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After reviewing the case study, it is seen that Jan is appointed as the CEO of SweDigi, the manufacturing company of Sweden. From the case study, it is noticed that three years ago turnover decreased by 13% and the previous year it was decreased by 16% last year decrease of turnover is 17% and also that Jan faces many difficulties with the change management procedure after appointed as the CEO of this manufacturing company. Jan at the first quarter of production procedure encounters various problems for the management team of this firm. The first problem occurs on at the production plant by the sales and manufacturing of new products. The management team has appointed trained employees for production procedure, but they failed to give the expected results for the firm. Therefore to overcome these issues, Jan has to incorporate various theories of resistance to change so that he can easily manage the employees and help them to understand the change management procedure. Jan has to prepare employees to face the demands of changing external environment.

According to the authorMao, Li, Ye & Cai, (2017), to understand the influences of the individual group, the leader should have to adapt and pay attention to the behavior of employees and then act wisely. The author also suggested that the leaders should motivate and encourage their workers so that they get enthusiastic for the working process and eagerly accept the change management procedure of the organizational environment. In the opinion ofSwanson & Creed, (2014), Lewin's force field model theory also help the manager or CEO or leader to overcome or handled this change management system of an organization. This theory of change management is defined as a part of strategic management that ensures a business to response according to the organizational culture in which it operates. Also, the theory defines as the technique that can be used for documenting, discussing and identifying the factors that oppose or support the change procedure of an organization. Also, Jan can develop strategies to implement change and investigate the power involved in the problem and balanced them for further growth. Jan has to increase the profitability and performance of the organization to get success in the market.  

As per the authorBurnes & Bargal, (2017), the force field theory demonstrates that organizations make proper research on the driving and hindrance forces respectively that affect the management process of the respective business. After determining the forces, the firm will thereby make strategies to enhance the driving forces and reduce the hindrance forces. Also, they should identify new ideas or areas that can be implemented to successfully accept the change and also identify their interest groups and stakeholders. And should introduce new products into the market for better results.Therefore, by following this model, Jan can easily overcome the management issues that Jan was facing in the SweDigi Company. In the words ofLivneh, Bishop  & Anctil, (2014), the four frame model of Bolman and Deal are also helpful for handling the change management procedure of an organization. This model consists of four different frames, and these are a structural frame, political frame, human resource frame, and the symbolic frame. Jan has to understand the audience feedback about the products and increase the growth of the products. The evaluation of the managing issues has become vital as it will help in formulating the desired strategies to over these issues. Moreover, the adoption of the effective strategies will help in enhancing the growth of the firm throughout the concerned market segments.  

The structural frames refer to the bones or skeleton or architecture of the organization and therefore to reduce the effect of change management the organization should focus on the structure groups and encourage them to enhance their performance.  The political frame considers the firm standpoint in reaction to conflict and power and hence to influence the employees, the management team should understand the motive and capability of each employee. It also means to understand the authority and the necessity of power that is used to make decisions. It shows that what is important to become a successful organization and how the problems were solved in a team with opposite interest. After knowing them, the management team takes steps to influence their working ability. Besides this, the human resource frame demonstrates the interaction and communicative way of individual employees by which they fulfill their desires and needs.It also focuses on the growth of human wants and requirements of an organization. It is necessary to understand the skills and strength of employees before giving them any responsibilities and placing them in any position. Hence by understanding the needs of employees, Jan can develop strategies that helpful for the workers to achieve their desires (Fleming-May & Douglass, 2014). Lastly, the symbolic frame defines the culture of the organization and therefore to reduce the effect of management procedure Jan has to motivate and influence them positively regarding work so that they can change their working style and give full effort for the production procedure of the firm. Jan has to understand the certain values of the people to make the environment attractive to an organization so that employees support the cause and do hard work for the production of an organization.

From the case study it is quite evident that after appointing as the CEO of SweDigi, Jan has faced a serious issue with the management procedure for both selling and manufacturing process. Therefore, to overcome the challenges that take place in the management procedures some steps should be needed for Jan in accordance to both short and long-term perspective. Therefore, to launch the new product back on track that enhances the business profitability Jan should follow some change management as well as leadership theories. In the words ofBajis, Chaar, Basheti & Moles, (2018), effective leaders are one that builds the management system in such a manner that enable their workers to produce high-quality products or services in a most cost-efficient way. Jan has to go back to the roots of the business and think about the products and the need of the customers as well as of the employees. Therefore, with the help of various change management theory and model Jan can enable to develop the steps that should be helpful for him to overcome the challenges faces by the firm. The utilization of the change management theories will help in facilitating the overall growth of the firm and will promote the overall efficiency as compared with its competitors throughout market segments.  

One of the models is the Lewin's change management model that defines the change procedure of a firm by three stages, and these are unfrozen, transition and refreeze (Sowell, 2014). This model was established by Kurt Lewin which demonstrates that unfreeze is the process that looks out the different changes occur in the management team. Therefore, to overcome the charging procedure that may affect the organization, the management team should analyze every step that related to the human interactions process. By determining this, the management team should eliminate the bias and accepted the mistakes thereby providing perspectives on the causing of various issues. By that, Jan can introduce unfreezing procedure through motivation so that the employees can interest to work in this particular that eventually help them to enhance their production as well as selling rate too. Jan can give them a purpose to understand the clear vision of the work so they can able to accomplish it more strongly. Having the desiredclearvision help sin enhancing the effectiveness throughout the concerned work processes and it helps in bringingpositive outcomes for the entire organization to a great extent.  

In other words, the transition phase defines the period where the team wanted to accept the changes but failed to adopt this because of the lack of guidance and leadership approach. Therefore, for this transition stage, Jan can give huge support to the employees by properly communicating and educating them regarding the change management process. Hence this step thereby helps Jan to reduce the various difficulties that the management team is facing on the firm. Apart from this, proper training and education also help the team as well as employees to understand the various technological use that helps the firm to enhance their production procedure(Barney, 2017). Therefore, training to employees is also considered as a vital step that should be used by Jan to launch the new product back on the particular track. The last stage is the refreeze phase where the change has been fully accepted as well as successfully implemented by the firm. Therefore, following this model the CEO of SweDigi Jan can reduce the issues of their change management and the required steps will thereby help him to get the launch of the new product on the previous track.

Along with this, the authorClark & Lindahl, (2014), suggested that by following the Kotter’s 8 step change model the CEO can also overcome the challenges and increases the productivity level of this particular firm. The Kotter's theory demonstrates that focusing less on change procedure if the management team focusses on the people in the organization then it can easily help them to solve their problem. The first step of this theory defines the enhancement of urgency for the change that demonstrates the fact that it is necessary that the firm should create a sense of urgency in the employee's mind and tell them to track their time that how much they are spending in particular work by daily task. Properly used of this theory help Jan to overcome the challenges and facilitate the transformation of an organization. Hence, by following this if Jan provides the initial transaction then it will help the team to understand the urgent matter of the products manufactured by the company. Also, Jan will also build a core coalition with both their stakeholders and organization leaders and thereby convince them about the necessity of the various changes occurring in the business. If the CEO become successful to convince these board of members, then it can easily help the management team to overcome the various challenges faces by the firm(Hornstein, 2015).

Also, Jan could define the changes and vision to their employees so that they able to understand the business procedure easily and takes the required steps to overcome the challenges. Besides this, Jan should take the ability to spread the ideas about the change management procedure to rest of the organization staff including the managers, workers and other staff members working related to this particular business. At the beginning of change, procedure employees do not accept the changing environment that raises the various challenges for the CEO of SweDigi. Therefore, to diminish the issues Jan should develop various strategies that may help him to teach their employees regarding the benefits of using the particular management procedure. For example, an employee that does not have the skill to use new technology and therefore for that proper employee training including field work should be arranged by the management(Maylor & Turner, 2017). With the help of this strategy, Jan can enable to teach their employees regarding the advantages of using change management aspects.

Therefore, by following this Kotter's theory, the CEO can easily make a short and long-term procedure that helps the production procedure be on track.Apart from this, Jan can also follow the ADKAR model of change management so that he easily get back to the track of launching a new product. By following the model, the CEO can teach their employees regarding the needs of this change; thereby it influences the employee to support and participate in the corresponding change process. Also, it also helps the CEO to understand the skills and knowledge of their workers that eventually help Jan to make strategies that easily encourage the employees to accept the various changes occurring the particular firm(Gond, Cabantous, Harding & Learmonth, 2016). Hence by following these theories and models, Jan makes the corresponding steps that helpful for him to get back on track and launch the new product without facing any problem.           

Leadership style

From the case study, it is noticed that Jan has appointed as the CEO of the SweDigi so that the business can easily overcome their challenges that they face in past decades. To overcome the past decade's challenges, Jan has changed some management procedure and thereby introduce new products that will help the firm to overcome their issues in the future. However, implementing the changes Jan faces issues in production and selling procedure. Therefore by the situation, the best leadership style chosen for Jan is democratic or participate leadership style. According to the authorBerthaume, Romoser, Collura & Ni, (2014),the democratic leadership style is characterized by consultation with the juniors or subordinates for making the particular policies and plans for the firm. Therefore, with the help of this leadership style, the newly appointed CEO Jan can give importance to the opinion of the team members and engage them to give their decisions regarding the change procedures that affected them while working.And give time them to understand the procedure of an organization and about the new products. To perform, create and innovate Jan can also motivate employees for further performance and production. It becomes important for any of the person to any his or her personal traits and characteristics as it help in evaluating the effectiveness by managing the entire workforce in well-defined manner.  

Also, by following this style of leadership Jan can easily communicate with their employees and wanted to understand their problem so that he can take the corresponding step to reduce the employee's problem(Amanchukwu, Stanley & Ololube, 2015). After reviewing the employee's problem that eventually affects the working procedure of the firm, Jan can make respective strategies that help the workers to easily adapt the change procedure and thereby reduce their issues too. Another reason of choosing this leadership style is that by following this, the leader also can boost the morale of their employees or teams and feel them satisfied and valued for the firm(Fiaz, Su & Saqib, 2017). Therefore, to boosts the worker's morale the CEO should follow this leadership style and thereby arrange some training and sessions that easily help the employees to understand various new techniques that are involved in this new change management procedure. Different people adopts different leadership style but it is important to bring the desired change as per the situation and business requirements. 

Besides this, by following the Carlos Ghosn democratic leadership quality which is the CEO and chairman of Renault, this SweDigi CEO can easily overcome the various challenges that generate due to the change management aspects. According to Carlos Ghosn, the organization culture should be maintained if the employees understand the various perceptive of the changing environment and for this, the managers should communicate with their juniors and engage them to give their decision regarding work(Terzi & Derin, 2016). And also encourage team members to discuss the products with each other within the organization. Hence, it is clear that to overcome the issue and make the production procedure faster; the CEO Jan can use this democratic leadership style by which he can make a positive impact of this particular business as stated in the case study.

Board Actions

To improve the situation board should arrange meetings by different employee groups present in the firm and discuss them about the fact of generating this type of issue about the production and selling procedure. Board members have to start annual calendars for an organization for meetings, business planning, budget, compensation and succession planning.Apart from this, training sessions both theoretical and practical should be arranged by the board members, and for this, they must appoint skilled and experienced labor that possess the ability to overcome these type of change management procedures in a firm. And make sure that staffs are aware of the various types of job opportunities or career paths throughout the organization. Besides this, the board should notify the employee performance and thereby arrange some rewards programs to motivate employees.Keep them feel connected to an organization by involving in every decision-making process. This program will thereby enhance the encouragement and motivational context which help them to give their besteffort for the firm.  The adoption of the broad actins increases the probability of achieving the desired goals of the firm by reducing the issues which can affect the growth of the firm significantly.  


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