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Research makes up a vital part of organizational strategy planning. Research will work on to contribute valuable inputs for diverse organizational problems. The efficiency of solution will depend on the actual extent of research undertaken, the resources employed and the efficacy of the agents worked on the research. As a whole research efficiency will decide the final outcomes for the organization. Research efficiency will include factors like the scope of the research, the framework of research, research agents and audience targeted resources and the tools employed for. The current report is a proposal of research methodology for a hypothetical organization working in the domain of tour operating for resort and hotel holiday engagements. This hypothetical organization is located in United Kingdom and has connectivity with about five different regions in UK. As of now the organization completed about ten years of its establishment and the growth has reached to about 40 million pounds of turnover in the recent years. However the growth rate is observed to be falling down from the last few years. The growth rate of the company is falling as the customers are falling down in the recent years. There is fall in the total number of customers taking up the service and at the same time it is observed that the net profits of the companies are reducing when compared with the gross margins achieved by its competitors. In this context the organization is seeking a research into the aspects that it needs to consider, for improving the customer retention and enhancement. The following part of the discussion presents the same.

NAME OF THE COMPANY: Happy Resorts and Holidays Pvt Ltd


Arranging resorts and hotel holidays for national and international customers in selected destinations. Service includes arranging the tickets, collecting from airport, providing accommodation and local entertainment provision and send-off. Programme durations ranges from 3 days to 15 days and packages include single to family and groups of even 10-15 members.



In recent years there were several companies entered into this market, each of them gained prominence in particular region where they have located. However when considered broadly over the entire UK, the following are some of the tour operators that are really providing competition to the current company,


? Expat Explore Travel

? Haggis Adventures

? Cost Saver

? Top Deck

? Trafalgar

? Contiki

? MacBackpackers

? Insight vacations

? Cosmos



The major market(Customers for the current business) are from Europe and there are also considerable customers from other parts of the world like United States, Asia and far away developing countries of Africa. Also there are customers seen from Oceanasia countries.



As discussed before the key problem of the company is retention of the falling customers. Attracting new customers and finally to upgrade the revenues of the company by increasing the sales volumes.

The investigation is expected to yield results in the following domains,

? The reasons why customers are reducing?

? The reasons why customers are not turning back and switching to other competitors?

? What makes the fall in the revenues (Profit margins) of the company?


The research idea is to take in the consensus of the customers by variety of procedures like surveys, random interviews, going through secondary research findings etc.


To improve the current market positioning and market share of the company by providing more appropriate insights into the company target audience.



? What is making customers particularly not interested in the current operational progression?

? Why they are turning towards other competitors?

? Why new customers are not getting attracted?

? What are the reasons for falling in the revenues of the company in the recent years?


Since the company has no obligations to invest sufficient funding to undertake the necessary research process.  It can work freely for a hybrid research strategy. The proposed strategy will include both the research based on secondary and primary resources(Brannen,2017). The secondary research will be based on extensive investigation of the current trends of the customers, customer changed tastes, current benchmarks of the quality of the service, service patterns in the domain. The information will be collected from variety of the resources available in the secondary channels. The primary research strategy will be based on direct interactions with the customers. These customers will be selected from old customers, new prospective customers, also customers will be selected from the pools which have undertaken the services for the organization, but are taking up the services from the competitors. Research sampling will be stratified sampling. Typical research pools will include, sampling from customer who visited the organization before, sampling from customers who are from the regions of UK and other regions, who have not taken up the services but likely to take up. Customers from the other competitor organizations. Further sampling will be done by giving insights and considerations to variety of pools like diverse age groups, genders, social and economic statuses, professions etc. Primary research will be by conducting surveys and interviews(Taylor et al,.2015). 


Typical data analysis tools will be employed once after completing the data collection and doing the necessary cleansing and organization is complete (Elgendy & Elragal, 2014). Typical tools that can be employed for this purpose are as follows,

Excel, Trifacta, Rapid miner, Rattle GUI, Qlikview, Weka, KNIME, Orange, Tableau Public, Data Wrapper etc.

Techniques include segregating the customer interests, trends and expectations and also taking the cumulative opinions about the organization current features. Opinion polls about the merits and demerits and likely development regions etc will be employed to find reasonable conclusions. Further an insight into other competitor profiles and customer perceptions about the same can be included to generalize the findings from the research (Glesne, 2015).


The report presents an overview of the framework which can be employed for improving the current operational model and features of the tour operating company. The findings can provide good framework to understand the customer perceptions and will provide reasonable basis to improve the current market share of the company. Detailed schedule, resources planning etc can be done in later times to let the process be executed more effectively.

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