Assignment is all about the recent information system trends including application of bio metric technology


Project Plan


There is an application of biometric technology to recognize voice of human beings. Technology has become capable to recognise human voice that has facilitated business and projects in may respect. This is a software based function that can convert the voice into a digital medium after detection. However this technology is useful in interaction with each other making a good collaboration among each other. Both the user and the service providers can connect among themselves by having a good digital way of communication. This advance technology is capable to convert voice into digital written language as well. 

The current study shed light on a case study where one business organisation has aimed spread their branches over domestic market as well as in the international market. The key technology of this organisation has been voice recognition tool that is capable detect the commands of human voice after transforming it into a digital instruction. Severe opportunities and impacts of voice recognition technology have been discussed in the current report. 

1. Business assumption for incorporation of the Voice Recognition Technology

According to JAWLA & Rai (2018), the Voice Recognition Technology is one of the most effective technologies, which can be used in the tourism industry. The Voice Recognition Technology helps to communicate the message more clearly and in an attractive way. The Voice Recognition Technology possesses the ability of speaking up the speech, which needs to be communicated to the listener. It has been found that may people do not find it interesting to read the massages and business mails (Marandino & Wunnava, (2017). In this situation, the Voice Recognition Technology will be very useful, as the messages will be communicated orally. Many businesses around the world are using this technology to attract new customers and retain old customers. However, incorporation of the Voice Recognition Technology is a complex [process and involves various steps which needs to be followed (Sarfoet al. 2017). Before incorporating the Voice Recognition Technology into a business, few assumptions need to be made. Some of the main assumption has been listed here:

The Voice Recognition Technology requires a clear and soundless environment as there lies a risk of misinterpretation of data. This kind of issue is very common in case of Voice Recognition Technology devices. When some noise is made in the background, the Voice Recognition device does not give clear messages (Tong, Suen&Wong, 2017). Thus, the business must assume beforehand that there will be chances of misinterpreted data. 

Another important assumption is the speed of the person’s speech who wants to communicate their commands. The Voice Recognition devices take time to record the command and if the person is very fast in giving the speech, data disruption is very common (Tyagi & Chawla, 2017). Thus, the business needs to prepare the Voice Recognition devices accordingly. 

The next important assumption is in relation to the clarity of the command given to the Voice Recognition device. The Voice Recognition devices have been found with issues in relation to the similar sounding words. If happens that the person has given a command and the Voice Recognition device has interpreted a synonym of the words spoken by the person (Yuen & Hew, 2018). Thus, the business should incorporate their Voice Recognition devices accordingly.

2. Ways of expanding the ICT unit in the process offer incorporation of the Voice Recognition Technology

The ICT unit stands for Information and Communication Technology, which supports the incorporation of Voice Recognition Technology (Tong, Suen & Wong, 2017). The ICT unit includes the technology of managing two important units, which includes information and communication. Management of information is very important for a business in the tourism industry. Information includes the plans, which a business needs to incorporate in the business. Communication is another important part of modern business. As commented by Sarfo et al. (2017), without proper communication of ideas and plans success of a business is not possible. Information and Communication Technology has facilitated globalization in the context of business. It can be said that Information and Communication Technology is very important for formation and communication of the business plans (Marandino & Wunnava, 2017). 

The management board of the business has decided to expand their ICT unit as incorporation of Voice Recognition Technology is not possible without the expansion of ICT unit. The process of expansion of ICT is very complex and time taking process in the incorporation of the Voice Technology. In views of Jawla & Rai (2018), the process of incorporating Voice Recognition Technology requires the business to invest more in the ICT unit. Updating the present core technology system needs to be changed. The establishment of Voice Recognition Technology requires wireless settings, which the business will have to do. 

It has been found that the business is not having any kind of wireless settings and interface for Voice Recognition Technology. The management board is concerned with their environment of business. The business needs to include the management of human resource, handing the financial modeling, and managing relationship with the customers and scheduling of the tasks. The Company has 1000 employees, which need to be trained about the Voice Recognition Technology effectively. The management board needs to set up efficient plans for traffic management.

Resource structure

In analyzing cost structure of an organization this is very important locate the external and internal factors. The mentionable internal structures are as follows,

System hardware: 

These are tangible resources that can be included in the organization to have voice detection technology.  Starting from PC to sensors RAM and additional software fall in this section (Tyagi & Chawla, 2017).


All the internal employees fall under the stakeholders who are the pillar to take any new technology in an organization. 

Developers and designers:

Seeking success in any project there has to be a strong team of IT professionals and technology developers who can resolve any issue regarding new technology. Both ware and Hardware engineers are required in this voice recognition project (Yuen & Hew, 2018).


4. Timesheet with key aspects of project in order to indicate total time for deployment of this project of incorporation of voice recognition technology

As per the findings of Schmidt et al. (2018), it can be said that a milestone in project management is one of the essential part as it is a pictorial sequence with the help of which key activities and brief idea of the project are shown. 

In the figure mentioned above, steps, which are the main foundation of this project, have been shown. It is therefore, responsibility of the project manager along with the ICT team to ensure that all these activities of the milestone are given the foremost priority in this project. This technology of voice recognition would be implemented for which there requirement of analysing voice of tourists is based on which their queries would be solved. The device that would be designed for incorporation of this technology would then require precise filtration of the voice so that acquired voice is free from noise. It is then required to convert this analog signal into digital form using an A to D converter in order to store and record this voice. Lastly, there is requirement of integrating PRTG Network Monitor with the system so that amount of traffic can be controlled (Degottex et al. 2014).  

Keeping in mind the scheduled task, it has been assumed for the starting date of this project to be from 10th October 2018. In order to complete all the above-mentioned tasks, total time period of 159 days estimated which has indicated the date of completion to be on 26th June 2019. Link in between these tasks have been shown with the help of predecessors along with personnel responsible for each task with resource name.

The figure that has been mentioned above provides with a list of tasks based on major segments as in this project major segments are the planning stage, designing stage and final implementation stage. According to Wu et al. (2015), slack time in project management is the difference in time in between required deadline of the critical path and scheduled completion date. In this project, it has been determined that there is a slack time of 8 days. It can further be mentioned that this 8 days delay from the scheduled deadline is acceptable. However, after relaxation of these 8 days, delay can be prevalent thereby affecting successful incorporation of voice recognition technology for the visitors of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

5. Project plan for brief interpretation for the non-technical members of management board

From the PERT chart, it has been analysed that critical path of this project has been marked in red colour. This critical path furthermore, indicates that in these activities, no compromise can be taken. Moreover, any change in deadline of activities in this path can affect in-time delivery of the project (based on the ideas of Ong, Wang & Zainon, 2016). 

Based on the ideas of Sharon & Dori (2017), it can be said that Gantt chart is a pictorial representation of activities, which can ensure in time and success delivery of this project. In this chart, detailed duration of each tasks and subtasks has been shown along with link in between such tasks. 

Conclusion and recommendation

From the current analysis this is clear that voice recognition technology is opportunistic for an organisation and can facilitate an organisation from several respects. Here in this case study Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park has been selected by tourists and the organisation. While having the project, voice recognition tool has facilitated the organisation from various perspectives. This particular tool has aided the tourist to locate unknown spots. Apart from the there has been good communication with each other by using this tool. During conduction of this tourism project organisation has been capable to spread their voice over tools to reach out the customers as soon as possible. The company has also tried to resolve their issues and additional demands after receiving instructions from voice recognition tools. The tourists who have demanded private attention from the side of the organisation have been upset to some extent. These issues have been tried to be resolved by incorporating further advanced technology.

After detailed analysis of this current tourism project it has been found that device has not worked properly to detect exact voice of the customers. There are some valuable recommendations that can be followed,

a) There is dire need of integration of this unique voice recognition technology with that of security codes. There is ample anti-exploit software in the market that has incorporated in the voice recognition devices so that customers can opine their reviews and demands without having any hesitation. 

b) There must be a user training module in the device so that customer can take trial before using this device successfully. This will enhance the safety measures for the customer who is visiting Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. 

Written report


Project management and planning is required for success of project. The cost benefit analysis has been done for understanding budgeting and costing. The project management plan recommendation has been discussed in this study. 


1. Cost benefit analysis

In accordance with the findings of Celli et al. (2018), it can be mentioned that cost benefit analysis has been included in this project to determine if the planned investment is adequate. Along with this, with the help of this table, total expected cost of each tasks against expected benefits can be determined, which can further be of great help for the non-technical members of the management board. The analyst associated with this project can moreover, sum up the benefits thereby subtracting the estimated costs in order to do cost benefit analysis. 

The cost benefit analysis helps in understanding the total budgeting of project. The cost analysis is crucial, as it help the project manager and stakeholder to analyse the total outcome investment done on project. In accordance to Hornstein (2015), the cost benefit analysis helps in identifying the time activities and the delivery of project within time. It is also crucial, because it helps in identifying its requirements. Hence, the critical path analysis is necessary for identifying the delivery of project (Dwivedi et al. 2015). The Gantt chart helps in analysing the timing and scheduling of project in better ways. 

2. Recommendation to manage project 

Need to understand requirements of customers

The on-going business requirements are depending on team members. It is necessary to understand the needs and requirements of customers. According to Mir & Pinnington (2014), the service providers need to have better communication with customers in order to provide better services. Voice recognition technologies can be used, as it helps in translating different languages to common language and helps customers for better understanding of services. As stated by Rosemann & vom Brocke (2015), the software can be one of the best elements that help to gather proper information from customers. 

Needs to develop communication skill

It is necessary to develop better communication skills among team members. The role of project manager is to communicate equally with team members. As suggested by Too & Weaver (2014), proper training is required to be provided to employees, regarding the use of voice recognition software’s for making them to understand the needs and requirement of customers. 

Team motivation 

Team management is crucial for building up complex schedule and submit for the project plan as well as controlling project schedules (Irvine & Hall, 2015). The team motivation is necessary, because it helps them to participate in project in better ways. The actual requirements of team are considered for analysing the necessity in an advanced ways. 

Job managers’ entrust competently

The major role of task manager is to establish positive working environment, where employees can perform in a collaborative way manner for gaining bets outcome. As stated by Pollack & Adler (2015), project manager needs to identify the strength of individual team members to gain better results. 

The use of voice recognition is necessary in tourism industry, as it is helpful to communicate among people, having different languages. In accordance to Špundak (2014), the voice resignation helps employees in travel and tourism industry to understand the needs and requirement of guests. Hence, proper training is needed to be provided for the use of voice recognition techniques (Hamranova et al. 2014). 

3. Project management plan

Project management information system helps to execute plan and close the project management goals. During planning, processing, project managers for the use of budget framework in better ways. As commented by du Plessis & Van Niekerk et al. (2014), the project management information’s system is also necessary for creating a specific scheduling and defining the scope of project. 

Creating project management plan 

At first it is necessary to understand the project scope for determining the project goals, deliverables, features and functions in better ways. It is necessary for understanding the milestone that helps to indicate project phases. As stated by Chih & Zwikael (2015), milestone of project helps in managing the time schedules. The proper time management and scheduling of project is needed in order to complete in specified time. The budgeting of plan is also needed, because it helps in distribution of cost in better ways. The proper use of resources is needed for making the project successful. In accordance to Paré et al. (2015), the listing of resources is needed to be done in project management plan and it helps team members to use specific resources for the betterment of project. 

Schedule and time of project management

The project scheduling is necessary because it helps to carry out different tasks in project in a systematic way. As stated by Hornstein (2015), it also helps in understanding its necessity in order finish the project in specific time.  It helps accomplishing the goal of communicating project milestone and deadlines to the applicable stakeholders. 

Budgeting of project management

The budgeting of project is defined as it focuses on total investment on budget. The use of resources with proper budgeting is needed because it helps in identifying the total cost analysis of project. As stated by Dwivedi et al. (2015), the planning stage, designing stage and final implementation stage are needed for proper budgeting. The total budgeting used in project management plan is $319,350. In accordance to Mir & Pinnington (2014), the maximum budgeting is done in designing stage as the use of voice recognition and its designing costs high. In implementation stage various categories such as maintaining protocol; targeting, launching and managing acquired data is needed. The use of voice recognition is necessary as it helps in identifying needs and requirements in project management. The implementation of project is needed to be done because it helps to gather knowledge about various requirements of project management (Irvine & Hall, 2015).  

4. Comprehensive post-implementation plan

Post implementation plan is scheduled sometimes after the solution of deployed. It helps in recognizing the time spend in project management plan. As stated by Špundak (2014), The PIP is implemented for proper processing and reporting complete cycle of project. PIP is used for further improvement that can be made in order to generate the benefit for solution in better ways. The activities included in post implementation plan is analysing gap, determining the project goals were achieved, satisfaction of customers, project costs, further development in an advanced ways (Chih & Zwikael, 2015). 

The post implementation plan is considered because the proper evaluation with project that is meeting goals and objectives of project. The expected deliverables helps for ensuring the project with quality for the project success. The project includes purchased software’s that is used in project plans. 

Any further changes in project management plan can be done project implementation plan. Any further need of budget can be implemented through PIP. It is also considered because it help for making certain concepts because it help in managing the records and it is necessary for making project plan more useful. In accordance to Paré et al. (2015), any issues in project can also be changed through PIP and it focus on managing the project in better ways. It is necessary to upgrade the implemented programme in better way because it helps in understanding the needs and demand of project. 

The review from customers’ helps in analysing the gap that can be further changes can be done in effective way. It is also considered because it helps in identifying the requirement because it helped in using proper recommendation in an effective way (Hamranova et al. 2014). The actual benefits are considered as it helps in analysing the issues. 

The post implementation plan is needed for completing the project. It is also necessary for evaluating the project goals and objectives. The objectives of project can be used as it deals with success of project in better ways. In accordance to Paré et al. (2015), the project implementation plan helps in identifying issues because as per it proper strategies can be adopted. The use of resources and its necessary actions are needed to be provided for making the project plan in better ways. The use of project implementation can be used in order to make the budgeting of project in better ways.  

The project manager deals with unique position and helps customers for gaining benefits for business. It also helps in analysing the benefits that can be gained by organisations as well. As stated by Hamranova et al. (2014), PIP is crucial for project manager to understand the needs and demand of customers because based on its proper utility of resources and its implementation can be done. The use of voice recognition machines is needed and this has helped an organisation to understand the different communication languages to fulfil the demand of customers. 


It can be concluded from the above study, that project management planning is necessary with proper cost budgeting analysis. It has been analysed that the proper cost benefit analysis has been done, as it helps in analysing the total expenses of project in an organisation. It has been emphasized that proper training and use of resources are needed in order to make the project successful. It has been observed that budgeting and scheduling of project is required for analyzing the total expenses in project. It has been identified that the installation of voice recognition software’s are needed for understanding the needs and requirements of customers. The comprehensive post implementation plan is needed for making any kind of changes in project. Appropriate recommendations regarding success of this project have also been highlighted in this study. 

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