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People, contemporary leadership and its culture within the organisation is changing day by day as a result of rapid evolution of technology. Companies require innovation and adoption to change quickly and the prevailing leadership style of any individual business may prevent the culture within workplace. HR function of any company through the employee marketing helps to gain the heavyweight market share. The study is focused on the Iceland food market in UK and the HR function and advocacy. Iceland as a Britain's fastest growing retailers would be discussed in the study about its HR practices to improve the work culture and contemporary leadership within the company (Iceland.co.uk, 2018). 

Performance-related initiatives 

Iceland supermarket in UK always tries to improve its overall performance and growth of its workforce as well as employee strength.  Iceland is considered as a great place in retail industry to work in UK. Initiated come 2018 that the best big companies are doing survey to continue the rank of number one position as it achieved the best position in last 6 years (Iceland.co.uk, 2018). In 2017 72% of its employees showed great confidence in the management team and 71% found excellent role models to fulfil their potential (Ft.com, 2018). It is found that IT sales at a grocer in frozen foods as 8% and rose by 2.3%. Iceland open new stores in UK including 27 food warehouse stores and chain of larger outlets to refurbished the performance of the stores. Iceland is planning to increase in national living wage pound 2 by 2020 (Ft.com, 2018). 

Recovery and Restructure:

Iceland is the fastest growing food retailer as it doubled the digit on sale growth. Through a period of recovery, its structure is improved in management approach and efficiency to rebuild the business. It is to rebuild and succeed for true spirit of the business. According to Jones et al. (2017), it is processed to drive for risk and addressing the issues developing over years. 

People Focus:

Iceland faced the issues with The Big Food Group in UK but the direction with the company has always positive radical changes to address lots of issues for recovering. Seijts, and MacMillan (2017) observed that he business plan is always focused to accept the reality by following the principles and initiation for improving the overall performance of its workforce.  

Performance measurement are used as a tool to broadened the input and process measurements. The strategy can be used for the employees to contribute in organisational success. Performing related initiation and the way it can be measured are the benchmarking process which constructs and manage the good environment for effective use of improving performance. 

Culture-related initiatives 

Iceland initiated its cultural improvements for further growth this year. Iceland states that it expects more growth and cultural initiation to the strong performance at the very beginning of this year (Iceland.co.uk, 2018). It is expected that as a public company, Iceland Supermarket has initiated to develop its frozen food, innovation and convenience value for developing the culture of its organisation. It is well established for achieving the long term profitable growth and benefits from its operation. Iceland brand has a benchmark for ensuring the offers and quality as a major supermarket in a lower price with a better quality. As opined by Anselmsson et al. (2016), the culture of organisation depends on in structures embedding with the HR plan and engagement with position for the organisation. Iceland recognises with simple terms and conditions for the employment which may want to improve its culture for ensuring the fairness and equality in all levels of staffs. It has 17000 employees and manages the cultural environment of the organisation for delivering super tankers of UK food retailing (About.iceland.co.uk, 2018). It has better values for the customers and rewards to pay for the staffs. HR planning process begins to consider the organisational objectives and cultural strategies to recognise the supply sources for forecasting. The information may be collected from line managers, senior technician and supervisors in selection, retention, recruitment and redundancy level. 

Organisational culture is to conduct analysis of emotional and psychological capacities of employees within workplace. Selection procedure may be measured and taken as a basis of employment decision. According to Dudley et al. (2015), there is a continuous process for the HR department which has to be updated and processed of current methods of the company and market potentials. The type of culture prevalent within the organisation is identified as a common language, legal system; shared literary heritage can be electrified as a unique organisational culture which is common to relate the social environment and operation of the organisation. 

Engagement-related initiatives 


Iceland used the annual employee survey for monitoring the levels of engagement towards the job satisfaction level of employees. It has approached to the employee for getting a feedback and manages the process to provide a benchmark comparison with the other food retailers. The satisfaction index code increased in 2004 from 79% to 67% in their latest survey (Hrreview.co.u, 2018). In each region and store it has a practical action plan which is best to response and ensures the issues for addressing the people who works there. It can be measured that employee performance may be better to include the people focuses within workplace (Seijts, and MacMillan, 2017).  

Iceland Supermarket has initiated the measurement process and cultural initiations for the long term employment performance to exercise for delivering the better employee engagement in workplace (Iceland.co.uk, 2018). Iceland Supermarket has pointed to raise the labour costs and weaker consumer spending power for improving their employee engagement and retail business growth over competitive trading climate (Anselmsson et al. 2016). In a luxury range over the year Iceland is useful to maintain the budget and substantial additional costs in retail business to remain in competitive trading climate. The likelihood of the success can be engaged with by engaged theory in a workplace. 

Engaged theory:

The engaged theory is the mythological framework to understand the complexity in personal as well as professional context. As observed by Jones et al. (2017), it is to understand the style of technology and supporting cultural base to implement the technical and intrinsic motivation type.  Relating, creating and donating in the theory based concepts can be helpful for relating the initiation and the likelihood of success in the organisation. 

Substance support for the engagement related initiation can have success level to implement in organisational growth. It has an induction with analysis of physiological and emotional capacities within the atmosphere for hiring and job specification within organisation (Seijts, and MacMillan, 2017). The best practice for Iceland Supermarket can be specific to apply the engagement theory as a benchmark to offer a quality product to customers. 


It can be recommended for Iceland Supermarket UK that:

Strategic retail planning process can be decided to store mission and objectives. Iceland UK can implement the strategy implementation and control.  The performance based initiative as per Iceland’s strategies. It can also apply the recovery and restructure of performance plan to engage with refurbishment in stores. The company can implement the performance based skills to enrich the approaches and classification for employees. They can recruit more talented and trained employees to implement and enhance performance based initiatives. 

It can be recommended that HR strategy for cultural enhancement and strategy are measured to engage better position in workforce. Internal and external objectives of Iceland Supermarket have impact on the stores and its environment as simple work culture. It can improve the cultural aspects to develop the cultural prevalence within the organisation as well as the effective HR strategies to handle the plans in both managerial and financial terms. Management of Iceland UK should include the effective skills for leading, planning, organising and establishing the standard suitable of a positive work culture towards the employees. 

Employee engagement is another crucial term in HR strategies. Iceland Supermarket can expect the profits for covering investment and the poor performance in previous year. Employee’s engagement is needed and forecasted as it requires running the organisation successfully. Iceland Supermarket has established the employee satisfaction in each region area store and department for implementing the practical action plan based on the feedback policy which is addressed to prove the organisation’s loopholes. Iceland Supermarket can generate feedback policy and complaint process for the employees who can engage or complain according to their situations. 


It can be concluded that people and contemporary leadership is established within workplace. The HR strategies within the organisation need to improve and develop to engage with establishing the perfect leadership and engagement strategies within the organisation. In the study, Iceland Supermarket UK has been taken to describe to engage and include organising the strategic plan within the organisation. The study is focused on the HR strategies and better initiatives to improve the performance and organisational culture to improve overall. It has been analysed with several HR strategies are improved for Iceland Supermarket in UK. 

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