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Implement strategic plan

KPI progress: Review and describe the progress of the strategic plan, according to each of the identified performance indicators.

KPI Progress for the first objective:

As per the objective, the machines of MacVille were set up in the different states except in the Northern Territory. The main reason behind this was that the company was unable to find an agent and they could not even manage to find a machine repairer in the state. As per the first strategy, the plan was to set up 200 machines in all the states of the country. However, they were only able to set up 180 machines in the span of one year. As per the second strategy, the company wanted to open up in Melbourne and develop its warehouse. However, the warehouse was yet not open. The warehouse is running on an agency model that is considered more expensive. The third strategy stated that the company aimed to set up agents in different states and had to outsource their business. The plan could not be executed as per the strategy. The northern territory did not have any new agents. 

KPI Progress for the second objective:

As per the strategy, the aim was to reduce the price of the suppliers in order to negotiate bulk buying. The plan was to ensure 100% container load purchase. This was achieved due to an increase in the demands of the company’s products. The company also aimed to ensure that the different departments of the company were performing to the best of their ability and productivity. The plan was to increase the wages to the turnover ratio by 12.5%. The increase was about 13.8% despite the underperformance of some states. 

KPI Progress for the third objective:

As per the strategy, the aim was to achieve 10000 clicks on a daily basis on the company’s website. However, there were 12000 clicks on the company’s website and this was achieved in half the time that was allocated for the task. The next strategy aimed to ensure that 100% of the cafes were using the company’s products such as cups and banners. However, it was observed that only 50% of the cafes used the products, as they were not as attractive as they sounded to be.

KPI Progress for the fourth objective:

The plan was to ensure that the company is able to reduce their waste production and energy usage. As per the strategy, the plan was to develop 25 suggestions in one year and develop 6 innovation so that waste generation can be reduced. The energy usage should have dropped to 10kw per person however; it was 12kw after the strategy was implemented. The strategy was implemented very late and the entire organization could not be made aware of this.

Milestone progress: Evaluate the achievement of identified objectives against the established timeline milestones for the strategic plan.

The first objective aimed to install 200 machines in the states of Australia however; only 180 machines could be installed on an annual basis. This objective was not completely achieved as per the set strategy (Li, Bolic & Djuric, 2015). The second strategy was also not achieved, as the warehouse could not be open. The third strategy was unachieved since there were no service contractors in the northern territory of Australia. 

The second objective aimed to achieve that there were bulk buying so that the supplier prices could be reduced. This was achieved due to the increase in demand of the company’s product. The second strategy was achieved as the wages to turnover ratio had increased to 13.8% from 12.5%, within the stipulated amount of time.  

The third objective aimed to provide brand recognition in the different Australian states. The strategy was successfully implemented as they aimed for 10000 clicks on a daily basis on their website that increased to 12000 clicks per day. This was achieved in half of the allocated time and the strategy was overachieved. The next strategy was unachieved as the strategy aimed for 100% use of the company’s products in the Australian market. This was only 50% achieved as the design and the colours were not very attractive.

The strategy used for the fourth objective was achieved, as the company aimed for 25 suggestions and 6 innovations and they ended up with 30 suggestions and 8 innovations. This was achieved within the given time span. However, the reduction of energy usage could not be achieved, as the aim was 10kw per person and it was observed that the use was 12kw.

Overall progress: Evaluate and describe the overall effectiveness and progress of the strategic plan.

The overall progress based on the strategies developed by the company is considered good. However, the company should implement the strategies in such a manner that it could be effective for the overall development of the company’s progress (Kotane, 2015). The strategies in some cases could not be met, as the implementation was not up to the mark. However, some strategies could be achieved since the implementation was done in an appropriate manner. Therefore, it is important for the higher authorities of the company to ensure that the strategies are implemented and are worked in a proper manner so that the mission and visions of the company could be achieved. 

Improvements: Make necessary refinements to ensure the continued achievement of the plan; describe methods for improving strategic planning processes.

There are different areas in which the improvements can be made in terms of achieving the strategies. It is important for the company to ensure that they are able to provide the required timeframe to the different objectives so that the objectives can be achieved in a proper and precise manner. The employees and the staffs should work in collaboration with one another in order to ensure that the objectives are achieved. This will help the company to develop in a required manner. Therefore, the managers of the company should look for ways and means in order to improve their process of planning and get the desired outcomes.   

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