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The definition of the ethical leadership rests and is dependent on the essential pillars which include the perceptions with respect to the moral person along with the balance of the moral manager (Johnson, 2010). It is important to understand how the moral person would also be determined and related to the characters of the individual traits which include honesty and integrity. It is also one of the concepts of the moral manager which surrounds how the CEO who is the leader is also considered to be a Chief Ethics Officer with respect to an organization. it tends to also help in creating a strong ethics along with a viewpoint which allows an employees' attention along with the influences with respect to the thoughts and behaviors. It is important to have both the integration as necessary.


Difference & Concept of Leader

The concept of the "leadership" is also perceived as a positive concept which forms an inspiration that could encourage everyone to perform. It is also a step that would make a mistake thinking if only giving direction was one of the main work of any leader. It is a concept which surrounds how the balance of the leadership should exist. . Leadership is a working style that works in all the parameters  leaders considered to be morally or immorally. The leaders should also work in the frameset of being working in a biased that could encourage and motivate good leaders and simultaneously not encouraging the bad ones.

Another factor is that a good leader should not be rigid, dominant and also have an attentive listening power (Walumbwa, 2011). This helps to formulate new ideas and information. Even in comparison to this are the bad leaders who lack during the self-control which can also exercise a manipulation that could lead to being followed by the followers. These are considered to be a toxic leader which is called as a callous who can be linked or followed to be unkind with respect to its followers. Some of the qualities of the bad leaders are the lie, cheat or also stealing by putting up the self-interest. It can also lead to leaders becoming a destructive leader that can harm the performance of workers and deter organization goals.


It is important to know how a bad leader could eventually lead to being holding a destructive behavior that would also encourage an element of the integrity, enormous egos or the framework of the arrogance and reckless. It is a resultant approach from the framework of the costs with respect to their actions. Such leaders are also labeled as a Toxic leader. It is important for the organization to step up and eliminate such type of the leaders It only creates a loss of the production as they are toxic enough to create a repercussion effect.

Leader & Manager

The organisation has also a combination of the leaders and even the managers. It is important to understand the difference in between the leadership and management that could help to evaluate the best course of actions. It is important to note how the leaders can lead a group and manager can help to manage the certain number of people. It is a concept which can help to focus on the cost and timing which includes a brief allocation and managing of the resources (Trevino, 2010). this would also result in the lower average cost along with the attainment of the higher profit. Such steps would help to motivates and also shows a path. Through this it would encourage the leader to determine their effective characteristics which can help to understand if they are good or bad leader. Often viewed how the bad leader is viewed as an incompetent, who are not considered to be an effective in motivating people. It is also one of the core reasons that can help to synthesize and also make an approach to build a lack of intellectual knowledge. 



In order to visualize and make self as an ethical leader, It is not only important to work as an ethical person but should also work as an executive ethical leader that tends to also focus on the organization's attention with respect to the ethics and values. It tends to also infuse in an organization through the principles which can help to guide on actions of all employees. It is through the executive's reputation that counts an ethical leadership which works in an onset of the new organizational era which includes employees who can work in an independent framework. It also includes an off-site which works without a direct supervision (Craft, 2010). It is also important to have organizations to insulate the values which can also synthesize and work on the values that exist from the top of the organization.

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