Assignment is about the Midlife crisis , some sort of transition in the mind set and life styles habits of individuals.

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Midlife crisis is some sort of transition in the mind set and life styles habits of individuals. This normally will occur between the ages of 45 years and 64 years. This is quite common that both the male and female genders will be subjected to this type of midlife crisis. The typical psychological reasons that make up these changes include the shortcoming of accomplishments, eventual death or mortality, growing age etc. Some people will experience more profound changes than others. The people how believed their accomplishments are much short of accomplishments of their colleagues, who believes that they did not have better accomplishments in the life and career than others, often feel that more depressed and they experience profound midlife crisis changes(Backer & Jacobs,2016). They normally engage in change in their lifestyles drastically, suddenly they will start making friends with people of younger ages, may involve in extramarital affair, start changing their buying habits, attires, hairstyles and so and so forth. Though everyone experiences this crisis to some extent, people with feelings of more disappointment, anxiety and feelings of guilt will start experiencing midlife crisis more profoundly. A social worker can do much while intervening with the individual during a mid-life crisis. A social worker can plan and conduct a thorough bio-psychosocial and lethality/imminent danger assessment with the person and with the crisis. They can make psychological contact and can establish collaborative relationship with the patient (Subject). Social worker can work on to explore the feelings and emotions of the patient. Also they can allow them to generate and explore alternatives to cope with the stress and disorder they experiencing. They can bring them down to normalcy and let them follow-up.

Joe the king movie depicts the unfortunate role models of adults all around Joe, the main character of the movie. Joe father is abusive and alcoholic. He often breaks up the belongings of all his kids and wife. He abuses them; he often beats them with all sorts of damages possible. Also he uses foul language and smokes and drinks in front of his family members. He is a school janitor and his son feels humiliation to say that his father is school janitor. Also Joe’s father does not provide any type of emotional or financial assistance to his children. Further his teacher also saw slapping him at his bare bottoms without consideration to the humiliation that will cause him. 

All this indicates that Joe’s parents and other adults around him are not adjusting to the changes in the life; there is inner dissatisfaction in each of them. It is being expressed as frustration on Joe and is ruining his life by consistent abuse. This indicates that Joe’s parents are not matured enough to cope with the changes and they need assistance from social worker or clinical psychologist to face this change.

Positive parenting is related with several factors like sound mental health of the parents, better social and economic competency etc. These are some of the factors that impact the parent behaviour towards children. 

As a social worker it is more likely that I will make psychosocial relationship with Joe parents and other adults like teacher that interact with him (Lethborg & Christ,2017). I will try to explore the psychological and emotional blockages that they are experiencing in life.  I will try to bring them back to normalcy and will invoke positivity in their endeavour.

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