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Recruitment processes that are conducted by the human resource management team,fundamentally focuses on finding and attracting the potential recruits who are suitable for filling up the required positions of any organization. In the following discussions, the various aspects associated with the recruitment of human resources in Germany have been explored to acquire an in-depth understanding regarding the same. 

Summary on Recruiting in Germany

Recruitment process in Germany requires the human resource (HR) managers to have all the fundamental knowledge regarding the various aspects that are associated with recruitment. The HR manager must have the knowledge regarding the offers that are available in the market. The idea regarding the demographics is also essential as Germany is a decentralized and heterogenous market (Enterprise Ireland, 2013). The HR managers should also ensure to employ the applicant management systems and AT’s for finding the suitable candidates (Company Match, 2018). As per the reports of OECD (2012), the private sectors are required to provide the employees with the benefit of partial funding of social security and certain amount of funding of pensions. Additionally, the recruiters should also allow the employees the right to unionize and strike. 

Factors to Consider When Recruiting in Germany

There are certain trends that prevail in the markets of Germany and the HR manager is required to identify them and keep them under consideration while recruiting new human resources from Germany. The following are the essential factors that are to be considered while recruiting in Germany. 

Active Sourcing and Social Media Recruiting

The various social media platforms such as Facebook, and other employment review platforms can be used for selecting the suitable candidates who are then subjected to the recruitment and selection process. These platforms have become a common ground for finding the required human resources and therefore are actively used by the different HR managers (Company Match, 2018). 

Channels to Communicate Vacancies

The job sites and different such similar channels can be used for communicating the message regarding the vacancies. These channels would enable the organization to sought out the most potential candidates who are then subjected recruitment and selection processes to choose the most suitable individuals (Company Match, 2018). 

Recruiting Technologies

The HR managers should ensure to incorporate various the applicant management systems and AT’s for finding the suitable candidates for the recruitment positions. Software platforms such as XING Talent Manager, or LinkedIn can also be used for searching the suitable candidates and interviews can be conducted using the video-based job interview technologies, that has been one of the major trends of digitalization (Company Match, 2018). 

Legal Framework

The HR managers are required to ensure that the candidates have their social security registrations. This would entitle the human resources with the local corporate entities, instead of depending on the remote payrolls. The employees must also be provided with the 13th or 14thmonth bonuses, which they are entitled to as per the local corporateentities and the same must be incorporated in the annual compensation packages (Shield Geo, 2018). 

Employment Contract

This is one of the fundamental aspects that are ought to be followed by the HR managers while employing new human resources. With respect to Germany, the employment contract is required to comprise of the start and duration of the employment relationship, the job description, the trial period, agreed working hours, the number of holidays, remunerations, period of notice, and company or collective agreement (Enterprise Ireland, 2013).  

Overall Summary 

The identification of various factors has provided the idea that recruitment of human resources in Germany would require the human resource manager to adopt various practices that are suitable for recruiting in Germany. The HR manager is required to provide the candidates with suitable offers that would attract them towards the designated positions of the organization. Additionally, the HR manager is also required to use suitable platforms and channels to raise the requisite for the vacant positions so that the information regarding the same is acquired by most of the suitable and potential candidates. An awareness regarding the requirements must also be raised using the various potential social media platforms that would enable the HR manager organization to promote the positional requirement amongst majority of the population. The integration of technology along with the recruitment process is one of the positive aspects recruiting candidates in Germany. 


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