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Nursing Leadership skills are very much required for successfully managing the nursing division in any health care organization set-up.  As nursing involves consistent dealing with the people and requires effective managerial skills for managing the organization, it is needed for a nursing leader to have right skills inventory. The following part of the discussion is about self-reflection over the nursing managerial skills, the first part of the report focuses on the results obtained by self-analysis and the strengths and the weaknesses of the evaluation are discussed. Subsequently, inferences are drawn towards professional growth plans. As part of the discussion, nursing professional objectives are discussed in. Also, a reflection is presented about the ways and means in which the current nursing leadership skills can be used for advocating change in the workplace(Cherry & Jacob, 2016).


There are several positive aspects in relation to professional and personal accountability. As per the ratings assessed related to these aspects, personal growth and development, manage through educational advancement, continuing education, career planning and annual self-assessment and action plans and related competency are at the best level.

Career planning related competency is also at highest rating. Different needed perspectives in this direction, like self and position oneself, working to plan the future are some of the needed aspects and for which, the rating is noted as best.

Personal journey disciplines embrace a range of skills and in the current context, my current strengths and weaknesses in that regard. When it comes to relationship management, the skills are exemplary and hence it is quite easy to influence behavior of others using this attitude. The art of learning and self-reflection are good, coming to the principles of self-awareness, encouraging the evidence-based practices are some of the several aspects that one can learn to improve themselves. These skills are possessed by me are at high rating. However still the skills of motivation, enabling other come out of problems, communicating, influencing, promoting professional behavior and managing conflicts etc, still there is a need to develop further.

Reflective practice and reference within: Though there is considerable scope to execute nursing practices like ethical behavior, leadership etc and I am competent in all these aspects, still there is need to reflect more on the knowledge and active practice gained in the leadership practice. This particular skill needs to be improved more, as it is good but not still the best.


Nursing leadership skills possessed by me at present can be employed for materializing variety of innovations in the organization. For example, it is possible for using the skills of the relationship development and influencing behavior to bring out the change to render high quality and committed service by the nursed in the organization (BradyGermain et al., 2010).  Also, the knowledge of diversity and cultural competency etc can be employed to bring out a more culturally tolerant and pro-active environment in the organization. More specifically a positive change in the direction of a new nursing care delivery model can be materialized. Making nurses deliver the services in time without any delay, working for efficient care needs of the patients. Also, the talent and skills of project management and related activities can be employed to bring out a reduction in the overall costing of the quality care in the health care set-up. Finally, it is possible to bring out a change in the current operational model making the system more effective using the skills possessed at present. 


My ambition is to improve the efficiency of leadership by improving my current managerial skills. As of now, there is a need for me to improve some of the project management skills to make them perfect. Specifically the skills of management like facilitating the change, communicating, improving the written and oral communication skills, allocation of the resources and related skills, change communication, monitoring, evaluation of the outcomes(Ellis,2018), Managing project goals, objectives, timelines etc are all some of the immediate concerns for me. Also, I wish Technology and IT skills improvement for the sake of effective project management. These are some of my immediate goals in the domain of the managerial capabilities improvements (Kelly, 2011). Also, as part of the project management build up, there is need to improve the skills in the domains of financial management, human resources management, performance management, technology and relationship and influencing behaviors management as well are needed. When the conceptual skills of these domains are integrated into the project management practice, it will be possible to do several leadership activities with ease in the nursing profession, some of them are like conflict resolution, better budgeting process, better recruitment, staff selection, performance improvement etc are some of them(Finkelman,2012). Hence my immediate objective is to improve my project management practices that embrace these multi-directional skills and knowledge.

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