Assignment is about updating the network system of the pharmaceutical company Visor organisation that requires updation



The network profile used by the sister concern of a pharmaceutical company Visor is required to be updated as the company has been using outdated network profiles for managing the network systems of the organisation. With the advancement in technology, the system has become obsolete and prone to external attacks. Our task is to update the network system of the organisation. 

Network description

The network is quite outdated which is being used by the organisation as it has not been taken care of by the technicians. In order to allocate the IP addresses to the employees, DHCP servers are being used by the organisation which is not very effective mode. The network is being used by the staff of the organisation including the staff of administration as well the staff which manages the inventory requirements of the pharmaceutical company. Since, the operations of the company have increased with increase in demand, the network is required to be fact and efficient according to the requirements.  (Nikolaidis, 2004)

Following are the changes which are required to be implemented in the network of the organisation to make it efficient and reliable.

Star topology: In star topology, a central hub is created which acts as the central node for transmission of messages. It is called the server of network and all other nodes which are connected to it are known as the clients. The main advantage of deploying star topology is that any damage caused by failure of any line is mitigated as the central server is connected to many other nodes. Other factors include that data is passed through few nodes which increases the performance of network. All the devices are isolated from one other owing to their own connections and damage of one does not affect the other. Other devices can be easily connected and removed from star topology as well as faults are very easy to detect which makes the system robust.


For the operation of central protocol, it will be wise to make use of HTTP and ripv1 protocol for running the operations. 

HTTP: Since, the network system has been making use of outdated protocols which are easy to attack and data loss can't be ruled out, there is a great deal of need of updating the central protocol. Hyper text transfer protocol is one of the best central protocols which can be used by the company. Logical links are used by the HTTP which uses logical links between the nodes which contain the required text. It works on the principle of request response mechanism in which model client server computing is used. HTTP is reliable protocol which ensures the safety of data which is being communicated over the channels and it also increases the efficiency of the network. (Spragins, 1996)

ripv1 protocol: RIPv1 protocol is widely used for those networks which are small and homogenous. Hop count is basically used in order to regulate the network connection of the network. Loops are prevented with the help of implementation of RIPv1 protocol as the number of hop counts are limited when data is communicated from source to destination. There are mechanisms which are being used by the RIPV1 protocol which prevents the sending of wrong messages from source to destination and is one of the most effective method for adopting central protocols. (Serpanos, Baldi & Giladi, 2007)

Installation of security parameters: For ensuring the safety of data being transmitted, it becomes imperative to deploy security parameters in the network system of the organisation which include the installation of firewalls and VLANs for traffic segregation.

Firewalls: The firewalls can be used by the organisation in order to secure the internal network system because firewall provides a barrier between the secured internal network as well as the external network which is trying to make contact with the internal network and is not secured or authenticated. Hence, any insecure network cannot be allowed to penetrate inside the internal network.

Use of VLANs: VLANs can be used in the network to make it robust by grouping the Ethernet points as well as wireless access points if there are any. VLANs can be used according to the requirement of the system which means it can be used to separate different types of traffic and according to the security needed by the system. For using VLANs, the corresponding routers and switches are to be used which are compatible with VLAN.


It can be concluded from the given view of the network system of the organisation that it is not reliable and efficient and various necessary changes are to be made for making the system robust and secure. Since the obsolete system will render further problems for the organisation as there is threat of data from such a network, it becomes of utmost importance to upgrade the network for desired performance and security. 

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