work to reach the business goals. The Leximancer Concept thereby represents the fact of the corresponding concept, and it has no relation to any other concepts (Marjani et al., 2017). It means that the management of the firm would not focus on their work thereby it will provide a great impact on the working operations of the firm.

From the Leximancer concept analysis, it is seen that the field members of any firm communicate with one another through sending emails, creating an open atmosphere, interacting during the time of training session by using simple communicative approach or language (Maura-Ayquipa, Ramirez-Lázaro & Shiguihara-Juárez, 2018). Hence these factors help the management to make the correct decisions in relation to the business that eventually help them to provide better results. Therefore, it can be said that communication help to grow the business and thereby it also helpful for the firm to reach their corresponding business goals. Besides this, communication is considered to be an important approach as it helps the firm to satisfy the desires or needs of their consumer base. The customers do not get an opportunity to contact the managers directly, and therefore the staff members should easily convey their message to the managers and for this their communication base must be quite strong.

In addition, it can also be said that with the help of support availability the consumer’s base can easily facilitate with various technologies and thereby use them as per their needs. If the organization is successful in fulfilling the demand of their consumer base, then it can easily enhance their business growth in the corresponding market (Wang, Gunasekaran, Ngai & Papadopoulos, 2016). Therefore, with the help of this map the organization can build a high level of support to their targeted consumer base. In other words, with the help of open procedure the organization communication approach between the management and the field staff are determined. From this analysis, it is noticed that both the field members and the management team discusses the critical issues of their business and thereby make proper decisions to get rid of the various issues (Bhatt, 2015). Hence, it is clear that the decision-making approach is affected if appropriate interaction between the staff members and the management team is not present. Therefore, a high level of communication must present in an organization because it provides a positive impact on the business procedure of a firm.

The map as represented in this scenario determines that proper communication strategy of the business with their consumer base can provide a positive effect on the business procedure (Wagner, Brandt & Neumann, 2016). Therefore, communication is defined as the channel that exchange information as well as transfer knowledge between the employees and it greatly influenced the organization position in the market. The manager's role is considered to be vital as it stands in a leading position in business and hence it constitutes some significant factors such as planning, leading, controlling and organizing (Liu, 2014). These are the responsibilities of managers, and therefore they focus on full filling this duties to satisfy their consumer as well as company needs. Hence the manager main motive is to satisfy their consumer desire and for these reasons some changes should involve in executing the service management for consumers. Thereby with the help of support availability, the changes can make, and it also helps the manager to make better decisions for customer service and also for enhancing the business profitability.                                                                                                                    


One of the recommendations is that the management team should execute the work wisely to their staff members so that it will help them to achieve their business goals. For this reason, the cluster analyzing procedure is selected and determine which nodes are connected and nearer. After determining the nodes, the key staff members are chosen by the management that can be participated in the meeting for understanding various new technologies. In other words, the management can use the soft clustering method so that they can bring the data in a single node and therefore it will help in determining the key participants for the meeting.

Another recommendation is that the management should follow the Leximancer concept map so that they can provide better work and stay connected with their consumer base in a better way. In addition, the managers of firms should provide proper support available to both their employees and consumer base. This support will thereby provide better management and also lead to the enhancement of business profitability.       



In present-day virtual teams of business work together and thus provide a positive impact on the decision-making process of the managers within the firm. It is analyzed that the managers use support availability to execute correct decisions for their customer base and also for the employees working in the firm. In addition, the paper concluded that both scenarios are related to the working environment of the company. Therefore, in order to determine the results, scenario A uses the method of clustering while scenario B uses the map of Leximancer Concept.

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